How to pull away to make him want you
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How To Pull Away to Make Him Want You

This article explains how to pull away to make him want you. – The “him” could be you husband, boyfriend or any guy at all.

Perhaps, if you love a particular guy and you want him to love you in return but it is proving more challenging than you anticipated. It can be quite frustrating when you are caught up in this unfortunate situation but there is always a way out. With the steps highlighted in this article, you are sure to make the guy you are pulling away from desperately want you

How to pull away to make him want you

How To Pull Away to Make Him Want You

If you’re still wondering how to pull away to make him want you, you should check out our list below to make this possible: 

1. Do not be frightened to pull away

Being courageous is the first step on how to pull away to make him want you. There is no doubt that it is challenging and might very possibly fail terribly, but it is worth attempting.

You’re doing this because he’s not giving you what you want, and you’ve exhausted all other options, so don’t be scared to try something new.

If it fails, take solace in the idea that it probably wasn’t intended to succeed. However, if it works, you will have him feeding on your palm.

2. Ghost him

Well, sometimes the best reaction is no response. When you ghost him, he will be left to scratch his head and wonder why. When he realizes that you’re no longer a part of his life, he’ll be too focused on trying to win you back to notice anything else. In this manner, you are working your way to pulling away and making him want you.

3. Trigger his inner hero

Men are simpler than you may believe. All men want to feel as if they are “saving the day” and are thus hailed as heroes.

There is a psychological name for what is been referred to here. It is known as the “hero instinct.” This theory is now creating a lot of attention as a means to explain what motivates guys in relationships.

The hero instinct is the innate desire that males have to stand up for the women in their life. This has its origins in male biology.

When a guy really believes he is your daily hero, he will be more loving, attentive, and devoted to a long-term relationship with you.

However, how can you stimulate this impulse in him? The challenge is to make him feel like a genuine hero. And there are some phrases and messages that might activate this innate biological inclination.

He explains all you need to know about the hero instinct, including how to stimulate it in your partner. The hero instinct is one of the most intriguing notions I’ve encountered. I don’t frequently promote films or accept trendy new psychological theories, but this is one of the few exceptions.

Therefore, if you provoke his inner-hero and flee, be prepared for him to pursue you as if you stole his money.

4. Make him feel rejected

If a guy feels rejected by his lady and she distances herself, he will likely leave her. He will feel rejected by her but will be unable to comprehend why she is pulling away, therefore he will want to know what she is rejecting. 

5. Let him doubt your emotions for him

This is another step in the right direction on how to pull away to make him want you.

If a guy believes that his partner does not love him, he will be hesitant to approach her and may even abandon her. By playing into a man’s concern that his lady does not love him, you might enhance the likelihood that he will draw away and make him want you. You may tell the guy, for instance, that you do not love him.

6. Exploit his weaknesses

If a guy perceives that his partner is withdrawing from him, he will feel insecure. When a guy believes that his lady does not love him, he feels vulnerable and will want to know why.

And he will continue to ask you why until you tell him. If a guy believes that his spouse does not love him, you may enhance the likelihood that he will break away and want you by exploiting this weakness.

7. Use your own power

Pulling away from a guy might give you a sense of strength. And who doesn’t appreciate the sense of being in control?

What can you do to unleash your inner strength and make him want you like never before?

Start with yourself and stop seeking external solutions to improve your life; you know this isn’t working.

You will never discover the joy and fulfillment you’re seeking unless you look inside and release your unique strength.

8. Live your best life and enjoy

After you’ve gotten away from him, the fun part begins. Simply go out and have a good time. He must see that you are enjoying your best life without him.

You must use social media to demonstrate that you are living your best life. Make a huge deal out of all the meals, hikes, events, and parties that you attend, and post pictures of them all over your Instagram account.

You’re going to drive him insane because he’ll understand that you’re in high demand and that your social life is busy and much more essential than theirs.

9. Look your best

Once you’ve informed him that you have reservations about him, you should ensure that you appear like a queen while being very pretty and sexy. You might take many days to change your hairstyle and apply cosmetics. Alternatively, you might choose a complete makeover and have lip injections or fillers.

Whatever you decide to do, ensure that you look incredible and that he is self-conscious about his appearance around you.

Not only will he want you, but he will punish himself for not treating such a hottie with respect in the first place.

10. Do not respond to his texts and calls right away

This step is essential throughout the pulling away process.  You do not want him to believe that the world revolves around him, so do not answer instantly to his messages.

Wait a few hours before responding, but be careful to seem indifferent. This will leave him wondering what you’re up to, and the uncertainty will drive him insane.

If you do not answer his calls and messages, he will continue to call and contact you but be reminded that you shouldn’t answer.

11. Inform him that your relationship with him has ended

Yes, even if the statement is false. Trust me, Once you’ve separated from him, inform him that you’re done with him entirely.

When he attempts to reenter your life, explain just why and how irritating he is. This is a fairly obvious method of pulling away, and if not executed correctly, it may be rather harmful.

Why? Remember that men want what they cannot have, and knowing this will drive them insane.

He will do all in his power to attempt to regain your favor.

12. Make him unsure about himself

Once you’ve distanced yourself from him and informed him you’re done with him, you must make him feel uneasy. However, isn’t that rude?

Okay, it’s a little brutal, but there’s a method to the madness. When he feels uneasy, he will inquire as to the cause. And he will repeatedly ask you why until you tell him.

How do you make him feel insecure?

  • Not instantly replying to his SMS and calls.
  • Ensure that he is unaware of your activities without revealing your whereabouts.
  • Not informing him of your whereabouts at all times. If he asks, just state that you do not want to discuss the matter or tell him where you are.

1. Make him believe that he does not influence you

Now that you’ve distanced yourself from him, ensure that he feels powerless over you. He must now recognize that you no longer care about him and that the relationship between you two is irretrievably over. 

When this occurs, he will begin to believe that you are the finest thing that has ever happened to him, and he would do everything to make you happy. Therefore, when he realizes he can no longer manipulate and charm you, the ball is in your court. Ensure you do not misuse this opportunity.

2. Employ the silence therapy

This one works like a bomb if you reside together. For about one week, he should be kept silent and not talk to him at all even if he tries to make you laugh.

In the same way that a mother would give her kid time out, you are doing the same with your man. It is essential that he feels he does things to irritate you and that he gives it some consideration before acting further.

Allow him enough time and space for thinking and consideration before resuming the conversation with him. This will assist him in developing his own ideas or strategies to fix the situation for both of you.

When he is considering his next move, he will understand that you are neither a, and he will have to reconsider his connection with you.

3. Make him feel accountable and guilty for your misery

This is the most difficult task, but it will work best if you make him feel responsible and guilty for your misery. Unless he realizes that something is wrong with him, neither of you will be able to go on together.

It is also essential that you describe what is wrong precisely. If you leave him with any unanswered questions, he will never know what is bothering you about the issue.

Do not be ambiguous or provide any suggestions as to what is incorrect. You want him to believe he has done something wrong for which you cannot forgive him. You also want him to feel helpless about the situation.

4. Allow him to miss you

Absence arouses the affections he has for you. Give him time to miss you and reflect on you. Also, spend time with your loved ones and take some time for yourself.

When you are apart from him, you should consider the things that make you happy and fulfil yourself without sacrificing who or what you are. Additionally, make him wonder when you will return.

Do not inform him when you will return. He needs time to miss you and reflect on the mistakes he made or how he might improve your relationship in the future.

5. Compliment him in some way

When you are pulling away from your man and then do something really kind for him, he will be puzzled and feel terrible. This will cause him to consider how much he wants you back and will motivate him to do whatever it takes to get you back.

You must do this action without conditions even though it may seem very challenging to accomplish. If he attempts to get anything from the friendship, you must stop him and inform him that you are just interested in becoming friends.

6. Inform him that he must better himself or he will never see you again

This is a terrific method for him to recognize that he must change his conduct and attitude before you’ll consider reconciling because if he doesn’t, you’ll never be pleased with him again.

Don’t be scared to tell him he’s a terrible guy and that you no longer like him. This will let him understand that he must modify his actions and attitude before you would consider reconciling.

He must recognize that you are not the kind of woman that forgives and forgets quickly.

7. Make him jealous

Again, use social media by changing your profile image or publishing photos of you with different men. Nothing is more agitating to a guy than making him jealous and seeing you with other guys. Even if it’s not true, create the impression that many other men are interested in you.

This will make him aware that you have options and that he is currently only one of them. It will also cause him to reflect on the areas in which he has to grow before you would consider reconciling.


There are numerous ways how to pull away to make him want you, but if you follow this list, you will be well on your way to getting him precisely where you want him and exploring the good things that come with pinning him where you want.

From the beginning, he might feel like he doesn’t care, but he will quickly learn that he must adjust his foul attitude or face the dire consequences of losing you. 

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