how to make a girl think about you through text
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How to Make a Girl Think about you Through Text

We’ve all seen someone on the bus whom we deem attractive. Obviously, the moment you saw them, you fell in love with them, but that is not your issue. Your first issue is how to make a girl think about you. You’ve come to the perfect location whether you want her to think about you naturally or through text.

You are constantly thinking about her, but is she doing the same? Maybe and maybe not! You must ensure that you are on the same page. But how can you be if she is not thinking about you?

Irrespective of whether you know her or not, watching someone always thinking about you is a wonderful experience. Having her thinking about you through text has its advantages. Once you have established yourself in her thoughts, the next step will be less difficult.

how to make a girl think about you through text

Why Do You Want a Girl to Think About You Through Text?

You must be clever if you want someone, especially a girl, to think about you. You should avoid jumping in front of her and making a fool of yourself. You should also avoid being too subtle, otherwise, it will have no effect.

Learning how to make a girl think about you through text is a form of art. Before beginning, you must know what you want her to think about you.

Do you want to eventually ask her out? Do you like her? Perhaps you wish for her to miss you. If she occupies your thoughts when she is not around, you want her to feel similarly. Or are you trying to attract your ex’s attention?

Each of these causes has a unique approach. You must consider the optimal course of action for each reason. If you want your ex’s attention, you might post a thirst trap of a body area they’ve always enjoyed. Send a hilarious meme to a girl you’re flirting with if you want her to think about you.

Remember that not all girls are identical. You must examine her as an individual and decide what may attract her attention.

How to Make a Girl Think About You Through Text

Now, do not panic. Obviously, you want her to think about you than just yourself. Once you’ve gotten inside her head, you may work on getting to know her and asking her out.

You should have a plan for where you want this to lead. If you do not have a purpose, she will waste her time thinking about you, and there is no use in bothering her.

If you want to date her, you must get her to think about you. Are you unsure of how to accomplish this? Keep reading. Follow these instructions on how to make a girl think about you, especially through text. 

1. Tell her you are thinking about her

Do not avoid the issue. Inform her that you are thinking of her. Ask her how her day is going, or mention that you noticed something that reminded you of her. As long as it is sincere, anything, even the smallest gesture, will be sufficient to make her think of you.

2. Have a target in mind.

If you are only doing something for your ego, then you should not bother. Come on, dude! You cannot play with such individuals. If you like her and wish to date her, then this is your objective.

Determine the desired outcome and then work towards it. If it is asking her out on a date, you will keep that in mind as you speak to her.

3. You are not always available.

If you want her to think about you, you cannot be constantly present. Really, you should not constantly be present. Obviously, you may assume that no other man will be able to woo her so long as you’re in the picture. But if you’re constantly present, you come across as needy and clingy.

And trust us, desperation has never won a girl’s heart. Therefore, give her some space so she may begin to think about you. If not, you will just suffocate her thoughts to death.

4. Go slow.

You naturally want to hurry! You want her to think about you, so you ask her out the next day, and you begin dating the day after that.

However, if you want her to think about you, you must proceed slowly. It is similar to cooking a stew. Yes, it can be prepared quickly, but the true flavors develop with time. It will take time to generate tension between the two of you.

5. Simple with text

Texting is how we all communicate, but sometimes it becomes excessive. This is the error so many individuals make.

Allow a text conversation to die naturally rather than texting her every five minutes. Allow her to breath. She cannot miss you if you are constantly present.

6. Deviate from the norm

If you usually exchange text messages at night, alter your routine. People enjoy spontaneity, and doing things beyond the norm will cause a girl to think about you.

Why? Because you are deviating from the pattern you’ve established with her. She typically knows when you leave for work and when you’ll text her. By deviating from the norm, you keep her on her toes and in her thoughts.

7. Surprise her

Okay, you don’t need to take her on a picnic or make her lie under the stars. Obviously, you can do it if you choose, but it is not required.

Surprises need not be grand and elaborate. They merely require some work to be invested in them. Surprise her with a book she enjoys or a memento of your time together.

8. A humorous video

Whether it’s a sketch, a skit, or a clip from Saturday Night Live, this is a great way to stay in her mind. It will show her how funny you are and make her think of you when she is scrolling through social media.

9. A movie preview

Not only is sending her a movie trailer a terrific way to encourage a girl to think about you over text, but it is also an excellent way to initiate a date.

Send the trailer to her. When she says it appears to be appealing, you might ask her if she wants to view it with you. Wow, what a sight! Getting her to think about you and setting up a date simultaneously.

10. Do not become too mushy.

Obviously, you like her a great deal, and expressing your affection for her has no difficulty. But if you want to know how to make a girl think about you, you should initially keep your feelings low-key.

You may be feeling emotionally charged and completely in love, and you may wish to share all of these feelings. However, this can occasionally appear desperate.

Be a little more restrained with your sentiments in the beginning rather than appearing to be head-over-heels in love with her before she reciprocates or falls for you.

11. The source of desire is a feeling of insecurity

When you are able to get inside a girl’s thoughts, it is because you have somewhat unsettled her mind. You disrupted her schedule. Essentially, this is what makes her consider you.

You have differentiated yourself from the other males, and you exhibit a level of mystery that the others do not.

12. Complement her appropriately

There are proper and improper ways to offer praise. The incorrect term for her is “sexy bimbo” or “juicy ass.” Seriously, there are better ways to compliment a girl. 

If you treat her as if she were a piece of meat, you won’t get very far. But if you compliment her in a respectful manner, she will remember your remarks.

13. Memes are awesome.

Memes are the modern means of making someone laugh, smile, and remember you.

You sent her a card since it reminded you of her. Perhaps it was something you had already discussed or a reference to her favorite television show. This will demonstrate that you thought about her and inspire her to think about you over text.

14. Know your limitations.

Boundaries are vital. If your objective is to become her friend, skip this step. But if you have affection for her, you must be aware of your limits.

Yes, you can demonstrate friendliness, but she must also understand that you are interested in more than just being her buddy. You do not like to be compared to her brother.

15. Flirt

Flirt with her if you want her to think about you when you’re not around. This will serve multiple purposes.

First, it will heighten the sexual tension between you and her, and second, she will replay your conversations in her mind. By reliving these amorous exchanges, you have already entered her mind. That is what you wanted, correct?

16. Remember details

When speaking with her, pay close attention. Avoid glossing over the specifics. Try to recall when she mentioned her mother’s birthday or her weekend plans. This way, when you check it, you may reference previous conversations.

This girl will have a favorable impression of you if you recall those unique details that nobody else does.

17. Honor/respect her.

You may find this amusing because you obviously respect her. However, it is still startling how much disrespect women face daily from strangers, coworkers, and others.

She deserves respect. Appreciate her point of view. Listen to her. Do not talk down to or patronize her. Never presume that you know something that you don’t know.

This is what it takes for her to think about you when she is absent. She will recall the gentleman who has always treated her with respect.

18. Make plans.

Setting up plans with a girl will make her think about you. She will be thrilled to participate in an activity with you.

She will be concerned with what to wear and how to style her hair. Even if you’re unsure if she likes you, arrange a nice activity with her, and she’ll look forward to seeing you.

19. Send a photograph.

There is something about men sending selfies that is exactly the opposite of how to make a girl think about you over text. So, don’t take selfies unless you have a cool filter or a picture of yourself with a baby.

Send a photo of your meal, your pet, or an odd object you observed on the street. All of this starts a conversation and is much better than a cocky guy sending a “smoldering” selfie.

20. Have patience

She will not begin thinking of you without cause. You can not expect her to text you after you compliment her once and inquire about her family reunion. This is a lengthy contest.

You must have patience. Demonstrate that you are a wonderful guy who deserves to be on her mind. She will find a solution.


Follow these simple tips above if you really want to know how to make a girl think about you. You’ll have her thinking about you all day in no time.


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