How to Handle a Man Who Plays Games
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How to Handle a Man Who Plays Games

Want to know how to handle a man who plays games? This article is for you.

Why do men play mind games with women? The answer is straightforward: some men assume that playing games will assist them to get laid.

Having a relationship with a man who plays games might leave you perplexed, exhausted, and uncertain of your position. Nonetheless, you do not need to cede control of the situation to such a man. You can protect yourself by recognizing the tell-tale symptoms of a game player and creating hard boundaries until you know someone well enough to be more open with them.

How to Handle a Man Who Plays Games

Simple Methods on how to handle a Man Who Plays Games

The following steps are highly recommended simple steps on how to handle a man who plays games. They include;

1. Allow him his way of doing things

You recently discovered these peculiar methods, so allow him to enjoy himself. Giving him the freedom boost he needs to embark on his new, absurd path. If he didn’t, he would be concerned that you are allowing him to have his way.

  • Does he not desire your presence during the day? Perfection; proceed without questioning why initially. Because he expects you to ask why he will conclude that you don’t care and be offended.
  • It is not necessary to be in his presence for him to change his views.
  • Games here games there; he would become exhausted and return with his tongue out like a puppy begging.

It is almost certain that most men enjoy drama in relationships just as much as women do. Oh no, you were unaware? Not only do women experience this emotion, but so do men, but it does not last.

2. Mute Him

How to handle a man who plays games is considerably easier when you maintain a ‘no damn given’ type of silence. Society has already given women the sense that silence is a virtue. It is now time to demonstrate that virtue to him and the community as a whole.

Instead of remaining in that trance for an extended period of time, he will begin to wonder why you’re not coming along. Well, he may be attempting to injure you temporarily, but that is not essential unless, on your route, you have also done something foolish.

If your muting does not result in a change in his conduct within a few days or less than a week, it is necessary to tread more carefully. Your partner may no longer think you or the relationship necessary.

3. Be Distracted but Observant of Him

Once upon a time, a female performer has sung about being a man, and I hope I could be a woman for at least a month. “Oh game-playing dudes, I would want to be your experiencer.” On a more serious note, according to Victorian Ideology, a woman is supposed to be the ‘Angel of the house,’ a caring entity, but the current situation requires her to abandon this role.

You have communicated to him that his actions do not affect you, so it is now time to pay attention. Being attentive will now provide you with clearer explanations for what is occurring. You must now determine why he is playing games or is completely uninterested.

During this time, he will not only be excessively quiet; he will also pose inquiries that require responses. Make the solutions available and do not prolong his responses or ask him unnecessary follow-up questions. The majority of women are already enraged and say, “Man, let’s just break up already!

4. Make Him Aware That You Understand the Game

How to handle a man who plays games is no longer a topic worth discussing in bed. This is because you have already made your case. Initially, he will feel hurt but hide it. This is because he does not wish for you to realize how strongly you react to his acts.

Any sin involved? No. There are various ways he may react upon learning that you comprehend all of his jokes. This should be the final phase of the game when you have to prepare your mind for a longer work if he does not surrender by the deadline.

5. Take charge

After identifying a game-playing strategy, it is time to regain command. In his essay “How To Defend Against Manipulative Dating Games: Part 2” for Psychology Today, social psychologist Jeremy Nicholson advocates dealing with false promises by insisting on receiving your part of the deal first. Create repercussions for poor behaviour. 

Inform him that you will not tolerate his disregard for your time and other obligations and that you will stop seeing him unless he makes a fair effort to be consistently available. Be wary of new relationships from the start, and do not give away your authority by becoming overly involved until you know the other person well.

6. Choose to stay or leave

Consider whether the man you’re dating is simply afraid of commitment, or if he has deeper issues. Kirschner cites a desire for a romantic relationship, and overall positive attitude for women, previous long-term partnerships, and a willingness to grow and work on challenges as indicators that he may be a terrific catch who only needs a little patience.  

According to a 2002 paper published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and funded in part by the University of Georgia, if the man you are dating really does seem self-absorbed, does not seem to want intimacy,  lacks empathy, and flirts with other women, he may indeed be egocentric and perceive relationships as games to be won. If any of that is true, you should likely consider terminating relations with this individual.

7. Evaluate your challenges

Consider what rendered you susceptible to a man who plays games. The majority of narcissistic males seek female partners that are easily overpowered and managed. Additionally, having inadequate personal boundaries or being a “people-pleaser” may make you more vulnerable. You may even seek out men who resist commitment due to your own aversion to developing close relationships. In the future, becoming aware of any personal difficulties that may lure you to unsuitable dating partners may help you establish healthy relationships.

8. Keep yourself busy

There is a distinction between playing hard to get (appearing busy) and being busy. Ensure that you are engaging in the latter and not the former. Your objective is to convince him that you are insanely busy with all sorts of exciting activities. What should you do then? Get insanely busy with all sorts of entertaining activities. Plan dinner dates with your friends. Get a mani-pedi. Take the course you’ve been considering. Go hiking with a friend. Give in to your co-worker’s persistent requests to see a movie. Get out and do something! If he invites you to hang out, you should definitely accept if you’re available. If you’re not, don’t you dare cancel your plans for him! He can wait until you are available. He doesn’t cancel his plans for you, do you think?

9. Never make him a Priority since he views you as an option

Ensure that you are dating other people and exploring all of your alternatives, particularly if you are aware that he is seeing other women. You should not place all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak, when he is placing his eggs in numerous baskets.

10. Cut him Loose

If none of the aforementioned solutions works, it may be time to let him go. I’m sure he’s really handsome and a lovely guy (or maybe not? ), but he’s not the appropriate guy for you at this time. It is time for you to move on to someone who will not play games with your heart.

How to Recognize a Man Who Plays Games

1. Constant Nagging

It is not a man’s nature to nag, therefore if your man does, it indicates that everything and not just one thing is wrong.

2. Skipping His Roles

The first thing you’ll notice about a gamer is that he disregards his responsibilities. He is aware of the significant tasks he must perform, yet he refuses to perform them. Sometimes you might find yourself unable to complete them.

Do I need to elaborate further? Well, if you insist, but keep in mind that neglecting his roles without a valid explanation is not ideal. The fact that he plays his role perfectly is what makes him the perfect man. I feel that you loved not just any man, but a man who possessed qualities that you admire in men.

3. Not Being Punctual for Dates You Both Have Set

Well, he walks in feeling carefree, and you question him why he’s late, but his facial expression indicates that nothing is amiss. This is indeed humorous because he has previously made it clear that he is currently enjoying playing video games.

The fact that he waits for you to start the conversation is a more illustrative indicator of his actual behaviour. Why should I be the guy while you are the conversation leader? I’m not attempting to be sexist, but this is a fact. Consequently, if I maintain this mentality, something is wrong. Either it is your responsibility, or I am playing games.

4. Doing More Than Necessary Before Slightly Impressing Him

A man who genuinely loves you is pleased by the smallest of your actions. Even your walking gait attracts his attention. He is constantly looking for the smallest thing you will do so he can worship you. I do not see why you believe it is acceptable for him to be unimpressed by you. Perhaps you believe you are not doing enough, yet you are, and he no longer cares.

Is he playing mind games, or is he not interested in harming you? Did you ever act your role poorly? If you have made mistakes in the past, you may need to make adjustments or do something positive, or else he will focus on using those as excuses.


This article discussed how to handle a man who plays games and recognize when a man plays games. 

Men’s dating games are not usually and necessarily negative. Learning the types of games and their impacts helps you distinguish between good and bad individuals (and the abusive ones).


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