How To Make Your Husband Jealous
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How To Make Your Husband Jealous

Are you trying to figure out how to make your husband jealous? Maybe you’ve discovered that exhibiting jealously will help in making your relationship come back to life.  There is some hope that by making your husband jealous, you can rekindle your relationship’s passion and encourage your partner to make the most of his time with you.

In this article, you will learn the different ways how to make your husband jealous and even make him jealous through WhatsApp as well.

How To Make Your Husband Jealous

How to Make Your Husband Jealous? 

Here are a few techniques to make your husband jealous and want him to pay more attention to you. You don’t have to use all of these techniques at the same time to make him feel out of control and jealous. Only one or two should be sufficient, and the ideal method will be determined by you – after all, you are the one who knows your partner best.

They include: 

1. Play hard to get

Playing hard to get is one of the most frequent strategies you can use to make your husband jealous. Since you will be living with him, it’ll be difficult to play hard to get with him, but you may still attempt not to be too accessible to him. This implies you’ll have to maintain an aloof demeanour and avoid doing things he enjoys all of the time.

Start separating yourself from him at home, as well as going out on your own and doing activities you like. Also, if he wants you to do anything with him or accompany him to an event, make it difficult for him by responding no or maybe. 

2. Always mention about other guys

In addition to playing hard to get, talking about other men or your male friends in front of your husband is a frequent strategy to make him jealous. If you have a lot of male friends, this is simple to accomplish, but if you don’t, you can chat about work colleagues or friends’ spouses. It doesn’t have to be overt statements about a crush you may or may not have on another man; in fact, such thoughts are usually unhealthy.

However, just chatting about another person might make a guy’s ears perk up and alert him to the fact that his partner is fully capable of establishing a relationship with someone else. Talking to your husband about other men or someone else is a wonderful approach to show him that you are still interested in a romantic or sexual relationship with other individuals.

3. Make the most of your physical attributes

Making the most of your appearance is an excellent technique to make your husband jealous. It’s also simple to implement right away. Always make sure you look your best while you’re with him, and more significantly, make the most of how you look when you leave – as long as he’s there to see you depart.

By maximizing your appearance, you begin to arouse sexual desire in yourself that may have been absent for some time if you have been together for a long period. It’s simple to accomplish and rather frequent in a partnership.

If you’re not sure how to look your best, go online for basic beauty and style hacks that may make a big impact with little changes to your appearance. Also, try to play to looks you know your spouse would enjoy, since this may help rekindle the passion between you. However, if you go out and socialize with other people or play hard to get while looking wonderful, this might make him envious.

4. Begin to develop new interests and hobbies

If you don’t believe the above ideas are the best methods to make a man jealous of you, consider learning a new skill or adopting a new pastime. This may be anything you choose, but try to pick something you know you’ll love and that you have a natural passion for. This is significant because you are more likely to adhere to it and, as a consequence, spend increasing amounts of time away from your spouse. As a result, you’ll be less accessible to him, which will start to make him envious.

Additionally, use this as a chance to devote more time to yourself. You will also be benefiting your relationship in the long term by doing so. You are more likely to be a happy person who does not spend all of your time in their relationship if you are doing something you like or love. As a consequence, you will acquire confidence, which will enable you to handle the imbalance in your relationship.

5. You don’t have to inform him where you are all of the time

Being evasive about where you are or where you have been is a pretty simple way to make him jealous. Even if you’re on a casual ladies’ night out, adding an air of mystery to your actions makes you a considerably more appealing possibility to your spouse or husband. It’s a natural extension of playing hard to get since your spouse is probably accustomed to being aware of your every action. If he suddenly becomes concerned about what you’ve been doing without him, he’ll get concerned and try harder to see you.

If you continue to play hard to get or don’t inform him where you are all of the time after that, this feeling will just become stronger in him. He could even believe you’re dating someone else, which is when jealousy sets in. If your relationship hasn’t been balanced in terms of who loves who the most, this might be beneficial.

6. Flirt with his friends

Flirting with your husband’s male friends is a major factor in instilling sentiments of envy in them. While this may not sit well with some or perhaps make others uncomfortable, keep in mind that a little innocent flirtation isn’t worth much. Your husband, on the other hand, may begin to notice you again as a result of jealously stemming from watching your flirting conduct with others.

This may help your relationship last longer because if he has previously taken you for granted, he will hopefully remember that he still needs to strive to make an effort with you. Even if you’re still in love with each other, it’s crucial to keep the spark alive, and if that means flirting with his man pals to show him what he’s losing out on, so be it.

As a consequence, take advantage of any chance to truly flirt with his friends to make him jealous. While it may not come naturally to everyone, it may be beneficial to your relationship’s long-term satisfaction if things are beginning to seem stale.

7. Pay attention to other people more than your husband

If you’re not comfortable flirting with your partner’s pals at any time, responding to other people’s overtures toward you is an easier approach to making your other half envious. As a result, whether someone approaches you at a bar, at a party, or anywhere else, remember to use it as a chance to let your partner know you’re still desirable to others. He’ll feel jealous since he doesn’t enjoy it when his spouse flirts with other people, even if they didn’t initiate it.

It’s a good moment to tell your partner that he still has to work hard to maintain you, and his envy overseeing you attract other people is a positive response that will drive him to keep trying with you. He’ll hopefully want to amend his ways and tell you how he feels about you more regularly, as well as do a bit more to keep the flame alive between you. This may take some time, especially if you’ve been together for a long period, but persevere and you’ll enjoy the benefits in no time.

8. Bring up a previous relationship

Talking about a previous relationship is another way if you are looking at how to make your husband jealous. If you’ve been dating or married for a time, things may have gotten a bit routine between the two of you because you feel like you know each other too well. Referencing a previous relationship is a fantastic way to persuade your spouse to sit up and recognize that the current relationship still requires his active participation.

You don’t have to allude to particular things or even certain feelings; you can be as vague as you want to be as long as you’re comfortable with what you’re saying. The important thing to remember is that he needs to be reminded that you’re appealing to other people. You’ll probably make him envious of how another guy has made you happy in the past if you do this. If you do this often enough, you’ll likely remind him that if he doesn’t put forth enough effort to keep the magic alive between you two, he may lose you.

How to Make your Husband Jealous through WhatsApp

Perhaps if you are still committed to making your husband jealous, you may want to consider employing the use of WhatsApp to achieve this. Here are the ways how to make your husband jealous through WhatsApp. 

1. Take lovely photos and update your WhatsApp status

Thankfully, the days of having a one-liner comment in your WhatsApp status are long gone. It’s now a separate tab where you can upload pictures, videos, and writeups to your contacts in real-time. Remember when WhatsApp’s coolest features were voice notes and video calls?

Anyway, post some really good selfies or, if you prefer, write something racy on your status when he’s online to make your boyfriend jealous. It’s OK if he doesn’t respond; they’re just there to capture his attention and remind him of how attractive his girlfriend is, so all he needs to do is look at them.

2. Add a puzzling caption to a screenshot of your finest compliments from another guy

Unless it’s very obscene, seeing your status post alone won’t make your guy jealous. No, the idea is to make him jealous with incoming praises from your ever-present audience, i.e., your male friends.

Screenshot the ones that are the most intriguing (we receive the same compliments every day, so they don’t score as high as inventive ones) and edit off the sender’s name. Now, the caption may be whatever you want, like “you are beautiful,” but the key to making a man envious is to allow plenty of room for the imagination to run wild.

3. Don’t respond immediately away if he comments on your status

If your first update doesn’t make your partner jealous, keeping him waiting after posting all the attention you’re receiving should. How long depends on how quickly you and your partner generally respond to each other’s texts.

And if you need to defuse the situation later, simply seem genuine and apologize if that’s what you usually do, saying that you’ve had a lot of messages come in. You can only make a man envious if he has no way of knowing it’s on purpose.

4 Have a good time with your friends and post pictures of you both

It will be perfect if you have a party or something close by coming up, preferably one your man isn’t aware of. It can also be a casual get-together with friends or even a virtual event. Simply go somewhere or do something fun with someone who isn’t your boyfriend, husband, or love interest.

5. Post a status update on WhatsApp about how much fun you had

While doing so, you might start with conversational comments to avoid making your contacts feel exploited. Then tell them about your exciting/awkward/productive day and all the individuals you met.

If you generally do everything with your partner, he’ll be jealous that you had such a good time without him and can’t stop talking about it.

6. Make thank-you posts for everyone except your partner

Are you still looking for ways how to make your husband jealous on WhatsApp? Well, you can use this option of appreciating people except for your husband.

People often send gratitude messages on their WhatsApp status, so it shouldn’t stick out if you haven’t done so previously. Make emotional words about your male friends, best girlfriends, boss/teacher, coworkers, fav channels, oxygen, food, family, and essentially everything you care about, except him.

If you’ve just been together for a short time, he may believe he hasn’t yet earned a space on the list, which should make him envious. If it’s a long-term boyfriend or spouse, though, leaving him off the list might reveal your true feelings, which would be detrimental.

So, include him, but don’t give him a unique caption. After reading all the wonderful things you’ve said about everyone else, finding an uninspiring message from you on his own would make him envious since it implies you don’t value him as much as the others.


Over a few years or the duration of a marriage, relationships will surely have their ups and downs. By now, you should have discovered the ways how to make your husband jealous. The happiest relationships are those that can persevere in the face of adversity. It’s up to each pair to figure out how to accomplish it, but some couples do manage to keep the spark alive between them.

Jealousy is a powerful feeling that may help a couple maintain their spark and remember what made them fall in love in the first place. It may seem that you are playing games by attempting to elicit jealousy in your husband, but jealousy can be a method of ensuring that the two of you continue to do all possible to avoid losing one other.

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