How to Make Him Leave His Wife
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How to Make Him Leave His Wife

If love relationships are hard, there is nothing trickier or more dramatic than dating a man who is already married. Obviously, this is a difficult situation for anyone, and while it is unlikely that he will leave his existing spouse for you, it is not impossible. 

How to Make Him Leave His Wife

How to Make Him Leave His Wife

Here are some strategies for convincing him to leave his wife and join you

Be Supportive 

If you want him to leave his wife for you, it helps portray your unwavering support and availability. Provide him with praise and encouragement and let him know you have faith in him. 

Numerous marriages fail because partners take one another for granted. If you believe this to be the case in his marriage, demonstrate to him that things will change with you and that you will always be there for him.

Stop having sex with him.

Eventually, if a man is unwilling to leave his wife, something must be taken away from him. Demonstrate to him that he can no longer have it both ways. Clearly, this will not make him happy, but he will miss you. 

It will also make everything apparent to him and force him to determine whether or not he wants to be with you. Consider not having sex with him as a way to issue an ultimatum to a married man without actually issuing one. This will compel a man to determine whether or not he wants to leave his wife for you.

Stay away from his wife

This may be difficult, but a clash with his wife will not help. Disclosing the affair to her could turn both of them against you, destroying your prospects of getting him to leave his wife for you. 

Recall that you do not wish for their marriage to end. You want him to leave his wife and join you. You should also avoid doing the man’s dirty work for him. If you do that, he might feel angry and embarrassed, which might make him turn away from you.

Do not tell but show

It is rarely effective to coerce a man into leaving his wife. You wish to avoid telling him what to do or presenting him with an ultimatum, as you need him to want to leave his wife for you. Instead, demonstrate that you and your partner are a better match than he and his wife. 

Find ways to demonstrate that you have more in common with him. Inform him that the troubles in his marriage will no longer exist if he is with you. Also, keep in mind that these things do not occur overnight. When trying to convince a married man to leave his wife, you must be patient and kind.

Go out in public 

The majority of encounters with married men begin in secrecy. However, if the relationship is to progress, it must be exposed to the public at some point. If the affair remains private, he will never leave his wife. 

Make the guy take you to public areas, even if it is somewhat unsafe. It will give him the impression of a meaningful relationship and help him feel more at ease with the prospect of leaving his wife.

 Consider it as bringing him one step closer to choosing you over his wife. In addition, if a man is not courageous enough to go out in public with you, he will never be courageous enough to end his marriage.

Do not adapt your schedule to his.

The longer the affair continues, the less you should be willing to accommodate his schedule and accommodate his marriage. If you continually accommodate his schedule, he will find it simpler to remain married and have an affair. 

Play a little rough and force him to demonstrate that you are a priority. Otherwise, it is highly unlikely that he will leave his wife. In addition, when you are less accessible, he will begin to miss you, which can only help.

Discover and assert your personal authority

Getting a married guy to leave his wife is typically difficult and time-consuming.

Frequently, it’s the beginning of a series of disappointments, false beginnings, and confusion.

If you want a married man to leave his wife, this is just the beginning.

You desire more, correct?

Therefore, if you want him to leave his wife and establish a relationship with you, you must alter your perspective on love and passion.

There is a reason why you don’t find fulfilment in relationships: you depend on your partner for happiness rather than on yourself.

However, when you begin to trust yourself and tap into the immense reservoir of power within you, you’ll discover what you’ve been seeking all along.

Evidently, we all possess tremendous potential. We are all capable of more than we recognize. Happiness is attainable, but we seek it in all the wrong places.

This has a ripple impact on all other aspects of our lives, including our relationships.

Look more attractive than his wife

This may sound elementary or simplistic, but I guarantee you it is not. It is crucial that you appear sexier than his wife if you want him to swap teams.

Men are typically visually oriented.

If he regularly sees you looking significantly better than his wife, his brain, heart, and libido are much more likely to switch the tracks and head for the station lights at some time. 

But before he can do so, he must be convinced that you are truly deserving.

And as much as your fantastic personality, listening abilities, overall presence, and compatibility matter (and they do), you must also remind him that you’re a really attractive individual.

 A word of caution here…

Do not wear see-through slinky dresses or ensembles or haircuts that are excessively ostentatious.

This married man is more likely to be impressed by subdued fashion and attire.

Exhibit some cleavage, but not too much…

Let him catch a peek of your caboose beneath your dress, but only in the outline…

Keep him guessing and stimulate his desire.

Support him, but do not be a doormat

Taking one’s spouse for granted is one of the worst things that may happen in a marriage.

You may argue that this is equally or even more true for the husband in this scenario who takes his wife for granted, and you could be correct.

To convince him to leave his wife and be with you, though, you must think that he feels rather neglected by her.

The fact that he believes she does not value or cares about him has left him feeling sad and deflated.

What he requires is a cheerleader who believes in him and supports him.

This is where you come in: bright, youthful, and brimming with enthusiasm for this individual and what he’s capable of!

Caution should be taken not to overuse it.

Yes, you want him to see that you can provide him with something his wife cannot.

However, you do not wish to be his doormat or worship at his feet. Take it easy and compliment him occasionally, but not as if he were an idol.

Make him work for it.

Persistently tease him in a seductive and sophisticated manner.

In addition to being there for this man in a way that his wife is not and being your own woman who does not cater to his whims, you wish to tease and seduce him…

As previously stated, it is prudent to cut off the supply of sex or restrict it to a very limited amount.

Even if you believe that the situation is becoming grave, do not allow him to only talk; demand action.

If he is merely speculating that he may leave his wife, you are only speculating that you may have a special outfit for him on Friday night.

There is a vast universe of perhaps, but I’m betting you’re not seeking for perhaps; you’re looking for yes.

If this is the case, you must consistently tease and charm him without giving him everything he desires.

Send him messages that are provocative and leave much to the imagination…

Say you’ve been thinking about him, but don’t elaborate…

When you tell him you were baking a lemon meringue pie at home and ended up putting cream everywhere, let his imagination run wild.

If he has neurons firing in his brain, his mind will be racing and he will already be pitching a tent in his jeans.

He must be captivated and lured by your beauty. Do your own thing, lady.

Make his heroism instinct come alive.

A concept that is gaining popularity in the dating sector explains a great deal about men and why they fall in or out of love.

It is known as his hero instinct.

This new approach explains a great deal about why men cheat, what causes them to fall in love, and why they commit or flee relationships.

Obviously, no one is fully predictable, but if you get the hero instinct, you’ll understand so much more about your husband and his actions.

The harsh reality is that the primary reason a man leaves his wife for another woman is that she has made him feel unwanted and unappreciated.

You must be more than just an intriguing bed partner or a skilled conversationalist.

You must appeal to his heroism instinct.

What makes a man want to commit and fall in love has to do with his early evolution and his deepest desires.

Men desire to be a woman’s protector and provider. 

Will he truly divorce his wife?

The decision of a guy to leave his wife is extremely personal and challenging. It depends entirely on the nature of his relationship, the degree of his commitment to you, and his own principles and personality.

Here are the primary considerations a man might have while determining whether or not to leave his wife for you. There is a great likelihood that he will choose you if you collect enough of them.

  • Who is the object of more sexual attraction?
  • Who does he prefer to converse with?
  • Who is more entertaining and calming?
  • Who looks better?
  • Who treats him with the most kindness and respect?
  • Who gives him the necessary space?
  • Who assists him through difficult times?
  • Who honors his convictions and values?
  • With whom does he envision a brighter future?
  • Who will care more about their children, friends, and relatives in the future?

You need to think about your relationship with this man in a whole and honest way.

When we develop feelings for someone, it is so easy to assume they care about us when they do not.

As previously said, the most common way this occurs with married men is by assuming that he regards you as more than a sexual experience or release.

You might say, “Oh, come on, we did X, Y, and Z numerous times!” It was evidently about more than sexuality.

However, are you completely certain or at least extremely confident?

Count the number of times he has not mentioned or attempted to have sex with you.

Do they outnumber the number of times he was intent on having sex?

If he’s primarily focused on sex while he’s around you, it’s most likely because he’s been seeing you mostly to have sex.

However, if he has seen you frequently without being sexually focused and has gotten to know you on a deeper level, the situation can be very different…

What happens after he divorces his wife?

The hero instinct is the optimal response to the scenario you’re now experiencing.


Once a man’s hero instinct is awakened, he will have nothing but eyes for you. You will access a part of him that no other woman has ever been able to access.

And in exchange, he will be obliged to commit to you and love you as he has never loved another woman.

What if he does not comprehend? What if he never divorces her?

If he had intended to leave his wife, he would have done it by now.

Who wants a man who makes empty promises, doesn’t appreciate what an incredible woman you are and doesn’t realize he’s spending precious time being unhappy?

You will have the opportunity to live your life and meet a man who doesn’t use you as a floatation device, who rocks your world sexually, and treats you like a queen if you walk away.

You will meet the ideal man but only if you are out there and accessible.

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