How to play mind games with a guy who broke your heart
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How To Play Mind Games With A Guy Who Broke Your Heart

Want to know how to play mind games with a guy who broke your heart? This is the article for you.

A breakup is one of the inherent disadvantages of being a human (along with paying debts and working during the summer). No matter how one looks at it, it stinks. Particularly because there is no universal, magic remedy for a broken heart.

Concerning those that have had their hearts broken by a man and understand the desire for vengeance. Perhaps you all wish to make yourself feel better after experiencing pain. In some cases, women seek ways to revenge on the guy who broke their hearts. 

Mind games are one of the primary means through which women seek retribution. There are numerous techniques to perform mind games with a man that will leave him feeling similarly to how he made you feel.

How to play mind games with a guy who broke your heart

How to play mind games with a guy who broke your heart

Here’s how to play mind games with a guy who broke your heart. These guides have been proven to be highly effective.

1. Demonstrate How Delighted You Are to Be Single

Hide any feelings that may indicate you are truly offended. Sometimes you must pretend that what pains you the most is of little consequence. When you are around him, act as if your breakup doesn’t bother you. This can be challenging, but always keep in mind that you deserve the best.

2. Block him from all social media platforms except one

The most effective approach to playing mind games with a guy who broke your heart is to block him on all social media platforms except one. This is the website where you likely brag about how pleased you are, how quickly you’ve moved on, and how much better your life is after he left. This will make him realize what a mistake he made by breaking up with you, and if you play your cards well, it may even convince him to consider taking you back.

3. Plan a Busy Agenda

Make some new acquaintances and head out for a nice time. Demonstrate that you can enjoy yourself without him. Once he observes that you are enjoying life, he will get envious. It will surprise him that you are so content without him.

4. Contact Your Male Friends for Help

Nothing riles up a man more than hearing another man boast about how terrific he is. Request that your male friends give you compliments. This will drive him to become agitated and question what he has lost.

5. Develop relationships with His Friends

Become close friends with the individuals he associates with. Once you approach his group, they will start discussing you with him. This will not only make him extremely envious, but he will also regret hurting you.

If you want to play mind games with answers, the easiest way to do so is to reach out to his friends; call, text, or email them and tell them how heartbroken you are about your situation, how he broke your heart, and how hard it is for you to move on. This will have two results; the first is that his friends will tell you exactly how he is doing after the breakup, allowing you to determine if he was truly in love with you and if he is struggling as much as you are to move on.

The second outcome would be his friends reporting back to him what you have provided them. Eventually, he will contact you to find out what is going on, and you will receive your relationship-related answer(s).

It is crucial to know, though, that he may choose to completely ignore you and order his pals to prevent you from communicating with him.

6. Ignore Him

Once he realizes what he has lost, he may attempt a reconciliation. Although it may be difficult, try to resist falling into his trap. Ignore his calls if he calls. Treat him similarly to how he treated you. Perhaps then he will realize that he does not deserve you.

7. Enjoy Your Time Apart from Him

Get out with your family or friends. Have a good time and enjoy yourself independently of him. You deserve to be happy, but he does not appear to be the best for you. Exclude him from your ideas and business. He has no need to be aware of your actions.

8. Return any items that are not yours

This is one of the most effective methods for restoring your mental condition after a breakup or the end of a long-term relationship and also playing mind games with the guy that broke your heart. 

You should try to return your guy’s belongings so that he can have them and you can also stop looking at them. When you are attempting to get over lost love and you see his old college sweater, you may fall into tears.

Therefore, the return of personal property is crucial to healing and at the same time playing mind games with your ex. Put in a box everything that does not belong to you. Ask a friend or relative to take the items and leave them on his porch with a text message stating, “Here are your items!” If you are unwilling to part with certain items, at least store them in a seldom-visited area of your home.

9. Remove yourself from their friendship

Here comes into play the controversial “no contact” rule. This is the best advice you can ever receive especially when you intend to play mind games. 

For instance, you can inform the man you were in love with that you want some time alone; based on your study, three months seemed appropriate. 

However, you can also inform him that after the three-month period, he could phone you and you would decide if you want to reunite. You can use the three-month period to meet a guy and start a new relationship. 

It would be nice if you are able to move on from the relationship and onto the next phase of your life. Prior to then, you might have had cried for months over your lost love because you were still friends and frequently communicated. Because you continued to communicate, you were unable to completely move on from him.

10. Delete their phone number from your phone

This is incredibly soothing for me. You can remove their social media accounts and phone number from your phone so that you are not tempted to message or call them in a time of weakness. If their information is not on your phone, drunk texting or calling is not a concern. In this field, it’s best to be safe than sorry!

11. Be Happy

This indicates that you should be joyful even if you have to fake it for a while. If he had not wanted to see you sad, he would not have harmed you in the first place. Smile, chuckle, and socialize with friends. This will irritate him more than you can imagine.


This article has shown you how to play psychological mind games with a guy who broke your heart, in order to make him miss you and contemplate getting back together with you, or, if you’re being petty, to make them as miserable as you are – or even more so. 

If you want to make someone’s life a little bit more uncomfortable by breaking up with you, then these eleven strategies are sure to succeed; but, you must know when to quit, cut your losses, and go on. 

Sometimes there is a reason why things didn’t go as planned — accept the process and start healing yourself instead of wasting time playing these games on your ex-boyfriend, whether he deserves it or not.

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