How To Have Multiple Girlfriends At The Same Time
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How To Have Multiple Girlfriends At The Same Time

Not everyone is prepared to start a family with only one girlfriend. Some men choose to maintain many partnerships simultaneously throughout their whole lives. It is possible to date many women at once if that is what you want to do. Meanwhile, in order to learn how to have multiple girlfriends at the same time, you need to know the best ways to do so. 

How To Have Multiple Girlfriends At The Same Time

Having multiple girlfriends at the same time can be beneficial to you, especially if you like women and you can’t settle for one. If that is the case, read below to know how best you can cope with them at the same time. 

1. Be truthful about what you are looking for

If you’re going to keep seeing other people, it’s preferable to be straightforward rather than lying to keep a lady engaged. Tell her if you’re only interested in one-night stands or a long-term relationship. You may be shocked to learn that she has a similar interest

Before you reveal your interests, you can find out what she’s searching for by asking her. You can ask, “As a result, we’ve never discussed what we’re each searching for. What do you think about it, exactly?”

Also, pick a convenient time, and keep it informal. You may say something like, “Since then I haven’t been ready for a girlfriend,” or, “I have a hard time seeing being ready to settle down any time soon,” if the topic of previous relationships or future plans comes up.

2. Keep your relationship informal or casual

If you have a casual relationship with someone, dating numerous women is considerably simpler. People may experience jealousy or need greater emotional assistance whenever deeper emotions are involved. You could eventually fall deeply in love with one or more girls. You must be honest with yourself and the women you’re dating if this occurs.

Being careless is not being casual. No matter how informal the relationship, you should always treat the ladies you are dating with respect and compassion. 

3. Be considerate while talking about dating

On some occasions, how something is presented may have a significant impact on how it is accepted. Women are more likely to be receptive to a non-exclusive relationship if they come off as straightforward and honest.

For instance, you should be able to react to calls or messages rather fast. She can feel insulted if she gets the impression that you’re either too busy or uninterested to communicate. It can seem like you’re not being honest as well.

In addition, avoid disclosing irrelevant information. When she inquires about your availability on Friday, for instance, you may respond with “have plans” rather than “I have a date with someone else.” If she asks you about your plans or what you’re doing, you should be open and honest. However, just provide the information that she directly requests.

More so, be truthful and tell her you’re sleeping with more than one lady. They may then decide for themselves whether to continue having sex with you or what kind of safer sex they would like knowing that they are not your sole partner. The relationship could not work out if you can’t come to terms with a set of ground rules.

4. Discuss any restrictions 

If you are still hell-bent on knowing how to have multiple girlfriends at the same time, you should be willing to discuss any restrictions with your multiple partners. The conversation has to be had with each of the ladies you are seeing. You may still make other commitments even if you are not committing to any of them in a monogamous way. Future misunderstandings will be avoided thanks to these principles. The relationship might not work out if you can’t come to terms with a set of ground rules.

  • There may be rules on who you may or may not date. For instance, dating a friend of the woman you’re seeing might be inappropriate.
  • A lady can allow you to date other women but forbid you from having sex with them.
  • The same actions are not required of you. For instance, you may be able to date her friends without offending her, but you wouldn’t want her to do the same.

5. Understand why you’re dating numerous women at the same time 

You can be dating more than one lady for a variety of reasons. You could be someone who is naturally polyamorous, or you might have recently ended a protracted, tumultuous relationship. It’s important to consider if you see dating many women as a long-term strategy or as something that works for you right now.

It’s OK to be unsure about your long-term goals. But be prepared to tell the ladies you’re dating the truth about it.

6. Identify ladies who have similar desires as you

Find other ladies who are interested in long-term polyamory if that is what you want. Try to discover ladies who are only searching for hookups if that’s all you want to do. The majority of online dating services let you choose your preferences. Avoid becoming engaged with ladies who want to get married if you’re searching for hookups.

If you’re searching for hookups, avoid scheduling expensive trips or overly romantic dates with women since they could give her the incorrect impression.

7. Take it gradually

If you must know how to have multiple girlfriends at the same time, you should be able to take it gradually when dating multiple girlfriends.  Avoid attempting to go from being a single partner to dating five women at once because it won’t work and you will get overwhelmed.

8. Recognize that your needs are likely to change

Your interests may vary over time and based on the people you encounter. If they do, be genuine with yourself about how you feel. You risk hurting yourself and others if you attempt to deny them. You may need to have a serious discussion about falling in love with one or more of the persons you’re dating alongside everyone else.

Although you could adjust your relationships in some manner if you have strong emotions for someone, this doesn’t always imply you should quit dating others.

9. When out on a date, pay attention and be present

When you are with a particular girl, you should be able to give her your undivided attention. If she thinks you are an amazing boyfriend (or at least boyfriend potential), she could forget that you have other women in your life when you’re together. Unless it’s absolutely important, avoid talking about the other people you’re seeing while you’re together.

While you’re on a date, avoid being drawn to your phone or social media. Focus on the person you are with at all times. The ladies you are seeing elsewhere can wait.

10. Permit them to also date other men

While this may seem difficult to keep up with but it is also important to imbibe if you must know how to have multiple girlfriends at the same time and keep them all happy. Do not forget that non-exclusivity often has reciprocal effects. Always assume that every lady you are seeing is also seeing other men. You will eventually need to have a very direct discussion about exclusivity. 

If you are easily envious, you can find it difficult to deal with the realization that the person you admire is seeing someone else.

11. Maintain a schedule

Scheduling may be challenging when managing various relationships. Keep a personal calendar where you may record the occasions you have scheduled. In this way, you can prevent double-booking yourself in this manner.

12. Stay off social media

This may be challenging and tricky. Avoid liking or commenting on each post or picture that the lady you are dating posts. You don’t have to keep your many relationships a secret, but you also don’t want to give anybody cause for jealousy or fear.

Here are some things you should not do:

  • Avoid sharing pictures of yourself with the several ladies you’re seeing online.
  • If ladies tag you in pictures with them, you may take the tag off and then approach the women to discuss it. You can say, “Right now, I don’t feel particularly at ease being mentioned in pictures. It seems weird to upload pictures of myself with just one person since I’m seeing many other individuals.”

13. When envy appears, deal with it

Both defined and non-defined relationships can be destroyed by jealousy. However, when you date more women, jealousy has a greater chance to arise. Being sincere without going overboard is the greatest approach to handling envy.

If a woman you’re dating exhibits jealously, do your best to reassure her while being honest. You may, for instance, assert, “It’s true that I have a deep connection with that other lady, but it doesn’t lessen how much I like being with you,” if it is true.

Also, tell her if you start to feel envious because she’s seeing someone else. Avoid overreacting or leading with rage. Say something simple like, “To be quite honest, I’ve come to realize that I kind of envy the other person you’re dating. I feel like I’d want more of your time and focus.”

Being open about feeling jealous is a terrific approach to starting a dialogue, regardless of who is experiencing it. It might assist you in better understanding what you desire and what gives you a sense of security.


At this point, there is no doubt that you have already learned how to have multiple girlfriends at the same time and handle them without experiencing one issue or the other. Having multiple girlfriends at once as a man can solve any desire you may have if you can manage them efficiently. 

While doing so, ensure you are open to them, reduce your social media presence, and try as much as possible when jealousy arises. 

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