How to Make a Man Obsessed With You Over Text
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How to Make a Man Obsessed With You Over Text

Texting has a big role in dating and relationships. It’s pretty much the main way we talk to each other, and it can make or break a relationship.

A text message can create the wrong impression and turn a guy off, or it can have such a profound impact that he obsesses over you for the entire day. It has nothing to do with pretending to be someone you’re not. Unfortunately, much can be lost in translation, and you may end up coming across in a manner that is not authentic to who you are.

How to Make a Man Obsessed With You Over Text

How to Make a Man Obsessed With You Over Text

Texting does not come easy to many individuals, which may cause you to drive a guy away unknowingly before things even begin. This is why I am present. I’m going to show you some amazing text examples that will make a man obsessed with you. 

1. A text that is amusing

Humour is an excellent bonding tool, and men adore bright, humorous, and lively women.

You may send a humorous meme, article, or joke. Just don’t do this too often or you’ll end up in a relationship where you always make each other laugh.

You can occasionally infuse humour, but you should also connect on a genuine level and give each other an opportunity to flirt and get to know one another.

2. A captivating text

Most women fear expressing interest, but expressing interest is not a negative trait. Being desperate is undesirable.

What are you doing is a tedious inquiry… What would you be doing if I were there is an enticing question.

You need not be explicit or sexually explicit. Something sexually suggestive and fascinating will suffice. If he is a guy you recently started dating, this is a fantastic technique to make him obsessed with you over text. If he pursues you, he will know he has a green signal and won’t be denied if it’s a guy you want to date.

3. A joyful text

Men adore confident and happy women. And men gravitate toward what is pleasurable. If being near you makes him feel good, he will want to be around you. If texting you is enjoyable, he will text you. Send him something upbeat and optimistic.

If he asks how your day is going, do not respond with a laundry list of everything that has gone wrong. You can agree that your day has gotten off to a rocky start, but then state that you’re eager to show the remainder of the day who’s boss!

4. The ‘Nude illusion’ Text

The next section is the nude illusion text. 

A blazing text message?

  • “Must dash, I must purchase a bikini.”

A sizzling one? 

  • I plan on taking a long, steamy shower.

The warmest?

  • “Guess who is not wearing underwear?”

As dissimilar as these three instances are, they will all get your man obsessed over you through text. Yes, he will visualize you naked.

If you want to steal his attention for the day by rendering him incapable of concentrating on anything other than your naked body, then these are the types of texts that will make him fascinated with you.

Even better, by gradually letting him in and sharing more dirty things with him than you would with a male buddy, you’re also giving him a taste of what dating you might be like. Just don’t go crazy, and no matter how much he begs, do not send naked images.

Instead, make him earn the reward. Ultimately, if you give him everything, where is the thrill? Oh, and don’t be afraid to sprinkle in the occasional winking emoji. These can help show that you are aware that your messages might be getting him excited.

5. The ‘Life-Lover’ Text

The fifth text message you should send to your guy is a life-lover text. So, what is the nature of this message?

This statement expresses your self-assurance and passion for life. The idea here is to keep your message enthusiastic and optimistic.

Perhaps it entails remarking on how amazing your day was, or perhaps it entails relating the compliments you received from your supervisor. Make sure that your words portray the tale of a woman who is bold, courageous, understand what she wants, and is not afraid to pursue it. When you do, he’ll go gaga for you. 

6. The visual message

You know, men are visual beings, so whatever you can say to make him envision will go a long way.

Something along the lines of, “After my workout class, I’m saturated; I must shower.” “Talk later! “

Especially if this is a new relationship, avoid excess. Just maintain a quiet and “unintentional” tone. You only mentioned that you were having a shower, but you had no idea this would be so evocative for him!

And unless this guy is your lover, I would advise against sending any graphic images because if you’re still in the early stages, you probably don’t know him all that well, and once something is out there, it’s gone forever.

7. The enticing text

If you are not currently dating this man, you should grant him permission to pursue you. Men are frightened of rejection, so it’s necessary for you to show a little curiosity without going overboard.

Send him a compliment such as, “I just noticed the photo you uploaded, and wow, that looks great!” Follow with an emoji with a winking face, or say something slightly enticing.

And if you are already dating, flirt as much as possible! Flirting is what piques his interest and keeps him obsessed with you over text. It is also humorous, cheerful, and entertaining.

8. The text of the intriguing question

Say something that would really make him think, such as, “What would you do if you woke up tomorrow without fear?”

Or do something foolish, such as communicating with just emoticons.

The rule of thumb regarding how to attract a man’s attention is to be fascinating.

9. The commendation

Believe it or not, men also like praise… And they receive them considerably less frequently than women.

Say anything that will make him feel better. Again, do not be afraid to demonstrate excessive interest. If a guy is interested in you, then your interest will not be construed negatively!

Here are several examples:

  • “I love your smile.” And your eyes. Just FYI. “
  • “Okay, you’ll have to tell me what’s wrong with you because I can’t find any!
  • “Stop looking so attractive in the photos you share.” You’re killing me over here! “

10. The laudatory text

Men are starved for admiration; this is a common theme on our post. 

A man will not want to be in a relationship with a woman who does not make him feel appreciated. Period!

  • “Men desire recognition for who they are and what they do for you.”
  • Regardless of the stage of a relationship, it is essential to express gratitude. Some examples are:
  • “I appreciate you being you.” You truly motivate me. “
  • “I appreciate you taking me to that fantastic restaurant. “That was the nicest lunch I’ve had in quite some time.


Here are some text messages that will make a man utterly obsessed with you. It is not just about the texts, but also about you. It’s about your mentality and mindset. It depends on how you view yourself and your life. If you have low self-esteem and desire a man to make you feel better, your negative energy will spread to others, even over text. If you’re happy, fulfilled, and in love with your life, it will be apparent.

Instead of focusing on what you say, consider what is occurring within yourself. A man who texts you back will never make you feel truly valued. You alone can do that. 

I hope that after reading this article, you will know just what to text your man to make him obsessed with you over text.

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