How to Tell If your Girlfriend is Texting another Guy
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How to Tell If your Girlfriend is Texting another Guy

In this article, I shall be listing the most accurate signs on how to tell if your girlfriend is texting another guy.

With social media and texting, where everyone is just a click away, it becomes increasingly difficult for a relationship to last. It can be difficult to determine whether your girlfriend is texting another guy or just a friend with ulterior intentions.

Check if your girlfriend’s phone usage has increased recently to determine whether she is texting another guy. Does she attempt to conceal it from your view? Something is amiss if she seems uneasy or angry when you ask to use her phone. You will observe a steady deterioration in her temperament.

Each time you pick up her phone, you get the feeling that her behaviour is off. It’s feasible that there is no man…yet, but she’s obviously up to no good nonetheless.

That being said, it is not always the case that your girlfriend texting another guy indicates that she is interested in him.

Nonetheless, if you recognize each of the following signs, there is a potential that she is interested in this new guy and does not want you to know.

How to Tell If your Girlfriend is Texting another Guy

How to Tell If your Girlfriend is Texting another Guy

Here are the most accurate signs to tell if your girlfriend is texting another guy;

1. The energy shifts as she receives a text message

When you are in close proximity to her and her phone vibrates, you can feel the vibe shift. She feels abruptly anxious, and she may not even check her phone.

She will sneak a glimpse and uncomfortably move away from you so that you cannot see who she is texting or speaking with.

2. She conceals her smartphone from you

When you are together, she ensures that her phone is muted or concealed in her pocket.

If she receives a text message, she will surreptitiously check to see who sent it while concealing her phone from you. If this is a rapid change in conduct, then it is clearly odd.

3. She is worried about her phone

Some girls are only concerned when they are separated from their lover or when they are awaiting a text message. They prefer to have a channel of communication with their spouse, and not having their phone with them in certain circumstances can cause worry.

However, if she is with you and is not expecting an urgent call, why would she be nervous about not having her phone?

4. She is constantly holding her phone

Oh, she won’t let her phone out of her sight for a single second. This is a positive indicator; either she is addicted to her phone or something is amiss.

If she constantly holds her phone, then this is not a major issue. However, if this is out of character for her, you should be concerned because your girlfriend may be texting another guy.

5. Her mobile phone has a new passcode

Perhaps you knew the passcode to her phone, or she did not have one. However, she has abruptly altered her mind. Nothing has changed; she has not received a new phone. Therefore, it is a strange action to take without cause.

6. She laughs distinctively 

You are aware of your girlfriend’s chuckle. Everyone has their own unique way of laughing. However, your girlfriend’s chuckle alters when she responds to an SMS.

It has a flirty quality, a chuckle you recall from the beginning of your relationship.

7. She exits the room to text or make a call

Well, this is certainly odd. Why would you intentionally leave the room to text or call someone on her cell phone if it’s not a huge deal?

Who could you possibly be texting that requires so much attention? The worst part is that when you enter the room, she abruptly stops texting and gives you her whole attention.

8. She now has trust difficulties

In terms of relationships, trust is crucial. And in your relationship, you had mutual trust. However, your girlfriend has developed significant trust concerns with you, and you do not know why.

If she is pointing the finger at you and acting defensively, it’s clear that she has trust concerns.

9. She does not treat you in the same manner

She recently transformed. You cannot pinpoint it, but everything about her is distinct. The manner in which she looks at you, speaks to you and touches you. All has changed.

If this is the case and you observe further signals from this list, she is either not interested in you or is texting another guy.

10. She is dressing up and altering her appearance more

She was never a somebody who went to the gym and dressed provocatively. However, she has evolved in a short amount of time.

She is now wearing sexier, working out more, and focusing on her appearance. You do not recognize this person, so what is going on? It is possible that your girlfriend is texting another guy.

11. You are physically separated from her

She is no longer seated next to you on the couch, but rather in the chair on the opposite side of the room. Probably because she does not want you to view the content of her phone. Or she does not extend her hand to you at the movie theatre.

These are not atypical behaviors, but she has recently distanced herself from you. She is not the same person she once was. You haven’t engaged in combat recently, so what’s up?

12. She averts her eyes

Obviously, something is wrong if your partner cannot look you in the eye. It is true that the eyes are the windows to the soul, as the expression goes.

If she refuses to look you in the eyes, she is either no longer interested in you or concealing something from you.

13. She is less sexually interested

If she used to be interested in having sex with you, but now she looks disinterested, it may be because she’s considering having sex with someone other than you.

By texting another guy, a significant portion of her sexual thoughts and energy may be focused on him.

14. She appears quite busy

Suddenly, she appears to have a great deal of work. Or if she is constantly “going out with pals” or has other obligations.

She may be avoiding you as a result of her unexpected flurry of activity. She may feel remorse for texting another guy behind your back.

15. She is unduly concerned with your whereabouts

She could be concerned about your whereabouts for one of two reasons. Initially, it may be a deflection. She accuses you of being somewhere you shouldn’t be when she herself is in the wrong.

Or, she may want to know when you’ll return so she can stop texting the guy she’s chatting to — so that you won’t find out.

15. She ceases discussing the future with you

At the beginning of your relationship, she was constantly planning future activities with you. It could be anything from attending a concert in six months to getting married and beginning a family. However, you note that she no longer discusses or makes plans for the future.

16. She flirts with different men

Generally speaking, girls will not flirt with other men in front of their lovers. It would be embarrassing for them to make you uncomfortable.

However, if there is a change in her behaviour and she is flirting with you, there may be a cause, especially if she is flirting with only one guy.

17. She is gloomy around you

If she has become Eyore from Winnie the Poo and is sulking and moping around when she is around you, she may be losing interest in your relationship.

Perhaps her expression brightens when she receives a text message, and she transforms into Tigger instead of Eeyore.

18. She is slow to respond to your text messages

You are likely frustrated that she no longer texts you back as promptly as she once did. She may take many hours to respond to you. And it could be because she is having lengthy text discussions with another guy rather than with you.

19. She appears distracted

Another indication that your girlfriend is texting another guy is if she frequently appears distracted. She must repeatedly ask you what you said because she was not paying attention during your conversation.

This is especially concerning if she is more focused on her phone than you when she is with you.

20. With you, she is not as affectionate

She probably enjoyed holding your hand, snuggling with you on the couch, and being spooned in bed.

You now believe that if you slept in a different bedroom, she may not even notice. She may wish she were cuddling with the person she is texting with.

21. You caught her in the act of lying

Her behaviour is likely suspect, and therefore you have likely caught on. Perhaps you have caught her in a lie about who she is texting. She may claim that she is texting her sister, but a check at her phone reveals that this is untrue.

22. She does not disclose her destination

She cannot text another guy in front of you, so she may tell you she has errands to run. If you ask her what she is going to do, she will not tell you.

She may be using this as an excuse to leave the house and send him a text message.

23. She becomes irate when questioned

She is always annoyed by your inquiries, whether you want to know who she’s texting, where she’s going, or what her work schedule is. She refuses to respond and instructs you to mind your own business. She is becoming defensive because she is aware that she is doing something incorrectly.

24. She seems perpetually anxious

When a person is on edge, they experience discomfort. It’s possible that your girlfriend is texting another guy.

She may be aware that she will receive a text message from another guy shortly and is awaiting it. She may be both excited and anxious that you will be present when the text arrives.

25. She has new interests or activities

Perhaps she has begun watching baseball on television or has taken up running. She was not previously interested in these topics.

But perhaps the new guy she’s texting to does similar things, so she’s attempting to find common ground.

26. She is easily irritated by you

It appears that you cannot perform anything correctly. Whether you left a coffee cup on the table or ran out of gas, she is perpetually annoyed in your presence. In addition, she has no difficulty telling you.

27. When you inquire about who she is messaging, she changes the subject

It is common practice to ask your partner who recently texted them. Typically, if they are innocent, they will respond, “Oh, it’s my mother” or “It’s my friend Jenny.”

However, if she attempts to shift the subject or seems agitated when you inquire, it is because she does not wish for you to know. She is committing an error.

28. She always claims to be working

She always claims it’s for business, whether she’s on her laptop *she might be texting another guy* or on her phone. And you know in your heart that she is not working particularly hard.

29. She criticizes you frequently

She has changed her attitude and is now criticizing you. Perhaps she criticizes the length of your hair or your fashion sense. It is possible that she is comparing you to the man she is speaking with and wants you to be more like him.

Is texting a guy considered to be cheating?

Messaging someone else other than your partner is not considered cheating as long as there is no hidden motivation and your intentions are honest. As social beings, there is no harm in engaging in casual conversation with a variety of individuals.

You cannot isolate your partner from the outer world, as doing so would suffocate both of you.

It is entirely up to you whether or not you share your text discussions with one another.

There is no need to be concerned if the messages fall within the ethical boundaries of your relationship.

But if you are aware that the conversations you are having with this new person go beyond what your partner can accept and you feel the need to conceal them from your relationship, you are on the wrong path.

You may push the boundaries while convincing yourself that what you are doing is not bad, but you are aware that you have crossed some borders.

What Constitutes Cheating and What Does Not?

It is dishonest to develop feelings for a new person and stoke those feelings by increasing communication with them.

It is infidelity if you begin physically, psychologically, and emotionally distancing yourself from your partner and spending more time with this new person.

And of course, the unmistakable indicators of cheating via text are sending explicit photographs, sexting, and attempting to take the relationship to the next level with this individual.

If you intend to date or sleep with this new person, it is cheating.

However, there is no danger in platonic texting so long as you do not allow it to progress further.

Sadly, most people are unable to do so with a beautiful person. If you want to avoid getting burned, avoid playing with fire.

While texting a person who is not your partner, it is essential to consider how your actions will affect your relationship.

If something feels improper to you, it is improper. Because the boundary between good flirting and infidelity is so thin, there are no ifs or buts about it.

You cannot predict when you will be on the opposite side of the line. Be truthful and devoted to your relationship, and recognize your limits.


There is nothing improper in texting a guy, whether he is known or unknown. What is most important is her affection for you.

If she truly loves you, she will always be truthful and faithful to you.

You won’t need to spy on her, and if she doesn’t, she will cheat on you or leave you for someone else no matter how hard you try. Therefore, the most significant indicator to watch for will be her actions and reactions toward you.

If she cares about you, she will tell you everything you need to know and will not do anything to harm your feelings or undermine your relationship.

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