How to Make a Girl Fall in Love with you on Whatsapp
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How to Make a Girl Fall in Love with you on Whatsapp

Now that you have a girl’s WhatsApp number, you are ready to start talking to herUnfortunately, this is where the majority of men fail and lose the girls’ attention.

They either do not know what to say to a girl they like or are incapable of maintaining a conversation.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to make a girl fall in love with you on WhatsApp.  

How to Make a Girl Fall in Love with you on Whatsapp

Ten Tips/Suggestions on How to Make a Girl Fall in Love With You on Whatsapp

Below are 10 well strategic tips on how to make a girl fall in love with you on WhatsApp. They include;

1. Keep it clean

No girl is worth your time if she is spoken to in a vulgar manner from the outset. Girls enjoy being made to feel unique. Consider what you wish to say, and make your opening remarks flirtatious and lighthearted.

This will definitely pique her curiosity and keep her engaged in conversation with you. As events progress, you will have the ability to take this WhatsApp conversation to the next level. In the beginning, cleanliness was the only acceptable strategy.

No girl wants to hear a sleazy man rant about obscene topics. Without a doubt, you will never hear from her again. 

In addition, the majority of girls dislike hearing a man use foul language right away. There are situations where such language is acceptable, but initial conversations with a girl are not one of them.

2. Timing is essential

Sending WhatsApp messages at night is an excellent starting point. She will think about you as she drifts off to sleep.

The nighttime is great since most people have fewer obligations and fewer friends present during the day, both of which impede any chance of a meaningful conversation.

However, a “good morning” message is a terrific way to let her know you are thinking about her.

3. Always use shorter messages 

When you begin with shorter WhatsApp messages, you add an air of mystery. This is more likely to keep her engaged and reduce the likelihood that she will become bored while waiting for your lengthy communication.

Let’s begin with a simple greeting, such as hello or howdy. Possibly, how’s it going? If she asks whether you’ve had a good day, there is no need to elaborate. Just express gratitude. Short and sweet is a winning formula.

She will be more interested in asking what you did, who you were with, and similar queries if you simply state that your day was fantastic. Additionally, this is preferable to you talking about nothing.

4. Use her name

This is more of an unconscious action, but when you begin your message with her name, she understands that you are addressing her specifically. No girl wants to believe that she is receiving a message that a boy is sending to all of the girls he knows. “Hey, Jennifer!” is sufficient. Keep things simple and positive.

It is vital that you constantly spell her name correctly and refer to her by the correct name. Such errors will immediately cause her to lose interest and discontinue the conversation.

If you make this error, you can kiss any chance of a relationship with this girl goodbye. She must feel as though she is the only important person in your life.

5. Make her smile.

Humour can never be undersold. When sending messages over WhatsApp, everyone enjoys a good laugh. Girls appreciate a man who can make them laugh, and this is a foolproof way to make her fall in love with you on Whatsapp. 

Now, this does not imply that you should go overboard and tell stupid jokes, but teasing a girl in a humorous manner can keep her interested in WhatsApp conversations with you. This also helps her feel more attracted to you by making her feel more at ease.

Making light-hearted fun of yourself is certain to elicit a smile as well as interest in you. Remember, don’t go overboard. If she gets the sense that you don’t take things seriously, this is just as harmful as using humour. Maintain balance.

6. Continue Flirting

Oftentimes, flirting is the deciding factor between a potential romantic interest and a friend in her eyes. Remember to flirt cleanly and subtly at the beginning of your WhatsApp conversations. She is not your girlfriend; you are merely attracted to her and hope she falls in love with you. 

Flirting makes a girl feel special and is a great way to get a relationship off to a good start. Gentle teasing, seductive humour, and subtly favorable comments are the ideal methods for launching a flirtation.

Remember to distinguish between clean and positive flirting and sleazy and offensive flirtation. Something you may perceive as subtle could be repulsive to her. Be sure to review your messages before sending them.

7. Don’t Look So Desperate

Without a doubt, this is one of the worst actions imaginable. It will ruin any opportunity to make her fall in love with you. She will be completely pushed away because her desperation is so repellent.

You must strike a balance between displaying interest and appearing desperate. This is crucial to effectively gaining this girl’s affections. If you have confidence, the girl you’re talking to on WhatsApp may eventually fall in love with you. 

This means that as soon as you receive a WhatsApp message from her, you should not immediately respond. Allow it some time to breathe. Don’t wait too long to answer, but enough so that you don’t appear too eager for her interaction.

8. Not Always Available for Conversation

Ironically, sometimes the best way to her fall in love with you on WhatsApp is to be unavailable. This will convince her that she misses having these conversations with you.

Over the course of a month or so, attempt to be unreachable for just a few days.

It is another way to ensure you do not appear desperate. According to the proverb, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

9. Compliments reign supreme.

Girls are hardwired to want to feel good, and this is frequently achieved through receiving compliments. This can alter their entire perspective on a person as well as brighten an otherwise gloomy day.

As with these other techniques, going overboard with this technique could backfire and leave the girl feeling uneasy or ashamed. Similarly, excessive amounts can make you appear desperate. This is an excellent approach to communicating with someone you may not know well on WhatsApp.

Compliments on her clothing, hair, or skin, as opposed to her shape, are guaranteed to be favourably received. Even if she does have supermodel looks, this will make it appear as though you are solely interested in her appearance and not who she is as an individual.

10. Make her desire more of you.

When conversing with a girl on WhatsApp, be certain to end chats on a positive note. You may choose to end the conversation if you feel it is losing momentum before things become awkward.

This will make her want to converse with you again, as she will have many more questions and topics to discuss. This also makes you appear less monotonous.

To maintain high levels of interest, it is necessary to end a conversation that is winding down.

“Gotta go; we’ll talk tomorrow” is the ideal way to conclude a conversation. She is intrigued by the fact that you have other responsibilities besides chatting on WhatsApp and is eager to learn more about them.

A word of warning 

It is essential to note that proper spelling is crucial. This may sound like something you would hear in school, but taking the time to verify your spelling will set you apart. A girl appreciates a guy who puts thought and effort into his messages.

The true conclusion is that you are an intelligent individual. You are conversant with her and really interested in what she has to say. Due to the increasing use of text speak over actual full words, it may take a little longer to proofread your WhatsApp message before sending it. However, this is a subtle but effective way to show your interest in the girl.

What You Should Know When Chatting With a Girl on WhatsApp

Here is the first consideration you must make.

1. Who Cares About Message Perfection? Be You

It is not at all uncommon for guys to overthink their text messages to girls. 

They get anxiety when writing certain words. It makes conversation nearly impossible.

Ironically, the greater your fear of sending the incorrect message, the greater your likelihood of not receiving a response. The constant back and forth will drive you insane. 

Yes, there are tactics to receive a response, but the last thing you should do is cease being yourself in order to follow a script of approaches that sound nothing like you.

2. Other Men Send Her Text Messages

Half of the men don’t know, and the other half don’t care, that any attractive girl is likely to have many conversations and notifications on WhatsApp at any given time.

Do you understand how many men are eager to text a girl because they feel less exposed and vulnerable behind a screen? You were doing it yourself, so someone else must also be doing it.

Don’t worry about her being overly sensitive to WhatsApp flirts, as she receives numerous messages of this nature. If she is not informing you, it is to prevent you from becoming unhappy.

Being one of several guys may appear to be a disappointment, but it is also rather liberating when viewed from a different angle. Having a bigger playing field allows you to test your limitations with greater ease and experience less stress.

Consider it as if you were afraid to speak in a library when everyone was quiet, but you did not feel this way in a stadium during a game. You have no fear of speaking up.

3. She may suddenly stop responding

Men who have experience texting girls are aware that, at some point, the girls may simply stop texting back.

I have seen how a man reacts when she stops responding all of a sudden, especially when he finds out that she saw the message but chose not to reply.

The initial response is always bewilderment, immediately followed by irritation. Finally, the man will begin to repeat statements such as “Why didn’t she respond? She was interested in the message I sent her. Why? “

The third phase consists of subsequent nervousness and other inevitable conversations with girls. This anxiety stems from the notion that she could cease reacting at any moment.

This worried man will do everything he can to make the conversation last as long as possible.

I have been here personally. It is not a desirable location. In reality, this is a terrible chain that leads nowhere. I wanted to ensure that you avoided it by bringing it up now.

How do you avoid it?

Consider the possibility that she may not respond at any point. You do not have the time to worry about that. You may also be wonderful on WhatsApp and have great discussions, but for whatever reason, it doesn’t work out.

You then wonder why she would not react to my messages.

There are only two plausible explanations:

  • She is not interested.
  • She is trying something different.

It was a cowardly way to tell you she’s not interested, to be sure, but you must take into account that a girl does not want to publicly reject a man in order to make him unhappy and feel awful. This procedure assumes that you will figure it out on your own.

The fact that she is currently engaged in other activities is a further reason why she may not respond. She could be studying, working, sending critical messages to another friend, or disagreeing with someone. There are a lot of possibilities.

A girl is always emotionally invested in whatever she is doing.

She may be taking an exam or completing a task for her boss, so she is always enthusiastic and engaged. Imagine her receiving your flirtatious text message in the midst of all this, with little possibility of extending the conversation for a while. If sufficient time passes, she may forget she ever saw it.

How frequently should I send a girl WhatsApp message?

One of the simple rules here is to gently delay her. The purpose is to slightly slow down her reaction time.

If she responds immediately, my recommendation is to react just a little bit later.

If she replies within one or two minutes, you can react within three or four. You are communicating to her that you are not fond of her but that you do care. Overall, this generates anticipation and makes the discourse more engaging.

Are there typical errors to avoid?

While speaking on WhatsApp, there are two horrible habits and errors that can be avoided. The first is not ironic, whereas the second is oppressive.

Sending a girl humorous photographs and memes, surprising her with an ironic response to a serious topic, or captivating her with similar instances could be an excellent strategy to pique her curiosity.

Girls dislike potential boyfriends who engage in WhatsApp existential discourse (there will be time for those sorts of conversations in the future).

Whenever feasible, you should make conversations casual and cheerful. This is the only way to play the seduction game on WhatsApp successfully with a possible partner.


Therefore, this is what you must know. If you want to get into a relationship with a girl, the ten suggestions listed above will make her fall in love with you on Whatsapp. There may appear to be a lot of “do this” and “don’t do that,” but everything in these suggestions ensures that you will impress the girl you want.

If the girl remains uninterested despite your best efforts, then she may not be the right person for you. Keep in mind that some girls are timid and unsure of how to reply at first. Invest your time, but if it doesn’t pay off, don’t beat yourself up over it and go on.

Numerous girls would love to have a man spend time conversing with them on WhatsApp. If a girl appears disinterested, it is likely not worth your time to pursue her. Numerous girls would enjoy conversing with a man who can flirt, show respect, and compliment them. She will find him extremely attractive if he is both mysterious and intriguing.

Go ahead and send the girl you like a WhatsApp message. Live a little. She may turn out to be the girl of your dreams after all.


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