how to make a boy jealous in middle school
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How to Make a Boy Jealous in Middle School

When they are in a relationship, some middle school boys take things for granted and stop making an effort. In such circumstances, inciting his jealousy might be an effective approach to rouse him from his slumber and motivate him not to lose you. 

But are you curious about how to make a boy jealous in middle school? Reading our content can provide you with helpful advice. Jealousy can do wonders for a relationship that has become stale. 

Therefore, if your middle school boyfriend has been too busy and unavailable as of late, use these jealousy techniques to regain their appreciation. You may begin by conversing with someone or laughing at messages to gauge their reaction.

 Jealousy may be a double-edged blade, and if you don’t play it safe, the situation may spiral out of control. So, make wise moves.

how to make a boy jealous in middle school

Ways on How to Make a Boy Jealous in Middle School

Here are a few ways to make your middle school boyfriend jealous. Some are mischievous, others are sweet, while yet others are downright evil. We hope these methods will help you entice him back and reignite the passion in your relationship.

1. Go out with your female friends

Your middle school boyfriends can get jealous when their girlfriend hangs out with her crew. They do not know what occurs on these excursions because they are not present, and they may seek to snoop. 

This renders them insecure. Dress seductively and spend the evening with your pals. Do not quickly answer his phone calls. After three to four rings, pick up the phone and have a brief conversation with him. Continue the call to let him know you’re having a wonderful time without him.

2. Ignore his calls and texts

Ignoring him can attract his interest. Avoid sending him text messages or calling him. If he sends you text messages, do not respond immediately. Instead, you can send him the occasional text message. 

Similarly, you should ignore his calls before answering. Let him know that you have a separate life and that you like spending time with others. You may participate in social media. He will chase you and give you his complete attention. However, do not ignore him too long.

3. Enjoy his friend’s humor

Even if it is his best friend, your middle school boyfriend may not appreciate your laughter at their jokes. If he wishes to be the funniest person in the room, then hearing his friend laugh at a joke may cause him to feel jealous. 

4. Flirt with someone he does not know

Engage in an innocuous flirtation with a schoolmate. When you flirt softly with a boy or guy he does not know, he may have heartburn. 

The other guy may even be your classmate or schoolmate. Intentionally initiate a conversation with this guy when you are aware that your middle school boyfriend is observing; you can even flirt gently by laughing out loud or softly touching the person’s arm.

5. Be active on social media

Start uploading photos of you and your pals engaging in wild and exciting activities. Show your middle school boyfriend your popularity among your peers. Demonstrate that life can still be exciting without him. 

The objective is for him to miss your attention and notice that you’re offering it to others. Remain active on social media to let your middle school boyfriend know where you are, but conceal specifics on occasion. Prepare to receive an abundance of affection and attention upon your return.

6. Have a male best friend

Instability in your middle school boyfriend might be instilled by male best pals.

Most likely, if you keep regular contact with your male best friend, your guy in middle school will work hard to keep you close to him. However, you should recognize where to draw the line.

7. Observe the well-attired guys

When out with your guy, draw their attention to other guys who are well-dressed. For some time, fashion and how to dress effectively were discussed. This will be sufficient to stimulate the jealous instinct.

8. Inform him that other guys are paying attention to you

If someone is flirting with you in your class or if someone you met online is showing interest in you, be careful to tell your middle school boyfriend. This will provoke his jealousy and activate his protective instinct.

9. Discuss a childhood friend

Discuss a childhood friend and the enjoyable times you shared. The fact that you had a fantastic time before he entered your life may cause him to be jealous.

10. Ignore his flirtations

Flirting is a shared activity. If you flirt with other guys, especially in your school, your middle school boyfriend will likely do the same. 

Ignore his flirtation and show that you are unconcerned about it. It will, if anything, make him question why.

11. Share fond recollections with other male pals

Tell him how much you and your other male pals love each other’s company and how much fun you have with them. Your guy will feel jealous when he hears about your wonderful moments, as you are inferring that he is not an enjoyable company. He will exert significant effort to win you back.

13. Leave during a conversation

Get up and depart during a chat with your guy, especially if he initiated the subject. As soon as he detects that you are not engaged in what he is saying, he will become jealous. 

14. Make friends with his adversary

If you want to make a boy jealous in middle school, then you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to make him jealous by smiling with that person he hates the most.

 Stand close to the individual whom your lover detests and converse with him. This will make him jealous, and he will be eager to regain your attention.

15. Request that a friend speak on your behalf

If you want to make your middle school boyfriend feel jealous, ask your best buddy to tell him how well-liked you are in your circle. You must carefully organize this so that it does not appear forced or unnatural. Tell your friend to ease into the conversation and observe the response of your boyfriend.

16. Do not accept last-minute arrangements

If your middle school boyfriend is notorious for making spur-of-the-moment plans and expects you to participate, tell him for once that you will not. 

Make some incredible arrangements for yourself, or if you do not intend to do so, inform him that you have plans for the day and enjoy some well-deserved alone time. 

Do not automatically agree to his intentions; this will leave him wondering why you’re not joining him. There are two possible outcomes. First, he will stop announcing events in advance and expect you to follow him. Second, he will be jealous of your “plans” since he cannot predict what you will do without him.

17. Withhold sexual contact

Stop yielding to his requests. Say you are exhausted or uninterested. This will provoke his jealousy, and he will not comprehend why you are rejecting sexual contact.

 He will exert greater effort by lavishing you with affection and care in an effort to draw you closer to him.

18. Text your ex

He will assert that he doesn’t care about your history, yet he is insecure and jealous of your ex-boyfriend. Therefore, he will feel jealous if he sees you messaging your ex, regardless of the message you sent.

19. Do not reach out to him frequently

If a woman does not hear from her guy frequently, she will send him a text message or call him. Stop if you are one of these people. It makes your guy feel powerful. If he understands that you will not contact him regardless of how much he ignores you, he will be disappointed.

20. While he is speaking to you, text your friend

He desires your undivided attention when he is speaking with you. If you commence texting your friend during a conversation, he may not appreciate it. This may motivate him to work harder to gain your attention.

21. Compare your middle school boyfriend to a celebrity

Discuss a hot celebrity in detail with your middle school boyfriend. Even if the other man is a celebrity, he will not appreciate the fact that you are attracted to him.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What text should I send to a guy to make him jealous?

You can text him that you’re out with a guy and enjoying yourself. You may even tell him about a childhood friend or a senior in college with whom you had a crush. You might even make him jealous via text by praising another person you know or expressing your admiration for your celebrity crush.

2. How do middle school boys behave when they’re jealous?

When a guy feels jealous, he may be quick to anger, possessive of you, and say hurtful things. Some may cease messaging you and ignore you, while others will attempt to be extremely charming.

3. Why does a girl want to make a guy jealous?

To attract a guy’s attention, a girl may attempt to arouse jealousy in him. She may be playing hard to get in an attempt to make him pursue her. A girl may also attempt to make a guy jealous to determine whether he has romantic feelings for her.

In conclusion,

Even though it might be entertaining to make a boy jealous in middle school, it can still be a perilous endeavour. If you do it properly, you can be at the top of your game. However, if you prolong it too much, it may become counterproductive. 

These concepts can have a positive impact on relationships, particularly for long-term couples. Over time, lovers frequently lose their romantic spark and begin to take one another for granted. These are fantastic ways to spice things up, make the boy jealous, and perhaps work a bit harder for your attention.

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