how to make a man crave you emotionally
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How To Make a Man Crave You Emotionally

Do you want to make a bigger impression on a guy you’re seeing? Do you have difficulty retaining men after the initial attraction?

Are you curious about the secrets to making a man crave you emotionally

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you’ve come to the perfect spot, as this article will explain how to make a man crave you emotionally. 

how to make a man crave you emotionally

How To Make A Man Crave You Emotionally

Below are some of the best ways to make a man crave for you emotionally, they include;

1. Accept and appreciate his quirks as endearing

Because you embrace him for who he is, regardless of his flaws, he will fall head over heels in love with you when you demonstrate acceptance and unconditional love. Because you adore him no matter what, he’ll be delighted to be around you. Perhaps you find some of his undesirable qualities endearing.

That is a positive thing. It demonstrates that you have relaxed your defences and adore him in every way. In your relationship, be the type of woman with whom he would want to spend eternity. When he is in your presence, he should feel your complete acceptance and devotion. Appreciate the cute little flaws he has and maybe even come to love them as part of who he is.

2. Tell him your secrets

When you reveal yourself to a man, he is more likely to do the same. He will also want to know more. He will want to hear your honest opinion on the major issues of life. Do you want kids? Are you seeking a long-term commitment? What is the family secret that nobody talks about (the pink elephant in the room)?

You can reveal your deepest thoughts and emotions, and he will truly open up to you, causing him to crave you emotionally. If you want him to be captivated by you, demonstrate your vulnerability and sensitivity. There is no reason not to do this unless you suspect that he is playing heart games. Make sure he is genuine!

3. Express your feelings

When you’re in a relationship with a man you want to become hooked on, it’s a good idea to relax your guard. If he knows you have genuine affection for him, he will understand that you are committed to him. 

Even more so, he’ll want to know where your relationship is headed; in fact, he’ll likely be eager to discover what twists and turns lie ahead.

4. Be a good company

Enjoy yourselves when you are together. My partner and I enjoy each other’s company and miss one another immensely while we’re apart. Our love for one another has only grown stronger over time, so it’s pretty much always been this way.

5. Remember the little details

Remember the specifics of your conversation. If you later discover that you have additional questions, ask him when you next visit him. This will demonstrate that you are an excellent listener and have paid close attention to his words. Additionally, it will draw you two closer together because you are demonstrating compassion.

6. Be suitable for marriage

I could not count the number of men who have informed me that I am either marriage material or not. Essentially, marriage material implies that you are the type of woman a man would like to bring home to meet his family. You want him to believe that the relationship could lead to marriage because you two are so compatible.

When I was single, I looked up the definition of marriage material since I didn’t understand what men meant when they used the term. If a man considers you marriage material, he envisions a future with you. He desires to spend the rest of his life with you because he views you as a precious commodity. That is a wonderful thing!

I once dated a man for two years who never saw a long-term future for us, and I would wonder, “Why are we still together?” I squandered a great deal of time on him, but when I finally got sick of him not considering me worthy of a future, I ended the relationship for good. What a waste of time. I never looked back!

7. Be a helpful partner

In a relationship, it is necessary to demonstrate a high level of understanding. You want him to know that you will always be there for him.

 Demonstrate your love for him by supporting him with his career, family, friends, and even his interests and hobbies. So support the things that he values most.

8. Tell fantastic stories

To make a man crave you emotionally, you should discuss your background, childhood, and innermost ideas. Always be prepared to share a new story with him so that he may get to know you better. 

If you reveal yourself in this manner, he will quickly become attracted to you since he will always be curious about what you will say next! 

9. Acknowledge and respect his ideals

Regardless of his values, refrain from passing judgment. Instead, accept him for who he is and what he loves in life. Someone he wants to spend all of his time with, someone who demonstrates compassion. If you realize that he is sharing his soul with you, you may want to pay great attention to him to discover who he is. Is he someone with whom you may fall in love?

10. Be true to yourself

It serves no purpose to pretend to be someone you are not. Your genuine colors will eventually shine through. Be sincere and honest. You want him to understand who you truly are. 

What do you find interesting? What are your greatest interests? Are these items relevant to him? If not, can you make your interests engaging to discuss? Be inventive!

11. Make him happy

If you want a man to crave you emotionally, simply make him happy. Consider what will increase his life satisfaction, and provide him with the things that make him happy. 

If he enjoys hunting and fishing, you may give him a pocket knife, a new fishing pole, or a package of lures and hooks. Surprise him!

12. Give him your undivided attention

Frequently, a man will love spending time with you because he wants to learn more about you. The time you spend together must be quality time-time that you save exclusively for him. Don’t let your phone or television distract you. Give him your whole attention. Show him that you enjoy his company.

Allow him to get to know the real you. Practising this may be necessary if this is not something you typically do in relationships. Just set out for thirty minutes to lavish him with love and devotion. Allow no interruptions during that time. This is significant because he wants to know that he can entirely rely on you whenever he needs you.

13. Play hard to get

Playing hard to get is likely the most effective method for having a man crave you emotionally. You may need to exercise some moderation when employing this method. 

Avoid calling him frequently, or even at first. Let him take the initiative. Thus, he will be interested in what you are doing.

What activities keep you so occupied and in such great demand? Make him question your actions. On a first date, avoid divulging every detail about yourself. Show him some of your most private thoughts and emotions, but don’t give yourself away for anything. Make him ask you questions to learn more about you. Be mysterious!

14. Display your feelings

Demonstrate that you are a human being with genuine emotions. Being vulnerable in a relationship is fine. 

It demonstrates that you are genuine and share the same emotions as everyone else in the world. If you wish to win him over, you can cry in front of him and demonstrate your sensitivity. He will appreciate the fact that you are warm and comfortable.

15. Establish faith in the connection

Building trust in a relationship is not always simple since it requires honesty and selflessness. Demonstrate that you are willing to go the distance with him since your emotions have convinced you that the two of you are destined to be together. Not precisely, but you may demonstrate that you are a trustworthy individual.

16. Always have something fresh and engaging to say

Be as complex as a puzzle around your guy. Demonstrate that you have a great deal of material to share with him, such as stories from your past, traumatic events that have occurred to you, or simply your pains, bad habits, and hangups that you are attempting to overcome. 

He will be eager to be around you because he will be anticipating what you will say next. 

17. Maintain healthy relationship boundaries

Multiple types of wholesome borders exist. For example, you have a personal hygiene boundary if you think it’s gross to share a toothbrush with someone else.

This will show that you have a human side and are full of surprises, but that you also stick to your core values.

18. Be an attentive listener

To be a good listener, you must pay attention while the other person shares facts or anecdotes. You can accomplish this by displaying open body language.

 That means your arms and legs should be uncrossed. Maintain eye contact and attentively hear what is being stated. If you believe you have misinterpreted something, you should make inquiries.

19. Demonstrate your true personality

Your authenticity is what makes men crave you emotionally. What makes you the wonderful and distinctive individual you are? Demonstrate your strong values. This will make him want to learn your secrets and get to know you better.

20. Show appreciation

Express your gratitude for the little things he does for you. If you demonstrate total gratitude, he will be unable to resist you.

 He will realize that you are a super-sweetheart who strives to make him happy and enjoy life. This is an excellent way to demonstrate your actual nature. Be the woman with whom he is madly in love! Thank people frequently!


All of these tips are certain to make a man crave you emotionally. He will lavish you with affection just as he did at the beginning of your relationship. 

He will want you more, just as you’ve always desired. Just ensure you adhere to these guidelines.

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