How To Make A Girl Laugh While Chatting
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How To Make A Girl Laugh While Chatting

Using humour is nearly always a good option when you want to connect with the person you like or have a crush on. Laughter can alleviate her tension, improve her mood, and eventually bring the two of you closer together. Texting allows you to truly think through what you want to say, and in addition, you have the opportunity to make her day even better from a distance.

How To Make A Girl Laugh While Chatting

How To Make A Girl Laugh While Chatting

Since this is the case, we have gathered the necessary information if you are looking for how to make a girl laugh while chatting. 

They include the following: 

1. Use pick-up lines

You can send her a text with a corny pickup line if you want to make a girl laugh while chatting. Since nobody anticipates seeing a comical or complimenting message waiting for them when they open a smartphone, the unexpected nature of these messages is precisely what makes them so entertaining. Take a minute to evaluate if the person who will receive your text will be amused or offended by your attempt. The below information contains some pickup lines that are sure to make a girl laugh while chatting: 

  • “Even if there isn’t gravity, I will still fall for you.” 
  • “I need you like a heart needs a beat.”
  • “I’m not a hoarder, but I will like to keep you forever.”

2. Text her random facts

Another way how to make a girl laugh while chatting is to text her a funny random fact. Additionally, if you want to make a girl laugh, text her something unusual or specific about your day. To surprise someone in a pleasant and relaxed manner is the essence of what humour is all about. 

The girl may find it funny if she checks her phone and finds a totally strange message from you there. If this happens, you’ve earned yourself a good laugh and attention.

If you want to surprise someone, try texting them an interesting fact that has no context, such as “Did you know that cows have regional accents?” Alternatively, you might share this fun fact as well

  • “Did you know that it’s against the law in Switzerland to possess only one guinea pig?”

3. Tease her 

Teasing can take many different forms, but at its core, it consists of drawing attention to an aspect of a woman and then either drawing an absurd conclusion about her based on that aspect or making light-hearted fun of something she is doing, saying, or representing. Teasing can come in many different flavours.

When making light of someone, you should keep in mind that you do not want your remark to be taken seriously or as cruel. However, you should try to build a little bit of sexual tension and be willing to take some chances. You also need to elicit some kind of emotional response from the girl. And in this regard, teasing done correctly may be of great assistance.

The term “teasing” can refer to a wide variety of behaviours. You can tease her via text in the following ways:

  1. Remove the context of the things that she is saying.
  2. Form illogical opinions based on the things that she has to say.
  3. Concentrate your attention on something that causes her some slight annoyance.
  4. Give her a sweet nickname.
  5. Pretend that you are in the know about a little-known fact about her like secrets. 

It is important to keep in mind that the purpose of your teasing her is to get her to laugh, not to make her feel self-conscious or to make her feel bad about herself. This is true regardless of the specific way in which you tease her.

4. Send her a funny movie line or a song lyrics

Send her song lyrics or movie lines that seem as if they may be genuine. Choose something that the two of you have experienced or seen together. At first, she will most likely be perplexed by the situation. But when she finds out that you’ve been playing a little joke on her, she’ll be shocked, and hopefully amused as well. She could even react to your message with the following song or quotation if she decides to join in.

  • Start a funny conversation by using some well-known songs by Adele, “Hello. It’s me. After all of these years, I was wondering whether you’d still be interested in getting together.”
  • If she likes British Ghetto movies, you can say something like “Where is the rest of the mandem” or send a voice note mimicking a British accent.

5. Make exaggerations

Still considering how to make a girl laugh while chatting? Well, you can send a text that exaggerates the current condition of the person you are texting. Your goofy and exaggerated comment will catch your crush off guard, and maybe it will make them laugh out loud. 

Let’s imagine she makes a statement about how cold it is outside. You might say: 

  • “I know, I was just travelling down the next street or a particular place and you saw how rainwater drained someone that had just dressed like he was attending an interview”.  
  • Alternatively, let’s imagine she’s exhausted and sends a message saying that she wants to go home and sleep it off. You may then continue by saying, “Absolutely. Today, the bags under my eyes must have been so obvious that they could have been seen from outer space.”

6. Make inside jokes

Make your crush chuckle by referencing a joke that only the two of you know. Remember that time when the two of you had a complete and utter meltdown about something very trivial? You may make the existing debate more entertaining by incorporating this joke from outside. Think about whether or not you and the person you are messaging have a running joke that the two of you may reference while communicating through text.

If that is not the case, go back to a time when the two of you were laughing your asses off together. This might be the beginning of a joke shared just among friends.

You could also pick one part of an experience, memorize it, and figure out how to bring it up in conversation at some point. For example, if she’s witnessed you have an embarrassing fall down the stairs, you might try sending her a snapshot of yourself standing in front of the stairs. 

  • Include a note along these lines: “Oh my, it’s my archenemy! Oh no! The stairs, please!” It might get her to laugh and you can continue from there.

7. Send her funny news

Send her a news headline that is absurd and entertaining to make her laugh out loud. Indeed, the majority of the news you’ll encounter during any given week will be sombre and in no way amusing, but that doesn’t mean that’s always the case. Do a Google search for “funny news headlines,” and choose one that gives you a good laugh

Make her laugh by showing her pictures of ridiculous headlines, such as ones that say things like:

  • “Cows lose their jobs as milk prices continue to decline.”
  • “Man chased from his home for inviting 5 crazy ladies.”

8. Impressions

Make a recording and send it in with your very best impression. This might be rather humorous, especially to those people who are familiar with you on a deeper level. Whether you’ve got an impression that’s spot-on accurate or one that’s so off-the-mark that it’s hilarious, this is certain to elicit a good chuckle out of the person you have a crush on. You may even try speaking to her in the renowned voice of your choice and addressing her directly.

Using the voice of Captain America or Black Panther, send a message to the recipient saying:

  • “Hello, have a nice day!”
  • “Don’t be so engrossed with work, have some time off.”

9. Send her TikTok links, Tweets, and funny Instagram messages

Learning how to make a girl laugh while chatting can also be done by sending her a funny video from TikTok, a funny Instagram picture, or a funny Twitter message.  It’s a very safe bet that the things that make you laugh out loud will also make the people who are closest to you laugh out loud. 

In addition, if you use a video that has gone viral or a tweet that has gone viral, you will undoubtedly have a funny one on your hands. Choose something that you are certain will be a good fit for the girl to whom you are sending the link. 

For example, you can send something like: 

  • Choose a funny video of someone tripping on ice if you are aware that the person you have a love for enjoys slapstick comedy.
  • If she has an unhealthy preoccupation with cats, you should show her a funny video of a kitten trying to steal its owner’s food.


When considering how to make a girl laugh while chatting, you need to ensure that you avoid sending her something that will annoy her or ruin your chances of making her laugh. Instead, think about it critically before sending it across. 

A funny video, a nice pickup line, a funny message, or something of those sorts will most likely make a girl laugh while chatting and get her to give you more attention than you are already getting.

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