how to get his attention when he ignores you
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How To Get His Attention When He Ignores You

Perhaps there is this guy you have a feeling for and you may be dating him or just have a crush on him. Regardless of what you are to him, it is obvious that he has been neglecting you, or you wouldn’t your friends or the internet how to get his attention when he ignores you. It is very provoking especially when you can’t figure out what went wrong with the person you like.

Not just your boyfriend or crush, being neglected by someone you like is the worst kind of feeling you can experience. You two seemed to be having a good time, but now you find yourself wondering how to get his attention when he ignores you online or in person. 

how to get his attention when he ignores you

How To Get His Attention When He Ignores You

Here are a few less frantic strategies for recapturing a man’s attention: 

1. Do not text him

He may be taking you for granted if you’ve been messaging him nonstop. It is important not to seem too desperate to him. If you don’t quit fixating on him, he can get put off by your connection to him or possibly find you irritating. Your love might be seen as an unhealthy obsession.

If you continue your texting antics, there is a potential that you may permanently push him away. However, if you remain composed and carefully consider your options, you can capture his attention when he ignores you. One of the easiest but most effective methods to make a man miss you is to stop texting him.

When you do this, he will start to wonder why you aren’t paying attention to him when you stop sending him texts all the time. That will awaken his interest in finding out how you are doing. It’s as simple as this – once you stop pursuing him, he’ll start pursuing you.

2. Make him jealous

One of the most typical solutions how to get his attention when he ignores you is to make him jealous. Learn how to make a man envious, and then watch as he starts to follow you around. This might not be the most practical approach, but it surely works to attract a man’s attention, particularly if he has been neglecting you and you are unsure of the reason.

You can visit a nice place with your friends and upload photos online. This quietly conveys to him that you are unconcerned with how he is treating you and that his lack of attention to you is the last thing on your mind.

3. Leave him on read

You’ll ultimately be noticed if you ignore his message after reading it, but don’t stop there. When he eventually reappears, resist the urge to rush to him. Ignore his efforts to connect and see how he responds. Allow him a few days to stress out before you react in the fewest possible terms. You’ll erase all the progress you made by being quiet when he calls you for the first time in a while if you answer right away.

4. Ignore him too

Take up the game he began, which means you should ignore him too if he is ignoring you.  He will text you to check on your well-being after you stop messaging him. At that moment, leaving him unattended is the wisest course of action. He will lose his mind from it. 

Don’t be concerned about what he’ll think if you choose to ignore him. It’s the most effective approach to force him to realize that what he is doing to you is not fair.

5. Give him some breathing room

He is likely getting over someone else if the two of you have recently started dating. It could be that he’s not quite ready to start dating again. Give him some time so he can get over his former lover. 

It’s typical to allow some space in a relationship. Don’t be terrified of it because you fear it could drive you away from one another. Ensure you give him time and space to process his emotions if you harmed him in any way. Sit down with him when he is prepared to speak, and discuss what went wrong so you can find a solution. Even if it hurts when he deliberately ignores you, be patient if you know it’s because of the way you’ve been acting. With time, he will change his mind.

6. Communicate in another way

Your problem of how to get his attention when he ignores you might have a solution if you decide to communicate to him in another way. For instance, he may not be the best at texting. Text messages are not liked by certain individuals. The back and forth is quite dull to them. Perhaps he is unsure about the connection and wants to go cautiously. So instead of bombarding him with texts throughout the day, try using another method of communication.

When he ignores you through text, stop attempting to catch his attention and try calling him instead. He will be surprised if you make a regular or video call to him. He could pick up your call to find out what’s going on since he might think it’s strange that you called him rather than messaging him as usual. So try it out and call him unexpectedly when he ignores you online to capture his attention.

7. Embrace your best self

You asked how to get his attention when he ignores you, and this is a terrific response. Who can resist a girl who is dressed to kill? Certainly nobody. Be your best self while wearing a sexy outfit he loves so much. Men like assertive women who are clear about their goals. He will understand that you won’t wait around for him if you do that.

However, it goes beyond simply how you dress. By accepting the reality that you can be happy on your own, you can develop self-confidence, learn to love yourself, and raise your sense of self-worth. When confidence and beauty combine, it creates a powerful force.

Bring your best self to the table and make him want you badly. Put on that red lipstick, flaunt your curves, and be confident and self-assured. Ensure you do not pounce on him as soon as he begins to show interest. Instead, allow for a little time before falling for him again.

8. Quit accommodating people

Your persistent effort to satisfy his demands may be turning him off if you’re just getting to know him and have only gone on a few dates. If you are not aware, your desperation can be a bit off-putting to him. Simply put, you must cease being always accessible to him. 

When you are accommodating and say yes to everything, you cannot regain his attention. Sometimes being overly accommodating might backfire. Don’t give up your rules to win someone over. Stop doing the things you used to do for him if you want to know how to get his attention when he ignores you. 

9. Make it obvious to him that you are not demanding anything from him 

Some men believe that spending a lot of time together suggests that you two could start dating. Let him know that you don’t want anything serious from him and that you’re just interested in casual dating. Also, inform him that all you want is a friendly and light-hearted relationship.

Furthermore, tell him that you are not interested in his riches or social standing. If you desire his commitment, make sure he understands all of this. Discussing expectations from your interaction in a plain manner can help you regain his attention.

10. Ask him to help you with something

When he ignores you through text, you can use this cunning way to gain his attention. Even if they are the ones ignoring you, men prefer to be helpful to people, especially women. Simply ask him to assist you. It could be anything at all like helping you get lunch or so. Ask for professional guidance if the two of you share the same occupation. But if he continues to ignore you and show little interest, he may still be emotionally immature, and you should reconsider dating him.

By putting him in a challenging situation, you might attempt to strike up one-on-one communication. As he leads you through it what he is helping you with, he will feel clever and he may begin to like you. 


It is important not to change who you are if a guy you are trying to get his attention does not like you or want you around. There is no cause to feel uneasy if you are unable to attract the attention of one particular guy. After all, there are tons of guys you will probably like as you go on with your life. 

However, knowing how to get his attention when he ignores you will make your guy cherish you and love you more than when the both of you started dating. Simply keep to the above-listed rules and you will surely attract the man of your dreams after a period of silence. 

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