How to Make a Man want you bad
Relationship tips for females

How To Make A Man Want You Bad

Are you a girl or woman who has difficulty attracting men? If so, we understand your concerns! Finding and keeping a man is a difficult task.

Nevertheless, there are secrets that will make any man dependent on you!

How to Make a Man want you bad

How to Make a Man want you bad

Are you curious? Then continue reading to discover how to make a man want you bad

1. Be your most authentic self

My first and most essential piece of advice is to not strive to be someone you are not. Instead, strive to be your best self.

 When you are happy with yourself, it is much easier to find love. There is no need to alter yourself to accommodate a relationship.

 You can, instead, be yourself and seek out someone who appreciates you for who you are.

This will facilitate your search for a man who desires or wants you.

You do not require any changes to your personality. Instead, you should have confidence and be yourself around him.

 Why is this so crucial?

Well, when you love and feel good about yourself, you are suddenly more attractive to others.

Men will be far more attracted to you than they were previously. But what exactly does “be the best version of yourself” mean?

  • This indicates that you must have confidence.
  • You must have self-love and be pleased with who you are. It’s incredible how simple it is to find a man when you’re content with yourself.
  • Find your life’s passion, the thing that gives you meaning, and follow it without remorse.

You will find that pursuing your passion makes you more attractive to men.

It acts like a magnet! You will attract men who are searching for someone that can make a difference in their lives since you are precisely that!

Don’t be afraid to pursue your goals in life.

Instead, be secure in what you have, and aggressively pursue your goals.

It is much easier to discover love and express your passions with others when you have a passion. Share your passion with the world and tell everyone how much you enjoy it.

Also, when you concentrate on yourself and your interests, you will not feel as desperate to find a partner.

Once you are liberated from the urge to locate “the One,” he will want you bad.

You may be wondering, “Okay, but how can I make him like me?”

Well, this brings us to the second phase.

2. Demonstrate your worth

If you are looking for a relationship, you must demonstrate to him the benefits of being in one with you. Demonstrate your greatness so he will want you bad. 

You must be aware of the value you bring to the table.

Be assured of your strengths and aware of your weaknesses. Demonstrate what you have to offer so that he will want to be with you.

You can accomplish this by exuding confidence around him. Being in his presence will convince him of your worth.

The vital?

If you are uncertain of yourself, he will notice.

He will observe that you lack confidence and are unworthy of his time. Demonstrate your value so that he will desire to be with you.

You see, if you don’t value yourself and believe you don’t deserve him, what makes you believe he will view you differently?

Beginning with oneself is the initial step towards achieving this.

You must care for yourself, nourish yourself, and love yourself.

If you do not believe that you are deserving of love and a relationship, you will never be able to attract the ideal man.

Therefore, it is essential to demonstrate your value.

No one will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself.

Now, you may be wondering, how can I demonstrate my value to him? How do I contribute to the table?

Some women believe that they must be breathtakingly beautiful to make a man want you bad, but this is not true.

Initially, a physical appeal is what draws a man in, but ultimately, it comes down to something else.

Let’s start with the point of attraction. There are a great number of beautiful women in the world, so if your only asset is your appearance, he will quickly find another woman who is as attractive as you.

Also, your beauty will change as you get older, so relying on it alone to get a man is not a good idea.

Instead, focus on the numerous advantages you can provide him:

  • compassion
  • love
  • A girl who is attentive to him.
  • A girl who allows him to express his divine masculinity.
  • A woman who encourages his endeavors.
  • A woman whose creative flow state pushes him to occasionally take things simpler.

You have so much to contribute that has nothing to do with your appearance or employment.

Once you recognize how incredible you are, you can demonstrate it to him.

You can demonstrate your confidence and affection for him.

Moreover, you may demonstrate to him that you are a woman who is unashamedly herself, which is all that matters.

If you genuinely know yourself, you will know what makes the world turn, and if the world turns because of you, it will be because of the value you contribute to it.

3. Support his inner hero

Bring out the hero within a man to want you bad. You do not understand! Okay, let me explain. 

The hero instinct is a new theory about relationships that is getting a lot of attention.

This unique notion, created by relationship specialist James Bauer, fully explains how men truly think and feel in relationships.

And the vast majority of women have never even heard of it.

According to James Bauer, men do not require much to be satisfied in their relationships. In truth, what they require has nothing to do with sex.

Men have innate motivations. And when a lady comes along and provokes them, they respond violently.

The end result is a man who loves more passionately, commits entirely, and devotes himself completely to the relationship.

So, how can you stimulate your man’s heroism?

Once you get how the hero impulse operates, there is no telling how high your relationship can soar.

4. Do not rush through the procedure

Next, avoid rushing the process of getting to know him. Instead, take pleasure in getting to know him.

One cannot impose a relationship. Instead, you must allow it to occur spontaneously.

There is no ideal moment to begin a romantic relationship. It depends entirely on the two of you and the bond you share.

There is no formula for making a man want you bad, nor is there a method for convincing him to commit to you.

Do not rush or force the procedure. Enjoy the process and be receptive to all outcomes.

Why will he become addicted to this?

As a result of their desire for a man’s commitment, however, a number of women attempt to speed up the courtship process.

The outcome?

It is unfortunate that the man would walk away since he is not ready to commit to you.

Sure, a decent man will soon recognize that he wants to commit to you, but hurrying the process in the first few days?

That is a terrible concept!

Instead, allow him to approach you.

If he observes that you are not in a hurry, he will wonder why and will want to commit to you all the more quickly.

This gets me to the following point:

5. Allow him to pursue you

Men enjoy it when a woman is difficult to get. It makes him want you bad. 

Instead of pursuing him, you should allow him to pursue you.

He will enjoy the chase and desire your company more.

It is all about presenting him with a challenge. You challenge him. This will increase his desire for you.

Even though it sounds a bit trite, it’s in a man’s biology.

When he realizes that you are not an easy catch, he will want you bad. 

Men are hardwired to chase, win, and take care of things, while women would rather be chased, courted, and taken care of.

Utilize this information to your advantage and tap into your fundamental feminine energy.

When a man has the chance to chase after you and work for you, he will want you even more.

For fear that he may lose interest, many women commit the error of making things too simple for men.

Interestingly, the reverse is also true!

He will be attracted to you even more.

This is how you can tell that he genuinely loves you:

He will pursue you without doubt or question.

Moreover, he will be there for you in times of need.

6. Demonstrate confidence without arrogance

The distinction is significant here. Being confident does not equate to being arrogant.

A man desires to be with a woman who exudes confidence and self-assurance.

He does not want to be with a woman who lacks confidence and questions everything she does.

Be self-assured and decisive, so that he will want to be with you.

This also indicates that you have confidence in your contributions and what you have to give.

Be confident in how you conduct yourself and how you communicate with him.

Don’t go overboard, however. You do not need to boast or be overly confident and arrogant.

Let him observe your self-assurance and let it permeate your demeanor.

When a woman (or anyone, for that matter) seems arrogant, it actually has the opposite effect and makes them appear somewhat insecure.

When you are cocky, it appears that you believe you are superior to the other person, or at least that you are acting as if you are.

You are essentially attempting to impress them by asserting that your confidence makes you superior.

In addition, if you wish to embody your fundamental feminine energy, arrogance is not the way to go.

A truly feminine woman is self-assured without being vain.

When a man sees a woman with such assurance, he will want to be with her even more because he sees a lady who is self-assured and confident.

7. Be unpredictable

Be spontaneous and demonstrate that you can not be predicted. Men adore women or girls who exhibit spontaneity.

They want girls who are occasionally unpredictable.

Being predictable will cause him to view you as tedious and unworthy of his attention.

Conversely, being spontaneous will demonstrate that you are intriguing and enjoyable to be around.

If we consider their overall tendencies, men tend to be more analytical, intellectual, strict, and organized.

To achieve harmony, they want a lady who adds spontaneity, pleasure, and flow into their lives.

He desires a lady who is genuine in her thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

If you are lying or pretending to be someone else, he will be able to tell that you are not real.

Being genuine entails being oneself without any pretensions to being someone else.

Trust me, he won’t be able to get enough of you if you are spontaneous in a genuine way.

Surprise him with your spontaneous words and actions and do something unexpected.

I have suggested this intriguing concept: the hero instinct. When a man’s inner hero is activated, he is more likely to desire you intensely.

Simply by knowing the perfect words to say to him, you will have access to a part of him that no other woman has ever accessed.

8. Maintain a low profile and make yourself difficult to approach

Be secretive and unapproachable. Make him work a little bit for it.

I’ve addressed this before, but don’t make it easy for him to get you by putting yourself out there.

Make him earn your attention and demonstrate that you are worthy of his time.

Make him aware that he must earn your time and attention.

Make him aware that you are not easy to catch.

There is a saying that matches this argument reasonably well: “Don’t play hard to get; be hard to get.”

Consider that if you want to make a man want you bad, you must fulfill your role.

Would the girl or woman he’s enamored with be really accessible? No, she would be quite difficult to acquire.

Therefore, instead of being accessible, be elusive.

Don’t immediately tell him what he’s getting into.

It will make him work a little bit harder for you and make him want you bad. 

And the highlight?

It will make him treat you like a queen!

9. Avoid being constantly available

Do not be constantly available, and let him know that you have a life outside of him.

Let him know that he is not the only thing in your life and that you have other priorities.

Allowing him to see that your life does not revolve around him can increase his desire for you.

He will recognize that you are not a simple catch and are worth his time.

Obviously, don’t be completely inaccessible, but let him know that you have other obligations.

This will not only heighten his sense of eagerness to see you immediately, but it will also create a sense of mystery.

What are you doing that is more crucial than spending time with him? With whom are you? Do you like him?

This man will think about these questions until he is completely attached to you, which will make him want you even more.

Do not expose yourself to this risk!

Do not make yourself vulnerable by letting him know you are an easy catch.

Make him earn your attention and interest; require him to exert some effort.

When having a chat with him, you should lean towards him.

Allow him to see that you are receptive to him and fascinated by what he has to say.

10. Use body language 

Use body language that demonstrates your desire to be with him. Maintain an open stance and make direct eye contact with him.

Make him know that you want his company.

Our body language communicates far more than our speech ever could.

When you utilize your body language to attract a man, his subconscious will pick up on it and drive him insane.

11. Make an attempt to flirt with him

Okay, this is rather obvious, but have fun and flirt with this chap!

You can flirt with him while conversing with him, which will drive him insane.

Through your conversation with him, subtly let him know that you desire to be with him.

In this instance, your body language will also play a role.

I assure you, the more you flirt, the more he will want you bad.

Again, maintain a genuine tone; you do not want to appear desperate or easy.

12. Ask him questions

Everyone enjoys talking about themselves; it is inherent to the human condition.

Believe me, if you take the time to ask a man questions about himself, he will want you bad. 

You will not need to indicate your interest in him because he will perceive it on his own.

Being the girl who is obsessed with herself and has no interest in him would only drive him away.

Instead, be interested in what he has to say, and I guarantee he will want to worship at your feet.

13. Create sexual attraction

Develop sexual chemistry with him and indicate your desire for him.

What drives a man crazy is when you show him that you want to be with him and want him sexually, but do not act on it immediately.

This will make him want you bad and desire to be with you even more.

It’s actually quite straightforward:

Because he will realize that you want him, he will want you bad

It is not necessary to be explicit. You are able to do it subtly and naturally.

You may touch him while he is speaking with you. While conversing with him, you can lightly touch his arms.

You might also gaze at him in a manner that conveys your desire for him.

Establish sexual chemistry with him by letting him know you want him.

Now, the most crucial aspect is to make him wait a little while.

As was previously stated, men enjoy the thrill of the pursuit.

Therefore, if you tease him but don’t immediately give in to the temptation, he will become obsessed with you and want you bad.

Trust me, let him wait for a little while, and then we’ll see what happens.

This is the most effective approach to establish sexual chemistry with a man.

It is straightforward, effective, and will prevent burning.

13. Tell him you like him

However, you should occasionally express your affection for him. Because when a man is unsure of whether he has a chance with you, he will most likely leave you (to protect himself).

Because men dislike being rejected, therefore, you should let him know periodically that you like him, so he will conclude:

I actually have a shot with her.

And when a guy has this impression of you (and he likes you), it doesn’t take much to drive him absolutely crazy about you and want you bad. 

14. Be yourself

Be yourself is one of the most crucial pieces of advice in this entire post.

I am aware that I have provided you with numerous tips on how to make a man want you bad, and that is OK so long as they match with your personality. 

You shouldn’t pretend to be someone you’re not just because one of these tips claims it could benefit you.

You want a man to like you for who you are, not for a version of yourself that you present to him, right?

Even if nothing ever came of this connection, he would ultimately learn who you truly are, right?

And if that person is not someone he would fall in love with, you should avoid grief by being yourself from the start.

When a man desires a woman, he often desires her intensely regardless; the following methods will simply intensify his feelings.

Therefore, be yourself and make this friendship meaningful.

Trust me, he will fall in love with you eventually.

The greater your familiarity with him, the greater his love for you. 


Finding and keeping a man is a difficult task. Nevertheless, there are secrets that will make any man want you bad. 

Whatever you do, remember to be yourself, and if a man doesn’t want you badly, that’s on him.

You have so much to offer; all you have to do is observe it for yourself.

Believe me, when you do, every man you encounter will notice it, too.


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