How to make someone addicted to you

How To Make Someone Addicted To You

It could be that you like someone at your workplace or around your home or are you wondering how to make someone addicted to you? Do not worry if you find yourself in this situation because we will discuss all of it. 

Being your authentic self, an independent woman or man who shows confidence and does not care what other people say is the key to having someone addicted to you. You must make him or her miss, cherish and admire you if you want him to think exclusively of you. 

If someone is addicted to you, they will be willing to do whatever it takes to please you and make you happy so it is rather a good thing than a bad thing. Although they will be too attached to you, it is for a better course because you will feel loved.

How to make someone addicted to you

How to make someone addicted to you

Follow the steps below if you want to make someone addicted to you: 

1. Communicate 

Every successful relationship is based on effective communication (and basically to a healthy everything). When there is no communication, honesty, or sharing of the significant events in your life with your girlfriend or boyfriend, there cannot be a relationship.

It’s hard to show the kind of dedication necessary to make him addicted to you and the other way around when you’re living in two different worlds. It’s crucial to chat with him and urge him to share his interests and other personal details with you.

2. Take time to listen

Being a good listener enables you to establish a secure environment where she can open up to you and teaches you how to trust and support one another, all of which are crucial for the development of your relationship.

Your relationship will be ruined when you keep things to yourself and communicate mostly via text messages. However, life doesn’t seem all that terrifying when you know that your spouse is there for you—that your partner will always be there to listen to your problems and provide advice.

To make him addicted to you, you must first become his or her friend before becoming his lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife.

3. Accept his/her imperfections

Humans have a fundamental desire to be accepted for who we are, understood (even when we say something dumb), and valued at all times. No matter how self-assured and tough we are, we all desire these things. All we need is someone who accepts us despite our imperfections. 

Additionally, we all need someone who believes in us even though we are not superheroes. Therefore, accept him too, just as you would desire to be welcomed.

Remember that no one is perfect, and love him for his imperfections and weirdness rather than despite them. How well you two work together is all that counts.

4. Be encouraging

Life is difficult, in fact, really difficult. You’re doing fine one minute, and another moment, the world is breaking away, leaving you helpless and unsure of what to do (be it in your love life, job, family, or something else).

In such circumstances, it’s critical to know that we have a supporter who is rooting for us all the way. And you ought to do the same for one another.

You need to support him or her when he pushes outside of his comfort zone and be there to soothe him when things don’t go according to plan if you want to make your partner fall in love with you.

The strongest bonds are those built on mutual support. So be certain that this will improve your relationship more than anything else. This is one of the best ways to know how to make someone addicted to you. 

5. Live life to the utmost potential

Do you want to know how to make someone addicted to you? Don’t be afraid to spend some time for yourself in addition to chasing romance and real love, or reading dating tips repeatedly online and occasionally.

What makes you unique and so interesting to be around is having aspirations to pursue and things you are passionate about. When he notices that you’re as free as a bird, that you’re not scared to follow your heart and live your life to the fullest, he will fall head over heels in love with you.

Without a doubt, no man (regardless of his personality, zodiac sign, or inclination) could ever remain indifferent to a woman who is so strong and who understands how to cherish every minute of life.

Keep in mind that just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you should give everything up. With time, you’ll begin to regret not fulfilling all of your former aspirations, and he’ll begin to feel bad that you sacrificed your ambitions for him.

6. Spice it up

With flirty texting, you can liven things up in the bedroom. As long as it keeps things interesting, flirt with him, make use of body language and do whatever and wherever you feel like it. Why?

The reason is simple – because many couples develop routines and develop automatic behaviours. When all you truly want to do is get him hooked on you and improve your relationship, the last thing you need in your life is to be “stuck in a rut” or act like you don’t care about his love life. 

Making him hooked to you is a process that needs ongoing care and commitment, just like falling in love. You may surprise him with sexual things to say to your lover, offer some new, hot positions in the bedroom, or maybe do some short action in the morning before work. He will certainly love it. 

The most crucial factor is that you be at ease while engaging in it since there is no use in spicing up your sex life if you aren’t fully committed to it.

7. Be confident

Since we are still discussing how to make someone addicted to you? You should consider this point in earnest. Any guy will fall head over heels for you if you display confidence, and your man is no exception.

Don’t be afraid to wear shoes and skirts, listen to obscure rock bands, or curl up on the sofa with a bottle of beer. Do whatever makes you feel happy and are legal without being frightened to do it.

Try something new, take a spa weekend, go wine tasting with friends, pick up a strange hobby, sing, draw, or otherwise express yourself. Whatever you do, always be yourself. He will grow addicted to you quickly, so do everything it takes to boost your confidence to new heights.

Nothing is more influential than a woman who respects her judgment and isn’t afraid to express it to others; a woman who is authentic to the core.

8. Keep it exciting

You can make a list of everything you wish to try out, along with the things your spouse already does (as he has undoubtedly mentioned them to you).

Make plans to make them a reality after the list is complete. Even better, make a bucket list of everything you want to do in a year.  Make it thrilling and adrenaline-filled by including activities like skydiving and hiking.

If it’s something you haven’t done in a while, you can even go hiking, to a theme park, or the zoo. The important thing is that you engage in these activities together and that they foster a sense of community and well-being.

9. Don’t make him your whole existence; only a portion of it

You will be addicted to your partner during the honeymoon stage, and that’s perfectly natural. Being with him or her constantly and making him your life, however, is not natural or healthy when the honeymoon period has passed.

Your partner should be part of your life but not everything about your life.  Ask him to join you as you continue to pursue your goals and interests, and he will be your companion as you go. You two are soul mates, lovers, and closest friends.

But just because you two fell in love with one other does not imply that the rest of the world ceases to exist. Live life to the fullest and savor it beside him, as well as with your friends and family. First and foremost, enjoy it with yourself since you need alone time to be happy and healthy as well. 

Spending time alone or with your closest friends binge-watching your favorite TV program, taking lengthy bubble baths, sipping on your favorite drinks, reading your favorite novels again—treat yourself.


Being aware of how to make someone addicted to you can be quite interesting and terrifying at the same time. Interesting in the sense that you have finally got the person you love and terrifying in the sense that the addiction might grow beyond what you like. 

Regardless of what will transpire, making someone addicted to you is self-fulfilling and instead of lamenting, you should be happy with your addicted partner and make the most of it.

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