make an older man know you are interested
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How to make an Older Man Know you are interested

Are you developing affection for an older man? You may be wondering how to make an older man know you are interested. 

 Do you believe that your younger years may someday cause you and your partner to drift apart?

 If so, I strongly recommend you read this entire article. It is filled with advice and suggestions for making an older man know you are interested. 

make an older man know you are interested

Secrets to Make an Older Man know that you are Interested

  • Learn about his past

A very good strategy for making an older know you are interested is to research their past.

Considering the man’s age, he undoubtedly grew up in a different era. Consequently, you can attract him by understanding what he did or how he spent his youth.

These interactions make older guys know you are interested and offer the opportunity to converse further and share recollections.

  • Get Ready for Some Baggage

If you want not only to make older men know you are interested but attract them, you must be willing to deal with their baggage.

Since the man has been around and explored longer than you have, he has likely had life experiences that continue to influence him.

In most situations, you will find that the man has children, is already divorced, and faces additional obstacles.

If you want to attract older men, you should constantly be a good listener.

The trick to attracting older men with baggage is to comprehend and positively react to their baggage. Keep an open mind and discover positive methods to integrate into your life.

  • Make him feel young

A great way for a woman to make older men know you are interested is to make them feel youthful again.

Therefore, do not make your date feel old by directly stating their age or by making suggestive comments!

Always exercise caution when attempting to attract older men. You should make him feel youthful by dancing and flirting with him. Giving him amorous attention without conditions makes him feel younger.

Similarly, if you wish to make older men know you are interested, you should avoid revealing your age difference at all costs. 

Similarly, if you enjoy spending time with your friends, encourage others to do the same.

In addition, embrace the difficulties of age differences to lure him into a relationship.

In most cases, the older person has distinct musical preferences and hobbies. To attract him, you must therefore find a way to connect with him through your differences. Try listening to his favorite music, for example. You should also introduce him to your favorites.

Ensure that you do not drive him into something he dislikes, even if he may not be interested.

  • Always Inquire About His Opinion

Among the several positives and cons of making older men know you are interested is the fact that they enjoy being sought for advice and assistance.

Therefore, regardless of the circumstances, ensure that he is involved. He wants to feel included in your life.

For example, you can encourage him to choose a more attractive hue at the store, suggest a drink or appetizer at the bar, and much more. Although it may sound absurd, older men admire women who seek their advice.

  • Explore Common Interests

Discovering shared interests is a highly successful method for attracting older men. Even when there is a considerable age difference between you and the other person, it does not indicate that you have nothing in common.

Take your time to determine what he enjoys and what interests you may share.

Discovering that two people have similar interests and preferences makes life easier.

You may possibly discover that he shares some of your hobbies. To make older men know you are interested, you must be conversant with various topics in which they are stereotypically interested. This has been my experience with golf, automobiles, and business!

  • Always keep your cool

One of the most effective ways to repel an older man is by being petty, playing games, or being too dramatic. This demonstrates none of the maturity required to attract an older man.

This should not compel you to become a different person, but rather a rational one. You should not be excessively demanding, emotional, or impulsive, for example.

 Ensure that your clothing reflects elegance and refinement, as opposed to casual or sporty attire.

 This includes wearing flats with open toes instead of flip-flops and loose-fitting slacks instead of yoga pants.

 Not only do you want to look the part, but you also want to act the part, ensuring that your behavior is elegant and refined.

 This implies enjoying oneself without becoming unruly. Have a couple of glasses of wine, but don’t become completely inebriated. Send a cheeky or flirtatious text, but never after 9 p.m. or when intoxicated.

 An older man enjoys a younger lady who is lively and goofy, but this is not an excuse to be sloppy!

  • Consider the positive side

By the time they reach their 50s, older men have learned that drama is unnecessary. Compared to younger guys, older men are far more optimistic and strive to find the silver lining in all situations.

As a young lady who has not yet developed this trait, it can be difficult to be constantly hopeful but try your best. Be thankful that you can make lemonade when life gives you a lemon. This is not limited to instances in which you wish to make an older man know you are interested. All men admire a lady with a good sense of humor.

  • Be an attentive listener

Every man desires a woman who listens to what he has to say, but this is more crucial when dating an older man. Having an older man is filled with enjoyment, laughter, and deference.

They are, in general, highly respectful. (Exceptions are always possible.) He will anticipate the same deference from you. Put the phone away when you are dining out.

  • Laugh more often

Simply smiling will make you instantly more desirable to older men. They adore seeing attractive young women, and those that smile at them are even better. Simply smile at older men in public to capture their attention.

  • Have fun

If you want to know how to make an older man know you are interested, you must be able to be playful. Tickling can help an elderly person regain their sense of youth. These men may appear more serious than younger men, yet they love a good time filled with laughter.

If you’re looking to attract older men when out and about, make sure you spend more time laughing than frowning.

  • Pay close heed to him.

Yes, you should keep your emotions in check. However, elderly guys love attention. Ensure that you stroke his ego from time to time. Tell him about his positive qualities. Commend his efforts. Touch his arm and grasp his hand when you are out and about together.

  • Tell him that the age difference does not worry you.

When you’re deciding how to make older men know you are interested, you don’t necessarily consider that he may be uncomfortable approaching you. There are numerous stereotypes in existence. One is the predatory older man who pursues younger women. Some women have little interest in older guys, and their age is a deal-breaker for them.

In some fashion, you must let him know that you like older men like himself. When he states his age, he may be testing your reaction by stating that age is merely a number. (That’s all it is in reality.) Then, compliment him to demonstrate your continued affection for him. If he does not feel comfortable pursuing you, it does not matter how attracted he is to you.

FAQs on How to Make an Older Man know That You are Interested in Him

  • How can you keep an older man interested?

Engage in engaging discourse. Feel at ease in your own skin. Show off your big personality! Communicate with him, and tell him what you like and dislike. Be both self-reliant and assured. Give him your whole attention and commend him frequently. Avoid showing insecurity by blowing up his phone.

  • How can you tell whether an older man finds you attractive?

He will call you gorgeous and promptly return your messages. He will eventually mention his age to gauge your response. He might compliment you. When he realizes that you two share a common interest, he will bring it to your attention. Men of maturity may invite you out to supper. He will not do so if he does not like you.

  • What attracts an older man?

To attract older men, you must display some maturity. Having control over one’s emotions is quite beneficial. It is also attractive if you smell and look good. Understand what you want, whether it’s a romance or an FWB encounter. It is attractive to older guys when a woman does not play games.

  • What does a mature man seek in a romantic relationship?

They are looking for an attractive woman. An emphasis is placed on her being loyal and helpful in a relationship. Also desired by older men is a relationship characterized by trust and communication. Sincerity, honesty, and tolerance can go a long way.


Having an affair with an older man is so widespread that I am surprised that it is still deemed forbidden. It is extremely common for older men to find younger women appealing, and vice versa. 


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