make an older man take you seriously
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How To Make An Older Man Take You Seriously [Dark Secrets]

If you’re curious about how to make an older man take you seriously, you may also be curious about how to impress him. Typically, older men can take younger women seriously because of their youthful appearances and carefree attitudes.

You may be able to charm an older man with your beauty and attitude and keep him addicted to yourself, but you should also attempt to be yourself and maintain an open mind. Being an honest and straightforward lady with a feeling of self-respect and self-assurance is frequently more attractive to an older man than any particular wardrobe or appearance.

That being said, an older man can take you seriously if you adhere to the following steps;

10 Secrets To Make An Older Man Take You Seriously

make an older man take you seriously

  1. Maintain proper hygiene

Demonstrate that you are well-groomed and put-together by maintaining proper hygiene. At least twice a day, brush and floss your teeth, and maintain a clean appearance.

  1. Choose attire that is sophisticated and well-put-together

By selecting attire and accessories that appear more grown-up or mature, you can demonstrate to an older man that you can be mature and put together. Choose attire that conveys maturity rather than a childlike or teen-like appearance. Attire is an important aspect if you want a man to want you bad.

  1. Develop a sense of personal style

Possessing your own sense of style based on your individual tastes and preferences is a crucial aspect of acting maturely. Do not expect to develop a personal sense of style overnight.

Instead, let your sense of style change as you do. As you get older, your wardrobe preferences will alter. Focusing on a certain style of dress, like surfer girl or ladylike, and then making it fit your personality and tastes may help.

You can build your own sense of style by emulating the style of an earlier fashion icon. This might be the style of a vintage film star such as Carey Grant or Grace Kelly, or your mother or father’s style from the 1970s or 1980s. Consider how your fashion icon dresses and comports themselves. Try to find items with a similar shape or style and style yourself like a fashion icon from the past.

Also, when putting together an outfit for a night out, you should dress maturely while being loyal to yourself. This may include higher necklines and shorter hemlines, as well as a piece that reflects your personality or sense of style, such as a cool necklace or a vintage coat. Rather than focusing on what you wear, the goal is to exude confidence and maturity via your manner of dress.

  1. Gain an understanding of current events and popular culture

Demonstrate your intelligence to the older man by keeping up with current events and popular culture. When you are around the older man or on a date with him, you can then bring up current events in the discussion. You should try to know a lot about things going on in your area and around the world and be willing to join interesting conversations.

You can become well-versed in current events and popular culture by reading articles in magazines, newspapers, and journals online and in print. You can also watch videos about pop culture and global issues online, which will allow you to converse intelligently with the older gentleman.

  1. Discuss your academic and/or professional skills and abilities

Take pride in your academic and professional accomplishments and don’t be scared to discuss them with the older man. If you are a top student in a specific subject or an outstanding employee at the office, then brag and let the older person know that you are in charge and in charge of a particular aspect of your life.

This will demonstrate your superior skills and abilities. Your confidence and abilities will certainly wow him and increase his interest in you as a person.

You can showcase your skills or abilities by inviting them to an event or venue where they can be demonstrated. This could be an art show where he can see your work, a sporting event where he can watch you play, or an office event where you can show him how well-respected you are among your co-workers.

You can also communicate this knowledge in conversation by asking the older man about his greatest accomplishments or skills. He might then question you about your skills and abilities, allowing you to discuss them without sounding arrogant or conceited. For instance, you could say, “Let’s talk about things we’re proud of, “or ask him,” What do you consider your strengths to be?”

  1. Concentrate on subjects or hobbies you share

If you and the older man have similar interests or areas of conversation, you should focus your conversation on these topics. This could be a shared passion for science fiction novels or a sports team, or it could be a shared experience of travelling alone through Asia on a backpacking trip.

Consider what subjects you can bring up that will spark an engaging conversation and create a sense of rapport with the older man.

You can also plan dates or get-togethers centred on a topic or activity of mutual interest, like attending a reading by a beloved author at a bookshop or attending a hockey game you both enjoy.

This will demonstrate to the older man that you are mature enough to consider his wants in addition to your own and that you are attempting to plan activities that you will both like.

  1. Focus on being yourself when interacting with the older man

Avoid putting on a show or pretending to be someone you’re not around the older man. Though you may attempt to impress the older man by pretending to be someone else, it can be tough to sustain the act, and you may slip up or lose the ability to keep pretending over time.

Avoid giving the older man a false impression of who you are, and begin the relationship on a plain, honest note. Be forthright and genuine around the man so that you come across as confident and self-aware. This is more likely to wow him than a misleading portrayal of yourself.

  1. Engage in attentive listening.

Active listening and your capacity to be a good listener will make the older man take you seriously. Active listening is the process of viewing every interaction as an opportunity to learn something new or have a deeper understanding of another person. When you actively listen to a speaker, they may sense that you are genuinely interested in what they are saying and adept at engaging in conversation.

Actively listen to the older man by asking him about his day and then paying close attention as he speaks. Without interrupting, demonstrate your interest by nodding and maintaining eye contact with him. Repeat what he stated in your own words, such as “I believe you mean…” or “What I understand you to be saying is…”

You may also provide tips or commentary on what he says. Show that you care about what he says and are a good listener by paying attention and taking your time when you answer.

  1. Share your emotions and experiences

Avoid bottling up your feelings and emotions and acting passive-aggressively towards them. These are both indications of immaturity and emotional inaccessibility. Due to age and experience, older men may have greater emotional maturity and have the ability to love you more emotionally.

Therefore, if you are unhappy or worried about something or someone, you should be willing to discuss your thoughts with him. This means telling him right away if he does something that bothers or scares you. This will show him how confident and honest you are.

Keeping your feelings and emotions to yourself may seem like a simple way to stay out of trouble and look calm and collected, especially if you are trying to make the older man take you seriously.

However, being dishonest about your emotions can only lead to future conflict and erode the older man’s confidence. If the older man is as mature as he seems, he will respond with sympathy and gratitude to your candour.

For instance, if the older guy does something that disturbs you, rather than getting angry and engaging in a shouting fight or going silent, you might suggest that you both address the matter and try to resolve it together.

For example, if he forgets your birthday, you may tell him: “I’m sure you didn’t intend to hurt me, but when you forgot my birthday, I felt extremely offended. It seems that you did not regard a day that is significant to me. Can we discuss it?”

  1. Demonstrate autonomy and self-sufficiency

A significant attraction for older men is a companion who is not excessively needy or insecure. Show him that you can be independent and take care of yourself so that he sees you as an equal instead of a younger, less experienced partner.

This means you can’t call or text him all day, every day, and you have to insist on spending every moment with him. Even when he ignores you, you can always get his attention back by being self-sufficient.

Even if you have a relationship with an older man, you should establish your own social circle and maintain ties with your family and friends. This will show how independent you are, which is likely to make your relationship stronger.

Participate in solo activities such as attending a concert or seeing a movie on occasion. Knowing you can have fun on your own can give you more confidence, which older men will like.


I get that older man can be incredibly alluring. Frequently, an older man can supply you with things that a younger man cannot. He has the knowledge and experience to be more successful. Consider using some of the tips in this article if you wish to make an older man take you seriously.

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