Reasons He is Online But not Texting You
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Reasons He is Online But not Texting You [How to Find Out]

Is your boyfriend, crush, or a guy you fancy online but isn’t texting you? I understand the frustration and I have also been in your shoes. There are many reasons he is online but not texting you, but from the dark human behavior, I want to list the best possible reasons for you.

It might be perplexing and irritating to have your messages ignored on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media platforms after he has opened the message. While there may be entirely legitimate explanations for his silence, there are other possibilities that might point to a purposeful aim.

You might find solace in friends telling you that he might be busy or other excuses.  I have listed certain behaviors and reasons attached to them. So in your best interest, just believe all I tell you here. Now let’s figure out the several potential reasons he is online but not texting you.

Reasons He is Online But not Texting You

17 Reasons He is Online But Not Texting You

Here are some reasons and also possible clues to figure out if this is your situation.

  1. He’s not into you

He may be simply not as into you as you are into him if he’s online but not responding to your messages. He doesn’t want to have a protracted, unpleasant talk about it, so he thinks you’ll get the clue by ignoring you and going on with your day. If that is the case, you can either talk to him about it or do what he does.

How to find out?

Text him and ask when he would be less busy to meet up with you for a drink. If he says he has no idea when he will be less busy, then understand that he isn’t into you and move on.

  1. He is now speaking to other women, and you are not his priority

It makes sense that there are other people in his life right now if you and he have just recently begun “talking” or even started dating. He could be online, but it doesn’t always guarantee he will reply to your messages. He could be conversing with one or more of the other ladies he is seeing at the same time.

How to find out?

Text him, and if he responds and tries to strike a conversation every time you text him first, then know that you aren’t his priority.

  1. He is too busy to talk

Even if we are all constantly connected to our phones, we nonetheless have lives to live. He won’t be messaging you every five seconds if he’s at a business meeting, caring for a parent or kid, attending class, etc. Give him some space and try to calm down so he can respond to you.

How to find out?

If you text him and he doesn’t read the message, then understand that he is busy.


  1. He wants an ego stroke because he plays games

Especially early in a relationship when he isn’t sure how he feels about you, guys are known for playing hot and cold. He can be online but not actively replying to your messages.

He believes that the longer he ignores you, the more desperate you will get and the longer you will pursue him. Sensation desired is the best feeling for a man, so don’t even offer him the satisfaction of a pat on the back. He just isn’t worth it.

How to find out?

Text him and ask when he wants to meet up. If he responds with a date and time, have it in mind that he is playing the ego game and he is a player.


  1. He assumes you will wait for him

More reasons he is online but not texting you might be because he assumes you will wait for him. It’s not like he has a lot more pressing matters on his plate; he simply doesn’t feel like responding to your message at the moment. He could expect that you’ll be waiting for him when he’s bored or has the energy to come back to you if you’ve been extremely explicit about how into him you are and he’s not feeling it as strongly.


  1. You made him angry with something you said

Consider your most recent text message if he comes online and hasn’t replied to it. Did you say anything disrespectful or impolite?

Did you overreact to anything he said or attempt to correct him for conduct you found unpleasant? He is likely avoiding you because he is now irritated with you and either needs some time to calm down or wants to punish you for any suspected misbehavior. Though immature, it happens a lot.

How to find out?

If you feel like you made him angry over something, ask him directly and sort it out.


  1. He talked to you earlier today

Men’s minds function in unusual ways, so it may sound strange to claim that a man who loves you wouldn’t want to chat with you all the time. If you’ve already texted each other a few times today and that’s plenty for him, he could choose not to reply to your messages. He probably won’t want to be linked at the hip (or to the smartphone) and is setting some boundaries, especially if you’re just beginning to hang together.


  1. He went out with his friends

No matter how much a guy adores and loves you, he won’t want to miss out on time with his friends to be curled up in a corner texting you. He could not be available to chat because he is sharing pictures of boys’ night on his Instagram profile or checking up on the location of the bar that he and his friends want to visit. Don’t assume that just because a green “active” button has been displayed next to his name, you know what he’s up to.


  1. He is just relaxing and not much in the mood to socialize

Answering the frequent pings from your email might be the last thing you want to do when you have several things to do. Even if the person you’re dating is extremely into you, he could simply need some time to unwind and spend a few hours idly scrolling through memes with no need to respond to anybody (including you).

He could have reached his limit by the time you contact him. Varying individuals have different capabilities for how much digital communication they can tolerate in a day.


  1. He’s attempting to increase your desire for him

Yes, there are occasions when it makes sense to ignore your communications, even if the outcome may not be what the person had in mind. He could believe that being absent (or, you know, not responding) makes the heart grow fonder, not realizing that this just serves to frustrate and worry you.

However, this does not imply that his actions are appropriate. It goes beyond “taking a slow to answer” and into the realm of “being unpleasant” if he keeps you on “read” for days at a time.

How to find out?

The same reason as number 4


  1. He’s unsure of what to say

Have you ever been so hooked on someone that you resisted going crazy and sending them an embarrassing message that would drive them away permanently? You’re not the only one, after all.

Read your most recent chats with him and consider if they are largely friendly, include a challenging question, or hint at a possibly lengthy chat. He could just need some time to consider how to respond if you’ve sent a somewhat introspective message.

  1. He is just browsing social media and isn’t in the mood to talk

One of the reasons he is online but not talking to you might just be because he is not in the mood to talk. He’s not just wasting time on social media since he’s “active” on Messenger.

He may have just logged on to talk business with a possible customer or post anything for the firm he works for as many individuals are compelled to use Facebook and even Instagram for work-related objectives. Perhaps he is just conversing with more friends or family members. In any case, you shouldn’t get anxious (yet) simply because he’s taking a long to respond.

How to find out?

The same reason as number 3

  1. Your last message didn’t deserve a reply

One person can’t carry on a discussion by themselves, therefore if he isn’t replying to your messages, that’s it. He could have assumed you were no longer interested in conversing if your final text to him included something like “OK” or “That’s okay.”

Make sure your messages show you want to continue the topic by asking questions, providing insightful responses, and changing the subject if you feel the chat is becoming boring. If not, you shouldn’t be angry when he quits up.


  1. He believes you are acting needy

How many messages did you send him back-to-back? Have you two been texting each other continually for the last 12 hours, or do you guys ever take a break?

It doesn’t hurt to take a step back and make sure you’re not clogging the guy’s inbox, whether you’re being too clingy or not. Wait a bit if you’re double-texting him every time it takes him more than a few minutes to answer. He’ll contact you once he’s prepared. But otherwise, you should learn how to pull away to make a guy chase you.


  1. He is engaged in a significant activity

He wants to reply to your text, but because he’s distracted right now, he decides it would be best to put off starting a discussion until he has more free time. He withholds all communication until he is certain he can participate completely since he doesn’t want to give you a one-word response or get sidetracked.

How to find out?

The same reason as number 3


  1. He is unable to express his feelings for you

While it’s conceivable that he’s just not interested in you, it’s also possible that the potential reason he’s online but not texting you is that he’s still unsure of his feelings for you. But how much does he like you? Before continuing the talk, he is attempting to take some time to learn the answer since he is unsure. Of course, he could behave like a responsible adult and say as much, but it would be almost too simple. Instead, you’re left wondering what the heck is going on in texting purgatory.


  1. He is ignoring you

This might seem harsh but there are times when the truth is your greatest concern: he is purposefully ignoring your messages. If this keeps happening, he probably simply isn’t into it as much as you are. He surely doesn’t deserve for you to be spending your time and emotional energy waiting for him to react, whether he just doesn’t see you as a priority or has other women he chooses to contact instead.


When you take time out of your day to text him but he doesn’t answer, it’s quite upsetting and you may start seeking and researching for the reasons he is online but not texting you. You can start to worry about what you did wrong or if he doesn’t like you as a result. Even if it’s unlikely, it’s still critical to figure out what’s going on so you can either relax or decide to give up and go on.

The fact that this person is online but not replying to your messages indicates that he either isn’t able to or doesn’t want to communicate with you. It’s been two hours since he last messaged you, so you don’t want to assume the worst and run off but you also don’t want to fool yourself into thinking there’s some plausible reason why he hasn’t messaged you that isn’t just “he’s not feeling you.”

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