how to pick up a girl at a restaurant
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How To Pick Up A Girl At A Restaurant

Perhaps you visited a fancy restaurant and one girl caught your attention, but you are confused about how to pick up a girl at a restaurant. Don’t be scared or frightened if this is the situation you are experiencing because, with a few steps, you can easily pick up a girl at a restaurant and have a date with your dream girl.

how to pick up a girl at a restaurant

How to pick up a girl at a restaurant

The below steps explain the different ways you can pick up a girl at a restaurant 

1. Make her notice you by maintaining eye contact with the girl

Making and maintaining eye contact is one of the best ways to start a conversation with a girl.  When you establish eye contact with a lady and she maintains it for an extended period, you can be sure that she is thinking about you. When you are in a situation like that, it is practically impossible to avoid approaching the lady.

If you make eye contact with a girl and she maintains that gaze for more than a few seconds – or if you make eye contact with the woman repeatedly over a few minutes – consider this to be a sign that the woman is interested in you and approach the woman as soon as you can after making that eye contact.

If this is the case with you, simply proceed and make a move to talk to the girl in the restaurant because some sort of connection has already been established through eye contact. 

2. Initiate contact with the girl

After you have established eye contact with the girl, proceed to approach her head-on while projecting an air of self-assurance. Maintain an upright posture by keeping your head up, your shoulders back, walking with a stride that is powerful and purposeful, and smiling. This can help you get the girl to be interested in you straight away and show her that you have confidence in yourself.

If the girl never looks at you or makes any kind of eye contact, you should still approach the girl because she could be shy. The worst that may happen is that she feels moderately irritated for three seconds, but then she entirely forgets about the event. The best-case scenario is that you make her day, get the lady attracted to you, and turn it into the finest time she’s ever had in the restaurant.

3. Start a good conversation with the girl

Are you still thinking about how to pick up a girl at a restaurant? Well, starting a good and humorous conversation with the girl is another step to take when considering picking up a girl at a restaurant. The first thing you need to do to start a conversation with a lady you encounter in the restaurant is to make the woman feel at ease so that she can communicate freely with you. To do this, make sure the first part of your talks with ladies is light-hearted and entertaining.

Being transparent and forthright with the ladies you talk to about your goals is one approach to keeping the tone of your talks with their light. For instance, a fantastic technique to start a conversation with a female is to say something along the lines of “Hi, you’re incredibly attractive and I wanted to meet you.” Since you have been so honest with her, she won’t have to keep asking herself, “What does this guy want from me?” during the whole chat. You could also discover that being upfront makes it simpler to start a discussion with a lady and eases any approach fears you may have had. 

In addition, you may also begin a conversation with the girl by jumping right into some lighthearted banter. This is a good approach to get the discussion going. If she is at a restaurant, she is likely engaged in some activity like eating, and so, a fantastic method for banter would be to just tease her about whatever it is that she is doing. 

You might say:

  • Why should someone be a vegetarian when steak is so much enjoyable (Well, that is if she is not already a vegetarian). 
  • This food tastes so good. 

4. Show confidence when discussing 

It is essential to show your dedication to the engagement while beginning a discussion with a girl. When you make a greater commitment, it will be much simpler to capture (and maintain) the girl’s interest in you.

Simply sitting down with her is one approach to show your dedication to the engagement. Immediately after beginning a discussion with the girl, you should inquire about the possibility of joining her. You might also simply assume that the lady wants you to join her and sit down straight away if she gives off the impression of being welcoming and open. This demonstrates to women that having confidence may make a person more appealing to women.

5. Ask about her 

After some light banter, you may go into a questioning phase to better get to know her. Just ask the girl a question like, “So, what are you doing today?” and see how she responds. You’ll also start to get a sense of who she is and what she’s like as the conversation continues.

As the conversation progresses, you will have the opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with the ladies. Asking a girl things like, “So, what do you do for fun?” is a good question to ask a girl because they keep the conversation light and fun while also providing you with a deeper look into the things that are important to her in her life. You will establish an emotional connection with the girl if you succeed in getting her to open up about herself (while keeping in mind that you, too, will need to do the same thing). This will result in the girl being interested in you. 

More so, if possible, ask that you could get her something to eat or pay for the food she has already ordered. 

6. Ask her out 

When asking a girl you met at a restaurant on a date, there are a few things you should bear in mind that will increase the likelihood that she will say yes. When your discussion has reached its peak – when the two of you are having a good time, feeling connected to one another, and enjoying each other’s company – you should, first and foremost, make every effort to ask the girl out.

Second, make sure you always have ideas for possible dates in your back pocket. In this manner, when you meet a lady you are interested in dating, you will already have an idea of what activities you may participate in together before you ever meet her. If you plan something entertaining for the date (like going dancing), you’ll have a higher chance of convincing ladies to go out with you.

Last but not least, be as specific as you can about the time and location of your date. The more detailed the date is the less likely it is that the woman will ditch the date and the higher the chance that it will go forward.


Knowing how to pick up a girl at a restaurant can be quite difficult if you are always fearful or if you fail to play your cards right. If you follow the steps in this article thoroughly, then there is every chance that you will land the girl you meet at the restaurant and get her to go on a date with you. 

The technique is simple but you will need to act smart, confident, patient, convincing and even a bit persuasive (if she is fine with it though).

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