dress when dating an older man
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How to Dress When Dating an Older Man [Keep Him Wanting You]

Although first impressions are not solely based on physical appearance, appearance does play a significant part in how people view us. As most experts may tell you, knowing how to dress when dating an older man can be just as intimidating as the dating itself. In this post, I will show you from experience how to dress when dating an older man.

By knowing how to dress when dating an older man, you can enhance your chances of hitting it off and, ideally, secure a long-lasting relationship.

Using the findings of behavioural scientists and psychological studies on attraction, we break down how to dress when dating an older man.

10 Best Ways to Dress when Dating an Older Man

dress when dating an older man

  1. Wear Something That Instills Confidence

Irrespective of the kind of person you are dating, the perfect dress is one that makes you feel like your best self. Despite its cliche nature, behavioural science demonstrates that when you look good, you feel good. This connection between what we wear and how we feel is known as the unclothed cognition theory.

In a 2012 study, Northwestern University researchers discovered that clothes can influence a wearer’s mental state and enhance performance. One test group was advised to wear white lab coats (a garment associated with intellect and carefulness) while doing a variety of attention-related activities, while the other group wore ordinary clothing. Those who wore lab coats did better on the tests, committing fewer errors and demonstrating a greater capacity for sustained concentration.

By applying this notion, you may be able to influence both yourself and your date’s subconscious. Wearing things that are associated with success and sexual appeal, like a little black dress or a well-tailored suit jacket, may make you feel more confident while flirting.

  1. Wear red or black clothes more often

According to colour psychologists, red and black are the best colours to wear when dating an older man. Wearing the two romantic hues might make you appear more appealing and desirable to your date, especially if you are a woman. Although there are clear subconscious associations with red flowers, lace underwear, and romantic holidays such as Valentine’s Day, scientists have shown that the connection goes beyond these cultural contexts.

In 2008, two researchers from the University of Rochester declared, “The colour red makes men feel more sexually attracted to women.” “Men are oblivious of the significance of colour in their attraction. Men are willing to spend more on a lady if she is often wearing red, which is an even more intriguing discovery.

  1. Always wear something that Fits you

What counts most is how well your clothes fit your body, not how much you spent on them. You do not want your date to be distracted by your loose and sloppy attire. Typically, a fitting (but not skin-tight) silhouette is the way to go, where clothing hugs the body without constricting it.

Consider pieces such as a fitted dinner jacket, straight-leg jeans, and a button-down shirt with slim buttons. It’s all about wearing your clothes as opposed to letting them wear you.

  1. Always wear Something Practical and Comfortable

The importance of body language in establishing a good impression on an older guy cannot be overstated. Small signals, such as subtly leaning in or maintaining lengthy eye contact, convey your attraction without the need for words. In the same way, if you have bad body language, it shows your man that you are not interested.

According to research on body language, one of the biggest turnoffs while dating an older man is appearing physically distant. Crossing your arms, hugging something close to your chest or stomach, or keeping your hands in your pockets give the impression that you are closed off and unreachable.

Wearing uncomfortable attire is a certain way to communicate non-verbally that you are not enjoying yourself. It’s easy for your man to misinterpret your body language, even if you’re crossing your arms to stay warm because you forgot your coat or holding your wallet over your tummy because your dress is too tight.

In addition, choosing a practical and comfortable outfit allows you to remain totally interested in the conversation. Instead of focusing on how your shoes are rubbing or how your shirt keeps riding up, you might concentrate on developing a stronger relationship with the person across the table.

  1. Show off your neck rather than your chest

Displaying a small amount of cleavage on your man may help you attract his attention, but revealing too much may hinder your chances of finding true love. Women who wear extremely revealing dresses when dating older men are generally seen as superficial and promiscuous rather than demure and seductively attractive.

Avoid wearing low-cut shirts and outfits that make you appear more like a one-night stand than a potential wife.

Instead of paying attention to your chest, draw attention to your neck and shoulders. The neck is one of the most important body parts in terms of both survival and sexual appeal. This is especially crucial if your man is virtual, as the camera will only capture you from the chest up. Try wearing an open-necked top or tossing your hair to one side.

Exhibiting your neck sends messages that you are peaceful and at ease in your surroundings, whilst covering your neck indicates that you feel threatened, anxious, and on guard. In addition, your neck contains an abundance of pheromones that might increase your partner’s desire.

  1. Avoid appearing overly fashionable

When it comes to dating older men, it is better to stick to traditional, uncomplicated styles. Extremely fashionable or trendy clothing can make you appear materialistic. The goal is to make your outfit look easy, even if it took you hours of planning and a lot of FaceTime chats with your friends.

Choose a little black dress or a casual top and jeans, and accessorize with feminine accessories and natural makeup. Stick to solid colours or small prints, and stay away from anything with loud patterns or colours that could distract your date.

  1. Choose a natural makeup appearance

A 2011 study funded by Procter & Gamble discovered that a full face of heavy makeup may have a detrimental impact on how you are seen. It is advisable to stick to a moderate quantity of makeup and avoid styles with strong contrast, such as a cherry red lip or smoky eye.

In the cosmetics study, participants were given photographs of women sporting four makeup appearances, ranging from barefaced to full-faced, and were asked to score characteristics such as likability, trustworthiness, attractiveness, and competence. The results revealed that viewers paid more attention to and perceived more competent women who wore makeup.

“If you wear a glamorous appearance, you should be aware that you look highly appealing,” said Harvard psychology professor Nancy Etcoff, one of the study’s primary researchers. However, as time passes, “there may be a decline in trust, so if you are in a position where you need to be a reliable source, you may want to consider a different appearance.”

  1. Use a few sprays of cologne

Having a pleasant scent is almost as vital as dressing appropriately. A modest spritz of your preferred fragrance (one inside your shirt and one around your neck) is all you need to make a subtle impression. No need to go overboard with the perfume. You wouldn’t want the odour to dominate the space.

  1. Wear simple footwear or shoes

Older men prefer to go out with their girlfriends or wives and even spend more time together without other men drooling over them.

  1. Be Yourself

Our last piece of advice regarding how to dress when dating an older man is to be straightforward and authentic. As corny as it may sound, the most important thing you can do is to look and acts like you. And dresses can play a significant role in this.

Clothes don’t have much meaning by themselves, but they take on an entirely new meaning when placed in context. Your dress should represent your particular flair and provide your man with a glimpse of your character. Wear anything that makes you feel like yourself, such as your favourite colour, signature scent, or shoes.


When dating an older man, it is crucial to dress appropriately. Wear clothes that are age-appropriate and enhance your appearance.

You do not need to dress like a teenager, and you should also avoid excessive makeup and trashy attire.

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