How to Make a Girl Jealous on Whatsapp
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How to Make a Girl Jealous on Whatsapp

It’s not only women that can make a man jealous. A guy can also do the same on WhatsApp. How do you make a girl jealous on WhatsApp? Have you noticed that her jealousy tends to keep the spark alive in your friendship and make her like you more?

But perhaps you do not know how to do so while utilizing the platform (WhatsApp).

If so, you are in the right place. This article contains 22 tips on how to make a girl jealous on WhatsApp.

This should be sufficient to ignite the green-eyed monster in your unique lady.

How to Make a Girl Jealous on Whatsapp

How to Make a Girl Jealous on WhatsApp

Below are steps on how to make a girl jealous on WhatsApp. These steps have been tested and trusted.

1. Replace your profile picture with another woman

The easiest way to let a girl know something is wrong is to change your profile picture to show someone else.

2. Discuss That Other Girl in a Conversation.

A simple compliment will prompt your girl to ask a million questions.

3. Favorite other people’s messages

The star of your letter should be a woman who can make her jealous

4. Mute Her Chat

By muting her chat, you indicate that she is unimportant to you.

5. Post a status with another girl

Specify quickly in the status that you are with someone else by using a love emoji, or other tactics.

6. Post a Status Update Regarding another person

Describe her hair, her humour, and the things you’ve done together. It will provoke a girl’s anger.

7. Post a status with a tender quotation

Ensure that this status includes a clue that it is intended for someone else.

8. Clearing your chat with her

This may seem harsh, but if you explain what you mean, she will have reasonable doubts that will make her want to do more research.

9. Keep Her On “Read”

It is a well-known technique for leaving someone curious. This will guarantee a change in the tone of your interaction with her.

10. Claiming That You Are Preoccupied With Another Person

Just tell her that you are busy with someone else when she asks what you are doing.

11. ‘Accidentally’ Have A Group Chat With Her And The Girl You Desire

Create a group chat with her and the other girl and simply apologize for your “accidental” error.

12. Only reply to certain texts.

Whatsapp allows you to respond to her specific conversation requests. Respond to all texts save the one that inquires about the other girl.

13. Enable Notification When Another Girl Is Online

By turning on the notification you have with another girl, you indicate to the girl that she is no longer your top priority.

14. Create an abbreviation for the conversations you have with others

A shortcut indicates that something is easily accessible. Your girl will recognize that whoever this is intended for is really special.

15. Turn Off the Last Seen Feature

This frees you from her constant nagging to respond to her text messages.

16. Enable Notifications Regarding Group Members Other Than Her

This expresses unequivocally that you do not wish to hear from her.

17. Backup Your Conversation with Another Woman.

A backup demonstrates that you never want to lose the data. This action makes her extremely intrigued.

18. Get the Girl’s Image Via WhatsApp

Obtain and then save it on your phone gallery. 

19. Make numerous WhatsApp calls to another girl.

Call the other woman and do not remove the call log.

20. Video Call with another girl/girls

A video call is an extremely personal form of communication.

21. Add romantic hangouts with other individuals to your calendar.

Plan a date with another girl over WhatsApp, and then save the information in your calendar.

22. Don’t Mention Your Relationship With Her In Your Status Update.

Remove any indication that you are in a relationship from your status to keep her guessing.

Four Indications that She is Becoming Jealous

It is hard for her not to feel jealous once you have taken these actions. If you want to be certain, here are the indications that she is becoming jealous:

1. Inquiring Constantly About Suspicious Activity

She will not rest until she discovers the truth.

2. Demanding to speak with and meet you in person

This is because she wishes to clarify who is truly a part of your life.

3. Beginning to Consider A Potential Girl

She even begins to speculate about who that girl is and the nature of your relationship with her.

4. Trying to Make You Jealous

She even does things to provoke your envy.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is it acceptable to make my girlfriend jealous?

If your objective is just to tease your girlfriend, it is acceptable to cause her to feel jealousy. However, do not go overboard. If you think your girl is too upset or worried about the relationship, it’s best to tell her what you plan to do.

2. How can I make my girlfriend jealous via WhatsApp chats?

You can irritate her by altering your display image, telling her you are busy, or continually discussing another girl. You may send her a text message or emoticons and then erase them before she sees them. Nevertheless, take care not to hurt her feelings.

3. How to make her jealous on social media?

One of the most effective ways to make her jealous on social media is by uploading a unique status update or photo with an intriguing caption. For instance, you may share a scenic image with the comment “reminds me of someone.” You might also try liking or commenting on the photos of other women.

You want her to feel protected and cherished in an ideal connection. However, if you want to revive the passion in your relationship, you might do it by making your girl jealous. All of the previous tips, like conversing with and admiring other women and forgetting the arrangements you made with your girl, can help you determine how to make her jealous. However, exercise caution and avoid going too far in order to avoid a backfire.

Key Factors

  • A small amount of jealousy can bring your girl closer to you.
  • Ignoring her or praising other women in front of her may be effective.
  • However, excessive use of these techniques has the risk of damaging your connection.


Jealousy is sometimes necessary in order to reignite the passion in a relationship. Therefore, you must employ the method of making your girl jealous on WhatsApp. 

From there, you will see indications of her jealousy, and events will unfold naturally.

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