Signs your Girlfriend Likes another Guy
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Signs your Girlfriend Likes another Guy

Want to know the most visible and convincing signs that your girlfriend likes another guy? This is the article for you.

During the course of a relationship, it is normal for one of the two partners to develop feelings for someone else. However, there is a line between an innocent crush and infidelity, regardless of how you and your partner define the term. If you suspect that your girlfriend likes another guy, paying attention to the signs and engaging in candid dialogues might be beneficial.

That being said, the most loving and trustworthy relationships experience periods of uncertainty. Before you take action based on your observable signs that your girlfriend likes another guy, it is essential to confirm that your suspicions are founded.

Finally, it is crucial to understand any personal fears that may be influencing your perception of the scenario. Licensed marriage and family therapist Katie Ziskind previously told Bustle, “If your ex-girlfriend cheated on you and that was the reason you broke up, you may have developed trust issues around infidelity and cheating.

Signs your Girlfriend Likes another Guy

Signs your Girlfriend Likes Another Guy

According to experts, there are signs your girlfriend likes another guy but has not yet acted on it. The list is as follows; 

1. She appears emotionally distant or is ignoring you

The prospect of the girl you love giving you the cold shoulder is enough to make any partner cringe.

If you suspect your girlfriend’s genuine intentions, observe how she treats you when you hang out or spend time alone – does she appear apathetic or uninterested in what you have to say?

Does she consider your opinions trivial, or does she completely disregard them?

Does it appear as though your presence has no effect on her conduct?

Is she entirely idle on social media and through the phone?

Your relationship is in trouble if you’re beginning to feel invisible around your girlfriend.

2. Her schedule has altered irregularly

A deviation from the usual may signal that your girlfriend is experiencing inner turmoil. Observing new behaviors in your relationship, together with other indicators, may indicate a crush.

When you’ve been dating someone for a while, you should become familiar with their routine and everyday habits simply by spending time with them.

Observing a sudden change in how your girlfriend spends her time should be unsettling and cause you concern. However, if you also observe some of the other warning flags in this article, you may have cause for concern.

This is especially true if your girlfriend’s new schedule involves her engaging in activities that she previously avoided with you.

At the beginning of a new relationship, individuals are typically more willing to participate in social activities they dislike if doing so will please their spouse.

3. She frequently discusses another guy in your presence

If your girlfriend likes another guy, she may begin to discuss about him frequently.

This will ensure you that they have not yet acted on their desires, but a probable attraction may be beginning to develop in their hearts.

It may be frustrating to hear her praise another guy, but it may be an indication or sign that they have less to conceal.

If it starts to disturb you, you should sit down with her and discuss your worries.

4. You are receiving less romantic attention from her

If one partner grows uncomfortable with physical proximity to the other, this is one of the most clear and fundamental signs that something is wrong in a relationship.

Physical intimacy needs a tremendous level of trust from both partners, whether it involves holding hands, snuggling, making out, or having sex.

If one partner realizes that his or her trust has been betrayed, physical contact can become awkward and unnatural, even if it was previously effortless. Also, if your girlfriend likes another guy, she will not feel the same desire to engage in skin-ship with you and may wish for someone else to be the recipient.

5. Her schedule suddenly fills up

Sometimes, girlfriends and boyfriends with busy, active lives will find it difficult to make time for each other. This is entirely normal and a problem that most couples face.

However, if your girlfriend suddenly becomes too busy to hang out with you for extended periods of time and her explanation doesn’t sound plausible, this could indicate that she is spending her free time with another person.

If your girlfriend has recently had difficulty making time to spend out with you and her justifications don’t make sense, you have every cause to be concerned.

6. She is worried about a friend’s romantic involvement

If your girlfriend isn’t attracted to anyone else, they won’t be concerned with anyone else’s relationship as long as yours is proceeding properly.

However, if they are drawn to another person, you will find them meddling in their business.

While it’s not uncommon to have ideas about the partners of your friends, there is a difference between interest and fixation. If your girlfriend is paying special attention to a friend’s relationship, this could be a sign.

If your girlfriend appears to be extremely envious and upset by the love relationships of a friend or acquaintance, they may be drawn to that individual.

7. She is paying close attention to somebody’s social media accounts

In the present era, mobile phones and other personal electronic gadgets are the primary means by which we communicate with our friends and families.

However, if your girlfriend likes another guy, there is a significant likelihood that she utilized her phone to stay in touch with him.

Observe how your partner holds her phone when she is texting; does she hold it near to her body? Has she added a password recently?

Does she deny you permission to use it?

Does she appear unwilling to let it leave her sight?

If so, she may be hiding something.

8. She demonstrates a refusal to recognise the relationship

If one person in a relationship realizes that she has betrayed her boyfriend’s trust, she may become angry if her relationship is even mentioned in passing.

Talking about her relationship may bring up emotions of guilt by evoking memories of her betrayal and causing her aggravation by reminding her that she is still in her present relationship, preventing her from developing affections for another person.

Try asking your girlfriend a few questions to gauge her comfort and willingness to discuss your relationship.

If she appears disconnected, cagey, annoyed, embarrassed, or reluctant to answer your inquiries and attempts abnormally to avoid any opportunity to communicate with you, it is evident that something is wrong.

9. She is sharing less with you

If your girlfriend has stopped discussing their ordinary thoughts and emotions with you, it’s likely that something needs to be addressed in the relationship.

Even if it hasn’t been acted upon, external attraction is a potential cause of this issue. Your girlfriend may act distant, and you may observe that she is quieter than usual.

No one wants to discuss their attraction to someone else if they are already in a relationship.

She may not be communicating with you because she still cares about you and is taking precautions against an inadvertent slip-up, or because she wants to conceal her affair simply because she can.

10. Begins to attire differently

A quick, abrupt shift in a person’s attire can indicate that another area of their life has changed for both sexes.

For instance, it may indicate that someone has recently become single, lost a loved one and is in mourning, or obtained a new job.

However, within the confines of a committed relationship, if someone adopts a drastically different “look” without warning and offers no explanation or only flimsy excuses, it may be a sign that she is attempting to change herself in accordance with someone else’s likes or dislikes in order to impress a third party.

11. She becomes a work- or hobby-holic overnight

If she continues to find more and more reasons to be away from home, this will inevitably raise your concerns.

While you can’t stop her from pursuing her career or engaging in her hobbies, if she isn’t approachable when she’s outside or exhibits signs of vagueness and secrecy, she may be lying about her whereabouts and spending time with someone she doesn’t want you to know about, especially if she’s attracted to him or likes him.


Infidelity is unbearable in a relationship.

Before taking any action, you should be keenly alert to the odd signs that indicate your girlfriend’s prospective attraction to someone outside the relationship.

You may be mistaken, and your hasty actions will only worsen the problem and cause you to lose a relationship you hold dear.

If your issues are growing, take the opportunity to discuss them with your girlfriend. Start a calm chat if you have a great deal of spare time.

Introduce your problems in a manner that appears amenable to the conversation. If your tone is accusatory or demeaning, your efforts to rectify the situation will be futile.

Compel your girlfriend to reveal the truth and express her thoughts openly.

If she agrees to a prospective outside interest that is becoming more serious than a “crush,” it is preferable to terminate the relationship on a solid basis rather than during an emotional outburst.

It will prevent you from potential pain and the futile pursuit of a relationship that has produced no future seeds.


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