How to make him leave his girlfriend for you
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How to Make Him Leave His Girlfriend For You

As we all know, love is a very good feeling, but it is one of the most difficult emotions to love a man with whom you have a connection yet be unable to develop a romantic relationship with him. These causes may vary. It might be due to geographical distance, family concerns, previous relationships, or even your age.

Usually, it’s preferable not to interfere in someone else’s relationship, but you may believe you’re a better match for the person you like. If so, you may be able to put a rift between him and his girlfriend, so increasing the likelihood that he will dump her.

While doing so, you will need to show that you are better with him than his current or supposed girlfriend. Then, you may be able to convince him to dump his girlfriend for you. If all these are your worries, do not worry because we will be discussing the various steps to take if you are seeking to learn how to make him leave his girlfriend for you. 

How to make him leave his girlfriend for you

How to make him leave his girlfriend for you

The steps highlighted here complement each other, so you are expected to follow them one after the other to ensure you get him to leave his girlfriend for you. 

Flirt with him

Seeking how to make him leave his girlfriend for you? You should begin by flirting with him playfully. This will signify or send a message that you are interested in him.

Touch him on his arm, shoulder, back, leg, collarbone, or inner thigh in a playful manner. Casually and sensuously stroking him is an excellent approach to flirting discreetly. Additionally, he may consider what it would be like if you touched him more often. Seek opportunities to become closer to him. For instance, you might show him anything, such as a book or piece of paper, or even your inner thigh, if you so want.

Smile and create frequent eye contact with him

Smiling helps one look charming and flirtatious. Similarly, momentarily maintaining eye contact with him conveys the impression of interest and pulls his attention to you. When passing by him, gaze into his eyes, smile, and then turn away. When speaking with him, maintain eye contact and grin or chuckle to convey the impression that you enjoy him.

Some things to keep in mind regarding this step:

  • Maintain eye contact for two to three seconds at a time. Since he may feel uncomfortable, do not look at him.
  • If you have difficulty creating eye contact, practice in front of a mirror. Then, establish eye contact with someone you care deeply about, such as a close friend or family member.

Look more appealing

Guys are always attracted to what they see in a lady or a girl Attraction is an innate feeling and a man cannot help but be drawn to a sensual lady who is comfortable in her flesh. It drives them crazy.

As long as you feel you are attractive and your charm proves it, he will notice you immediately. Better yet is if you are his “type.” Create a positive atmosphere around him, and he will consider you as a prospective girlfriend. Take note because initial impressions are long-lasting.

Be positive around him so he can enjoy his time with you

Make him love spending time with you by putting a positive spin on everything. When speaking with him, you should only talk about the amazing things happening in your life. Attempt to locate the silver lining in negative situations to seem cheerful.

  • For example, describe your recent accomplishments, your aspirations, and your leisure activities.

Go out with your friends or other men so he can see that you had a good time

Guys seek women who know how to enjoy life, so have some. Participate in dinner and activities with your friends, such as clubbing or attending concerts. In addition, flirt with other men and don’t be afraid to hang out with them.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • He will be more interested in getting to know you if he sees you out and about with others. It will make him question what he is lacking.
  • Share photos of your enjoyable activities on social media so he can see how much fun you’re having.
  • Do not wait for him to express interest in you. He will be more likely to realize what a catch you are if you live your life to the utmost.

Be interested in what he enjoys so that he feels valued

Another crucial factor to take into consideration if you are looking for ways how to make him leave his girlfriend for you is to become interested in what he loves doing.

This will convince him that you have something in common and show your seeming concern for him. Ask him about his hobbies and convey that you are attentive to what he has to say. Mention his hobbies afterwards so he believes you were attentive and remembering.

Assist him with his issues so he knows you are there for him. Invite him to discuss his difficulties and troubles with you. Be his sounding board and shoulder to cry on when he opens up. This will make him believe that you are always there for him, which may make him want a relationship with you. 

Examples that show you are interested in him:

  • “You seem to be quite stressed. Do you want to discuss it?” or “Is everything in order? I am available to speak with you if you feel the need.” Just say it like that out of the blue. 

Solicit his assistance to convince him that you need him

Making him feel indispensable might make him fall for you. Create opportunities for him to assist you, such as help with a project or assistance transporting a large thing. You may also request his assistance in fixing anything or his opinion. This will make him feel valuable and vital. 

You can tell him:

  • “Can you assist me with this presentation?” Or, “Will you assist me with assembling this bookshelf?”
  • Request assistance with no more than one matter every week. Additionally, ensure that your conversation is not limited to requesting assistance. You do not want him to believe that you are always in need of anything.

Compliment him once in a while

Who doesn’t like a sincere compliment? Even guys feel pleased and appreciated when women compliment them. A man would appreciate your respect and attention for him if you periodically offer him compliments. If he does not get this from his current relationship, it is a positive for you.

When criticizing his girlfriend, underline that he should be in a relationship with someone who cherishes him by highlighting his amazing qualities. Most likely, he’ll need you more and quickly make you his girlfriend.

Invite him out after the breakup

At this point, he might have parted ways with his girlfriend or he is about to break up with his girlfriend, so you need to seize the opportunity. After the split, he may not be ready to initiate contact immediately. You can hurry up matters by asking him out on a date. Invite him to a relaxed and enjoyable activity, such as going to the movies or grabbing dinner. Thus, he will not have to worry about being rejected.

Be an attentive listener so that he will like speaking with you

If you make him feel heard and understood, he will feel closer to you. This may convince him that you are a better match for him than his current partner. To create the impression that you’re listening, nod and use phrases such as “wow” and “uh-huh” while he’s speaking. Additionally, rephrase his words so he believes you comprehend them.

  • Ask him open-ended questions to start him talking. You can inquire, “What did you do over the weekend?” or “What series are you now watching?”
  • If you communicate mostly by text message or email, be attentive by commenting on what he said and showing empathy when he is experiencing a difficult situation. For example, suppose he sends you a text message lamenting that he is behind on his assignments due to soccer practice. Instead of replying with an emoji or anything like “I’m behind too!”, say, “You’re such a hard worker!” Or, “I may be able to assist you to study.”

Mention his girlfriend’s shortcomings to make him leave her

When you’re attracted to someone, you often don’t see their imperfections. Help him realize all the issues with his present partner by pointing out her weaknesses every time he mentions her. Make casual remarks about the aspects of her that you dislike, and then act as if you don’t care. 

  • Say, “She constantly looks agitated, but maybe that’s just how she speaks,” or, “Her hair would be so cute if she took care of it, but I think that’s not important to her.”
  • Discuss his girlfriend only when he brings her up. While you want him to realize her weaknesses, being too critical of her may backfire. Furthermore, you want him to think about you and not her.
  • Do not speak positively about his girlfriend. If he brings her up, you should criticize her or shift the topic. If you cannot think of anything negative to say about her, create something up and spread it as a rumour.

Try to place the responsibility for their troubles on his girlfriend

Each spouse is normally at fault for the majority of couples’ conflicts. However, making him believe that she is completely responsible may cause him to break up with her. Whenever he discusses arguments or problems, find a reason why his girlfriend may be at fault. Then, inconspicuously express regret that she is giving him these difficulties.

You can say: 

  • Let’s assume he tells you they fought because he was late for their final date. Wow, it’s a pity that she’s constantly trying to make you feel awful about anything.
  • Similarly, suppose she is dissatisfied that he spends more time with his friends than with her. You can reply, “I cannot believe she is attempting to exert such influence over you.”

Spend significant time with him

Spending more time with a man is one of the most effective strategies to convince him to leave his girlfriend and start a relationship with you. People often fall in love by spending more time with one another. You must do this without making it obvious that you are attempting to marry him. How can you do this? During a chat, you may invite him to a general hang out with other groups of people, and then attempt to slip away with him for some alone time.

Hopefully, he will not be accompanied by his girlfriend. Then you will get your chance. You might also have your friends make remarks such as “you guys look so amazing together” or “you should be together” as you smile and stare into his eyes.

Maintain closeness and intimacy

If you’re trying to convince a man to leave his girlfriend and become your boyfriend, there’s a probability that you and he have a certain level of attraction – what most people would term ‘chemistry’ That is excellent, but you should maintain it that way.

What is the purpose of commitment if there are sexual connections before the beginning of a relationship? Touching his hands and leaning on his shoulders while laughing would imply interest, but nothing more. Make him want you. Thus, he will anticipate making you his own.

Have physical contact with him

Is there any guy who dislikes the physical contact love language? No? When spending time with him, you should sometimes establish physical touch. Hold his hand, push him gently when he makes you giggle, comb his hair, etc. You give subtle signs of interest and urge him to reciprocate via these actions. Gradually, the attraction will develop, and he will want more.

Be patient

The finest outcomes are achieved with patience. Even though he has told you how he feels and all the indicators are crystal apparent, he still needs time to sort out his existing relationship without wreaking chaos. Leaving your relationship for someone else is not as simple as many make it appear; it involves causing pain to someone you care about. It cannot be simple.


It is almost certain that we have answered the question of how to make him leave his girlfriend for you in this article. Remember that love and relationship work together, so if you must make him leave his girlfriend, you must be able to win his love.

Also, there is no better way to accomplish this than following all the outlined steps in this article.

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