How to act around a guy who rejected you
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How To Act Around A Guy Who Rejected You

As painful as rejection might be, the most regrettable aspect is that we all reject someone or something at some point. It is one of those unavoidable realities of life, but it does not make the experience any more pleasant.

It is tough when someone says no to us, particularly on love grounds. This is particularly true since asking someone out involves a great deal of vulnerability and frequently a great deal of preparation. So, when they say ‘no,’ even if it’s a courteous rejection, it hurts like nothing else.

Putting oneself out there may be a frightening experience. And it might feel worse when the man you like has rejected you. But you can’t wallow in self-pity forever, particularly if you have to continue seeing the person for the rest of your life. Give yourself some time to recover from the rejection, and with no effort on your side, you will be able to resume speaking with him as if nothing had occurred.

How to Act Around a Guy Who Rejected You

There are different approaches on how to act around a guy who rejected you and we will all discuss them in the course of this article. 

First Approach: Managing Embarrassment

Reframe the circumstance: Do not consider this circumstance a failure. Being rejected by someone does not indicate a catastrophic, quantifiable failure. On the contrary, it indicates that you were courageous in putting yourself out there and allowing yourself to learn from your failures.

  • Consider rejection as a chance to develop as a person and determine what works for you.
  • Take a moment to consider what you may have done better to get approval. This will assist you in learning from your errors and making adjustments in the future.

Avoid rushing anything: Rejection may provoke animosity, humiliation, shame, and denial. Permit yourself to take your time after experiencing rejection and to analyze all of your emotions.

  • The guy must also analyze his emotions. If you want to remain friends with him again after he rejects you, you’ll need to give him some space and time to work out his feelings. This will help avoid any embarrassing situations.
  • Obviously, the amount of time you must wait will vary depending on the circumstances. A decent rule of thumb is to wait at least two weeks, or until you feel more at ease with the thought of communicating with him again.

Be authentic: Being real is also another way how to act around a guy who rejected you. Even though he rejected you, there was a reason why you initially loved him. Clearly, you’ve gotten close enough to him to determine that he likes you as well (at least as a friend). Don’t alter your identity because you were rejected. Continue to dress the same, speak the same, and appreciate the same things you did before the rejection, as well as engage in your usual activities. Continue sending messages to your friends, images of yourself, and anything else you were doing before being rejected. 

  • Never alter yourself for another person. Your singularity is what attracts others to you.

Avoid becoming obsessed with rejection: Letting go is one of the most difficult aspects of talking with a person after he rejects you. Do not dwell on what you said, how you could have said it differently, or how you could have handled the situation differently. It has occurred; move forward.

  • Repetition of alternate scenarios in your imagination will simply prolong your suffering. Simply accept that it occurred and avoid much reflection on it.
  • Inform your friends that you do not want to revisit the rejection and would appreciate their support in not doing so.
  • If you find yourself obsessing about the topic, consider doing something else to divert your attention. Call a friend to arrange a meeting, or begin viewing a movie. Try rereading a favorite book or taking a stroll outdoors.

Consider this a chance to strengthen your friendships: Try not to perceive this as a painful rejection, but rather as a chance to learn more about him and potentially make a new friend. After he rejects you, behave civilly and demonstrate your want to maintain your acquaintance.

  • Avoid isolating him and ignoring him so that you may pretend that what happened to you did not hurt. Instead, make an effort to maintain the relationship and become closer to him.
  • If you wish to reach out to him to continue the relationship (or establish it in the first place), you may attempt to have a conversation with him about it. Tell him that you appreciate your friendship with him and do not want to lose it. Invite him to participate in a casual activity with you, such as going to a movie or hanging out with a group of common friends.

Second Approach: Communicating in person

The second approach to follow when dealing with how to act around a guy who rejected you is to communicate in person with him. Here are the steps to follow under this:

Wait till the appropriate moment to engage: Do not attempt to force your way back into his life immediately after he has rejected you; wait until you and he are both more at ease. It may take you weeks or even months to develop the guts to speak with him again. Try to be gentle with yourself and allow yourself the time you need to recover and move on.

  • You can tell when he begins to feel more at ease based on his behavior; if he begins treating you as he did before the rejection, then things are almost back to normal.
  • Increased eye contact between the two of you, less uncomfortable meetings, or if your common friends believe he would be open to it are indications that it may be the proper moment to attempt to communicate with him again.

Relate with your friends even more: Spend more time with your pals as opposed to moping about as if it’s the end of the world. This is particularly crucial if the individual who rejected you is a buddy. Demonstrate to him that you aren’t just sitting around your house feeling extremely depressed because of what happened by spending time with your friends.

  • Host a gathering at your residence and invite him. Or go to the movies with your friends, even when you know he will be there. Demonstrate that you are an enjoyable companion.

Discuss with him: Beginning talks with a person who rejected you might first seem challenging. However, with a little early effort, you’ll rapidly overcome the discomfort. Try to communicate with him like you did before he rejected you. If you’re having difficulty, try asking him about his life. This is an effective method for getting him to open up and move beyond the incident.

  • Try asking, “How did you perform on the math test?” “Did your sister visit over the weekend?” or “What did you do this weekend?” Ask him literally anything to get him talking.
  • If you are or have been friends with the man, avoid bringing up the rejection. It does not significantly alter the situation, and you may come to regret it. He feels horrible that he had to reject you, regardless of the cause. And it may seem that you are unable to let go of the past.

Attempt to be friends with him: Moving ahead after a rejection is tough and requires some effort if you want it to succeed. Try to ignore any humiliation you may be experiencing as a result of the incident. Attempt to be his friend and demonstrate that you are not incapable of handling the situation. Stand in line with him and converse with his pals. Make careful to observe him in class. And if he returns your gaze, there’s a strong probability he wants to converse. This will assist convince him that you are not frightened to communicate with him.

  • Communicate with him the same way you would with any other individual.

Third Approach: Communicate Online 

Use social media: After a man has rejected you, social media profiles are an excellent strategy to reach out gradually over time. These apps let you let a man know you’re thinking about him without bombarding him with messages, texts, or uncomfortable in-person conversations.

  • Begin by liking one of his photos. Do not comment; just like the picture. Wait a few days and then make a humorous response to one of his posts. Nothing too intimate, just a jest or humorous remark.
  • Ensure that you continue to post on your own accounts throughout this time to offer him the chance to reciprocate. Don’t overdo it, but post enough so it’s evident you’re still a lively, active person and not simply someone who is moping about after being rejected.

Send first messages cautiously: You shouldn’t overwhelm him with text messages (or communications on any other online site) immediately after he rejected you, particularly in the first few weeks. After some time has passed, send a short message asking about anything unrelated to your relationship or what transpired between you two.

  • Try texting something like “Hey. Did you ever view the film that I suggested?” Or maybe, “Hey. See you at this weekend’s party?” Maintain a light, informal tone. 

Tips on how to act around a guy who rejected you

  • Just be friendly. If he offers you clues that he enjoys being your friend, it might eventually lead to something more.
  • If he rejects you, it is OK. There are several men available. And remember, there may be males who have a major crush on you that you are unaware of.
  • When attempting to reestablish your relationship with him, avoid mentioning your infatuation with him. It might make your efforts to treat him as a friend more difficult and take longer to normalize the situation.
  • Don’t be a stalker. Give him some space sometimes, otherwise, he may find you scary.
  • Continue to be real. Proceed onward. Always know that if he is destined to be yours, he will return… Otherwise, he was never destined to be yours. Always keep in mind that other men are considerably superior to him.


As we all know, rejection can be bad at times and cause depression if you are unable to overcome it. However, with the help of this article on how to act around a guy who rejected you, there is every chance you will overcome the rejection and get your life moving again. 

Rejection is all about not being wanted by someone, and if you are a victim, you can use the opportunity to improve yourself and attract the best guys around. 


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