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How to Ask a Girl Out Over Text – 7 Secret Tactics

People are messaging each other n**udes, Snapchatting their dinner, and catching Pokemon in this new era. Therefore, understanding how to ask a girl out over text should now be a prerequisite for all men because women have a very low attention span for anything romantic on social media.

The truth is that the average girl is asked out over 5 times daily on social media, so there are lots of options for her. So if you don’t play your cards well, you will be among the guys she uses as emotional tampoons without any real feeling.

So why not text someone to ask them out? It makes total sense. You may have briefly met a woman, or you may be hesitant to call her. But ultimately, you must do what makes you feel most comfortable.

If you have no idea how to ask a girl out over text, it’s nearly impossible to go wrong if you follow these instructions.

ask a girl out over text

How to Ask a Girl Out Over Text

If texting is your thing, you should ask a girl out over text. Hopefully, you might get less embarrassment and a swift response. Now that your phone is clutched in your palm, let’s examine how to ask a girl out over text message and obtain a “yes.”

1. Start with a powerful introduction

Do not send her a text message that just reads “hello” or, even worse, “heyyy.” You’re better than that, gentleman.

Obviously, you are brimming with topics and discussion starters. If you send a one-word text message, you may receive a one-word response, if you’re lucky.

If a guy simply texts a girl “hello,” she will likely not respond unless she is already your friend or is highly interested in you. And even then, this conversation is unlikely to be engaging. What are the next steps? Here it is. Here’s what occurs:

  • “Hey” – You 
  • “Hey” – Her 
  • “What’s going on?” – You 
  • “Are you watching a movie?” – You
  • Just chilling  – Her 
  • “Haha” – You 
  • The scene concludes.

Imagine your eyes slowly closing as you read this because that is exactly what will happen to her! It is dreary and boring.

Start with a strong intro. Ask if she’s seen a newly released film, or tell her about something amusing or unusual that happened to you. Whatever it is, please avoid creating one-word text.

If you know her personally, then you can use this line that I use and it works.

I saw a girl that looks just like you today, almost ran to give her a kiss, till she told me that she wasn’t you. I am keeping that kiss for you when we see.

This is powerful because you have created sexual tension in her head, and it will only continue to flourish if you play your game right.

2. Feel the spirit/mood

If you’re texting her and you sense that she’s not really into the chat, you should abandon the objective. In fact, abort the mission!

Perhaps she had an argument with her mother. If you ask her out at that time, you may not receive the response you desire.

Women make decisions based on their current emotional condition. If a girl is in a terrible mood when a guy invites her out, she will not think, “Say yes because tomorrow you’ll be in a better mood.” No.

In fact, her likely wishes for everyone is to vanish. Therefore, time is crucial. Don’t abruptly quit messaging her, but let the discussion die. Then send her a text message later or the next day.

This is one of the most important things to remember while learning how to ask a girl out over text. 

3. Continue the discussion

Now that she has responded, you can finally have a chat with her. Now, you must continue the conversation. If she is a natural communicator, you will have no trouble continuing the conversation.

If she is more reticent and quiet, though, you should ask her questions or locate a topic that she is interested in.

If you do a little research beforehand, you will have something to say if the conversation begins to wane.

But keep in mind, if this is your first discussion with her and it’s still a little stiff, there’s nothing wrong with waiting till the following conversation to ask her out. If you rush it, it may sound artificial. It is never bad to know when to quit speaking!

4. Move toward your objective

You’ve been texting her for some time, and you’re considering when to pop the question. Just let the dialogue flow naturally. Do not attempt to hurry through the topics as though you were checking them off a list.

However, before you quit contacting her, don’t forget to ask her out. That’s why you’re chatting to her or messaging her, right? So, don’t get nervous all of a sudden-you got it through the talk, so just end it by asking her out!

5. Go ahead and ask her out!

If you have been wondering how to ask a girl out over text, then you must, uh, ask her out. If you are texting her and there is suddenly an elephant in the room, it may be time to pop the question. Not the wedding clause or the dating scenario. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

If she seems nervous, the date does not have to be a one-on-one encounter.

Invite her to the theater with a group. Thus, you can have a casual encounter without feeling like you’re on a date.

In fact, she will be more willing to come out if she is with her friends; they serve as her security blanket. When she is more at ease with you, invite her out on a solo date so you can get to know each other better.

6. Have a plan

If you want to know how to ask a girl out over text, then make sure you have a plan ready for the date, whether it’s one-on-one or a group event. There’s nothing worse than when a guy asks you out, you say yes, and then he asks you what you would like to do.

You asked her out on a date! You are expected to have a strategy! This places women in the unfortunate situation of having to quickly come up with an interesting dating plan. Girls require preparation time for this. And you do, too!

Perhaps a block party or food festival is taking place. Prepare a few options and let her decide which one she wishes to investigate.

These are significantly better date ideas than going to the movies; you can do better. Therefore, if you intend to ask this girl out, you should at least be slightly prepared.

7. Plan the logistics

Do not allow her to choose the date and time. Get it prepared. Do not state, “We will meet tomorrow at 6 p.m.” This is a bit too dictatorial for any woman. Say instead, “I can pick you up tomorrow at 6:00 if that’s convenient.”

This demonstrates that you are capable of taking the initiative and actually taking a woman on a date. Girls admire a man who can take charge in a given circumstance.

Here are 10 Examples of Amusing and Unique Texts to Casually Ask a Girl Out

You have followed the aforementioned steps and are now prepared to ask a girl out over text. That’s terrific!

You will ask her out on a date. Creepy, right? Well, certainly, but remember not to take it personally if she replies “no” or is otherwise uninterested.

If this one does not, there are innumerable other women who will go on a date with you. Nevertheless, let’s hope she answers “yes” so you can begin planning.

If you’re unsure about how to really approach the topic, here are a few simple texts that get to the heart of the matter in a fun and unusual way. Everyone likes amusing and unusual things, right?

  • “A new Thai restaurant has opened in town; would you want to accompany me?” (– You might also want to find out in advance what kind of food she likes and offer that restaurant instead.
  • “The sun is shining, so let’s go to lunch and have a meaningful conversation.”
  • “I’m very glad your interview went well; allow me to treat you to supper to celebrate.” (– Obviously, it doesn’t need to be an interview, but anything she’s been praising that you’ve heard about could suffice.
  • . “You, I, coffee, what are your thoughts?”
  •  “I’m terrible at dancing; would you like to mock me this weekend at the club?”
  • “Let’s move beyond texting; what time will I pick you up on Friday?”
  • “When will you take me out?” (– However, it will elicit a response!
  • I’ve been trying to summon the guts to ask you out on a date. Want to make my life easier? “
  • . “I dare you to a contest — two dates, two restaurants, let’s see who chooses the greatest one.”
  • This weekend there will be a carnival in the park; I’m afraid of fast rides; would you like to hold my hand? 

Adapt your text to the situation and how things are going with the girl, but if you find yourself briefly at a loss for words, consider the following alternatives.

Always remember these three things before pressing “send.”

Even though we have gotten into the technicalities of how to ask a girl out over text, there are three things you must give your full attention to.

 Keeping these factors in mind before pressing “send” will save you years of embarrassment.

1. First, are you certain that she is single?

Before sending that text, it’s best to conduct a little covert research. You may be able to accept an “I’m sorry, I already have a partner” response, but it’s going to sting, right?

To avoid embarrassment, it is prudent to determine whether she is accessible before pursuing her.

2. Have you got the correct number?

If you are utilizing the traditional texting method, verify that you have not inadvertently added an erroneous digit. The humiliation of texting your neighbor by accident is extremely real!

If you’re using a messaging service such as WhatsApp, Instagram, or Messenger, make sure you’re communicating with the correct individual!

3. Thirdly, consider the time of day when you send the text

If you send it late at night, she may assume it’s a sleazy call, and you may receive a really hostile response.

 If you email it first thing in the morning, she may be too preoccupied with preparing for her day to respond.

Midafternoon or very early evenings are the optimal times to text a girl to increase the likelihood of a response.


You no longer need to ponder how to ask a girl out over text. It’s actually not as difficult as it appears! If you follow these procedures, you will have no trouble convincing her to accept your proposal.


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