Signs He will Leave his Wife for You
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Signs He will Leave his Wife for You

Are you currently dating a married man? Are you curious as to whether he will leave his wife for you?

Or do you fear that he may end the relationship with you and return to being faithful to his wife?

These inquiries are sufficient to weary a woman. Hopefully, this article helps resolve your confusion. There are ten distinct signs he will leave his wife for you.  

However, here is a cautionary note before you begin;

These are only indicators/signs. It is challenging to hypothesize about anything based merely on observed behaviours. Typically, a man’s actions when you are not around are much more revealing.

Signs He will Leave his Wife for You

Signs that he will leave his wife for you

I am aware that you would want him to simply end his marriage and begin a serious relationship with you, but it is a bit more complicated when dealing with a married individual.

There are other factors that must be considered, such as alimony and child support (if your married man has children).

There is the pain he will inflict on his wife, as well as the danger of a cheating rumour spreading throughout the community. The disapproval of family members and close friends, as well as that of coworkers.

It takes a lot of guts to end a marriage when you find happiness and a deeper emotional connection somewhere else.

Before going to the next step, you should therefore first consider the indications that he is willing to go through all of that for you.

He spends significantly more time with you than with his wife

One of the positive signs that he will leave his wife for you is if he spends more time with you than with her.

It’s become abundantly clear that he always picks you above her.

As you and he spend all of his free time together, it can occasionally feel as though he is not married. Time and effort are clear indicators of compassion.

 The amount of time and effort you devote to a relationship reveals how much you value the other person.

If this man leaves his wife alone and rushes to you, even if he has no need for physical pleasure, he is prepared to leave his marriage.

When he visits you whenever he is free, he is deliberately selecting you over her.

If giving you all of his time could demonstrate his care for you, he would do so.

He is emotionally prepared to divorce his wife, which is the most crucial step.

He introduces you to his children

If I had to choose one and tell you, “This is the clearest sign he will leave his wife for you,” this would be it.

If he has children and makes an effort to introduce you to them, you can be certain he will soon leave his wife.

This action requires courage, so if he is willing to take it, he is prepared for anything.

He encourages you to get along with his children and will assist you in every way possible.

He will inform them that you really are the woman of his thoughts and that he was unable to marry their mother because she is not the one.

This is a serious matter, and if he is willing to accomplish this, you have no reason to doubt his assurances.

It is very clear that he will leave his wife.

He sends you an SMS/text message while he is with his wife

If he texts you when his wife is sitting next to him, you can interpret this as one of the positive signs that he will leave his wife for you.

He likely no longer cares if she finds out since he enjoys your company more than hers.

You may be considered his soulmate. His wedding band is the only thing preventing him from running away with you.

Even though you just met in person yesterday, he cannot resist the impulse to text you because he cannot stop thinking about you.

You have completely captured his mind and heart, and he cannot go a single second without thinking about you.

He is sensitive to your emotions

When you are in his presence, you do not only feel like a body. You are not a toy that he plays with and discards when he is finished.

Instead, he gives you the impression that he genuinely cares about your emotions. He makes sure to check on you and see how you’re doing on a regular basis.

If he observes that you are in distress, he will rush to your aid. You are a vital part of his life, and he wishes for you to recognize this.

He demonstrates that he is not playing with your emotions, which would imply that he is also playing with his own.

Instead, he cares about you as a person and is incapable of causing you harm.

If any of these phrases describe your relationship, you should consider it one of the signs that he will leave his wife for you.

He shares more similarities with you than with her, and he likely pays more attention to how you feel than she does.

You could text him that you had a bad day, and he would find a way to come see you regardless of the circumstances.

His feelings are real, and he doesn’t see you as a toy he can throw away when he gets bored.

Instead, he wants you to know that what you have is real and that he has no plans to get rid of it.

He constantly makes arrangements for your next appointment

Another sign that he will leave his wife for you is if he consistently plans something lovely for you.

He designs his schedule around you, as he desires to spend as much time as possible with you.

A married man who has no intention of leaving his wife will only meet you when it is convenient for him.

But this one is pursuing you with all his strength.

You can tell that he disregards his wife’s requests in order to spend quality time with you and make you happy.

He demonstrates his desire for your company by giving you his undivided attention.

He does not appear to be as important to him like you, and he is not hesitant to express it.

He makes you feel protected and secure

Do you consider him to be your comfort zone? Who can you trust and who will not harm you?

Observe how he shields you from the judgmental gazes of those who believe you are making a mistake?

He is continually assuring you that no one can harm you as long as he is nearby. And he honours his word.

He makes you feel secure and assures you that you can depend on him at all times.

It is as if he is your hero who has come to rescue you from the horrible people who exist outside of your happy world.

If this man demonstrates a desire to make you feel safe and protected from anyone who intends to harm you, it is a definite sign that he will leave his wife for you.

If he viewed you as a passing phase or something fleeting, he would not exert so much effort to protect you and be there for you.

Believe me, he would obtain what he desired and then leave. He would not concern himself with ensuring your safety.

He doesn’t hide you anymore

We are all aware of how extramarital affairs operate.

No texting while their spouse is there, no public meetings, and absolutely no tagging or uploading images on social media.

These are some general guidelines to follow if you don’t want your partner to discover your affair.

When a married man is willing to leave his wife for you, though, he will cease hiding you.

When he is truly prepared to move on and begin a new life with you, he will no longer be embarrassed to hold your hand in public or introduce you to his closest friends.

He knows that his wife will eventually be upset about his affair, so he wants it to end as soon as possible so he can breathe normally again.

He is ready to move on with his life, having gotten over his ex-wife. He longs to fall asleep next to you instead of her at the end of the day

He has genuine feelings for you and no longer cares if the entire world knows it.

He discusses your future.

One of the signs that he will leave his wife for you is if he begins to make preparations for your future together.

Typically, if he was not serious, you would discuss minor and unimportant matters.

But when he falls madly in love with you and even considers leaving his wife for you, he will begin to include you in his future plans.

Then you will see he is not joking and his intentions are sincere.

When small talk turns into a conversation about important things, you’ll be able to tell that he really wants it.

He might suggest that the two of you move in together, start a family, or something similar.

Regardless of the circumstances, you will be able to see that he wants you in his life, as he is telling you so honestly.

He wants to spend the rest of his life with you and is now testing how you feel about his plans.

He discusses his wedding with you

When he discusses his marriage with you, it is because he trusts you and wants you to know exactly how he feels about it.

A man who still loves his wife would never discuss a private matter like his marriage with a woman with whom he has no serious plans.

When he believes, however, that you are the one, he will divulge all of the problems he has had throughout his marriage.

He may tell you that the flame has died out or that there is no longer any affection.

No matter what it is, the point is that he would never talk to you about such important things if he wasn’t serious.

He confides in you and knows he can tell you his secrets

You are the one person who will not criticize him or look at him with disapproval when he freely expresses his emotions.

He acknowledges that he desires a divorce.

Has he reached the point where he openly tells you that he wants a divorce?

He thinks he can’t be unhappy with the choices he’s made for the rest of his life.

Because it is detrimental to his health and he wants to make a change, he tells you that his marriage is not making him happy and he must leave it.

There are no more reasons for him to remain in a relationship that makes him sad, so he wishes to spend his entire life with you.

Now, he requires your assistance. He needs you to be with him, to have his back, and to assist him in achieving his goals. Indeed, this is you.

When a married man reveals he wants a divorce, it is a strong sign that he will leave his wife for you since she makes him unhappy.

 He chose you over her, regardless of the repercussions. If he tells you this without you giving him an ultimatum, he is in love with you and wants you to be the one woman in his life.


Assuming you notice that he’s not doing anything and that his promise to leave his wife isn’t true, you should realize that he’s just messing with you.

He is not interested in anything substantial, and he is using his words to deceive you.

Once he achieves his goal, he will disregard your feelings and go away.

On the other hand, pay close attention to this man’s activities if he has informed you that he loves you and will get a divorce as soon as feasible.

Examine him carefully for any sign that he will leave his wife for you.

It is one thing to say something, but an entirely different thing to back up those words with deeds.

This is what you should search for.

Everyone might come to you and promise to do extraordinary things for you, just to vanish from your life later on.

The objective is to determine who will not do it.


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