signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon
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Signs He Wants You To Be His Girlfriend Soon

You probably want to spend time with this guy, but you are unsure of his intentions; is he simply being sociable, is he seeking nothing more than a hookup, or are there signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon?

Is this man interested in a committed relationship, or is he only searching for fun? Is he a manipulative jerk who merely wants a sexual encounter and the company of other ladies, or are his intentions sincere?

These are the thoughts and questions now running through your head, to which you have no answers. However, do not worry yourself because this article will seek to reveal the reasons and signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon or if he is just playing with you. Meanwhile, before we get started, it is important to know first if you are truly prepared to be his girlfriend. 

signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon

Are You Truly Prepared to Become His Girlfriend?

Have you just concluded a long-term relationship that left you heartbroken and depressed, or are you in a decent mental and emotional position to be dating?

These are the questions you must answer honestly if you want to pursue this person and are seeking dating tips to aid you along the way.

If your heart is already recovering from past heartbreak, the last thing you need is another guy who will play with you too. Nevertheless, if you feel confident and prepared, it’s truly time to discover what this guy wants and whether you’re the woman he wants to be his girlfriend soon.

Here are some ways you can be sure about the guy before checking the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon:

  • It is essential to make a good first impression. This may be accomplished via social media, messaging, or dating applications (if you’re using them to contact him).
  • Confirm that this guy isn’t you are not wasting your time with someone who flirts like a pro but can’t provide when you need one.
  • Is he close to his family and friends, or are they absent from his life? This is significant since it reveals his family’s beliefs and priorities. If he is estranged from the majority of his critical relationships, isn’t that a warning flag?
  • How does he prefer spending time? Is he ambitious and determined, or does he spend his days lounging about like a couch potato and refusing to go to the store? Laziness is a negative indicator, and you should search for someone with ambitions.
  • What would his ex-girlfriend say about him if you questioned her? How he ended his last relationship reveals a great deal about his personality and his suitability as a lover. Ensure that he has not left her devastated and damaged, since you need someone who can offer you closure if things do not work out.

Signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon 

The following signs are to be taken seriously. They are the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon.  These signs include: 

He is eager to learn more about you

One of the first signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon is that he makes an effort to get to know you better.  He will not ask you questions only for conversation, but rather to delve deeply into your psyche and it is a significant point.

Now, the tough issue is that even emotional manipulators want you to speak, and they want to engage you in conversation, but they do it for an entirely different reason.

They want you to provide as much information as possible so they may use it against you. However, when you meet a man who actually cares about you, he will inquire about your life and initiate conversation because he is genuinely interested in your hobbies and activities.

He will not just nod his head whenever you speak. He will actively join in your chat and be eager to learn everything about you.

He will always compliment you

A guy who wants you in his life will always compliment you, not just at any moment, but precisely when you need it the most. A guy who is interested in you or loves you will notice any behavioural adjustments you make.

You will be unable to hide anything from him. When he detects that your mood is down or you aren’t feeling your best, he will lavish you with praise and make you feel like a million dollars.

This guy will know just what and how to convey it. An indifferent guy would just go in the other direction and leave you to deal with your problems. 

He will express his emotions

When a man really likes you, he is not afraid to expose his vulnerable side. Since he trusts you, he will not be hesitant to express his true feelings, and he wants you to trust him before he asks you to be his girlfriend.

And he is the sort of man who will say “I love you” with ease when the moment is perfect. No major secrets will ever exist between the two of you.

This does not imply that you must tell each other everything, but there will be no detrimental secrets. That can be guaranteed. Best of all, this guy will never engage in passive-aggressive behaviour. Instead, he will always let you know if anything you did wound or angered him, so that you may address the issue immediately and not push it under the rug until there is nowhere left to hide it.

He will not play mind games with you

This is one of the guaranteed signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon. A guy who wants a serious relationship with you and wants you to be his girlfriend is that he would never attempt to play mind games with you.

More so, the guy will never persuade or deceive you into doing anything against your will. He is aware that you are an autonomous individual and that he cannot influence you. There is no possibility of emotional manipulation since he loves you for who you are.

Moreover, he is a real man, and genuine men confront difficulties, and on the other hand, boys conceal their insecurity under a variety of techniques.

He will defend you

When a guy has an innate desire to defend your needs, it is one of the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon. This interested guy will always be there for you and watch out for your safety.

When talking about defending you, it does not mean he will follow you and behave possessively since he understands that you need personal space, as do we all.

Nonetheless, if he observes that you feel intimidated by someone or are unable to manage certain issues, he will stand by your side and protect you. This same guy will make it clear that he is constantly at your disposal, but he will also appreciate your freedom since he recognizes that you are more than capable of defending yourself.

He will make every effort to impress you

When a guy falls in love with you, he will ceaselessly attempt to impress you. Since he has a deep affection for you, he is quite concerned with your opinion of him. If you are to become his girlfriend, he desires that you have favorable opinions about him.

This does not indicate that he will pretend to be someone he is not. Instead, he will just be the greatest version of himself around you so that you would like him more.

He will be candid about his history

Everyone has a history, and the guy we are discussing is no different. However, one of the signs the wants you to be his girlfriend soon is that he will not allow his emotional baggage to spoil his chances with you.

This guy will not reveal any secrets to you since he desires a clean slate. Therefore, if he has anything to say, he will say it immediately. He does not want you to learn about his background once the two of you are together.

He is interested in your romantic relationships

When a guy is passionately interested in you, he will try everything in his power to learn more about your romantic history. This does not imply that he wants to dig out your history so he can use it against you; he just wants to know whether you are emotionally accessible and what kind of guys you like so he can determine if he meets the requirements.

In addition, one of the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon is that he will be jealous, especially if he sees you taking intimate pictures with close male friends.  He understands that you and he are not in an official relationship, therefore he has no right to display his jealousy, but he cannot disguise the fact that he feels threatened by the other guys around you.

He starts chatting and calling first 

When a guy initiates communication, it becomes one of the clearest signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon, since they allow him to say the things he probably lacks the guts to speak to you in person.

Even if this man is bashful in person, he is continually asking you out and initiating phone conversations. He is always the first to initiate contact and provide an invitation to spend time together.

If you can connect to this person, you may be certain that he has gone head over heels for you and won’t be able to disguise his affections for much longer.

He will compliment you at random

You may be casually strolling down the street and conversing about anything, and he will glance at you and comment on how lovely your eyes are. In fact, you may be surprised by his honesty, which caught you (quite pleasantly) off guard. 

These compliments might be intense at times but just simply take it that he likes you and wants you in his life as soon as possible. 

He introduced you to his family and friends

If your male friend has allowed you to meet his close friends and family members, it implies he’s serious about you. Men do not introduce random women to their parents.

A deeper emotional connection is required for this to occur and if you are the first ex-girlfriend he has brought to his family, you can be confident that you are precious to him.


Love is a very sweet feeling which can make a man go out of this world in order to get the girl of his dreams and no wonder the average man acts like they don’t think when they are in love.  

There are tons of signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon, including just simple eye contact and act of gesture. The most important thing is for you to realize this sign and be sure to let the guy know what you think so that he doesn’t have to waste his time. 

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