signs your husband has a crush on another woman
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Signs Your Husband Has a Crush on Another Woman

Are you concerned that your spouse is having affection for someone else? Maybe you’ve seen signals that they’re becoming closer, and it’s impacting your relationship?

Are your suspicion and jealousy making you crazy? If you answered yes to these questions, it will be in your best interest to have good enough proof regarding the situation on the ground before taking action. 

In most cases, your anxieties will often lead to further conflict and push your spouse away from you. It’s better to set your mind at ease than to dwell in these awful feelings.

signs your husband has a crush on another woman

Signs Your Husband Has a Crush on Another Woman

We have compiled different signs that your spouse has a crush on another woman, hence, his reason for despising you. 

1. He’s become increasingly focused on his phone

If your spouse seems to be using his phone a lot more, you should be concerned and it is one of the strong signs your spouse has a crush on another woman. However, there may be a perfectly valid explanation: he’s having a very stressful period at work, but if he is secretive with his phone, you should be concerned. This might be walking away from you, not responding when a phone call comes in or using his phone excessively late at night.

“Who is it?” you might inquire. He will be honest with you if he has nothing to hide. Unfortunately, if he responds suspiciously or protectively, it will almost certainly be another woman.

2. He isn’t as interested in you as he used to be

This might be concerning if he has suddenly started avoiding you or has become much less intimate with you. Of course, there might be a variety of legitimate reasons for this, like being stressed or unwell. It might, however, be one of the signs your spouse has a crush on another woman romantically. If he isn’t giving you the same amount of love and romanticism that he used to, he may be displaying it to someone else.

3. He’s becoming more interested in you

This may seem contradictory to the last point, but when men feel guilty about having affection for someone else, they can go to extremes to disguise their sentiments. He may be buying you presents, surprising you with flowers, or setting up a passionate lovemaking session for you. It’s simple to appreciate what your partner does for you. If this isn’t his regular behaviour, though, you should inquire as to why he is being so excessively into you.

Perhaps he’s simply expressing his affection for you. Or maybe he’s attempting to hide his guilt by demonstrating to you that he loves you and you alone. He might be attempting to establish a love connection with you to prove to himself that you are the one he wants to be with.

4. He’s spending an increasing amount of time away from you

This might be a reason for worry if your spouse has suddenly had a lot more business meetings or needs to remain late at work regularly. Furthermore, you will want to believe it’s simply a very hectic period at work, but you recognize that’s definitely not the case.

Work and business meetings, as well as weekends away, are common cover-ups for cheating. One way or the other, you might want to confirm if he is really at work for business purposes or if he is lying to you. For example, you may offer your assistance and see how he responds. If he rejects right immediately or seems defensive, the business meetings may be suspicious. 

It’s vital to note that lying and sneaking around doesn’t only show signs your husband has a crush on another woman; they also indicate a far more serious kind of infidelity. 

5. He’s paying a lot of attention to another woman

This is one of the clearest signs your husband has a crush on another woman. This is a significant red flag if you catch him being too friendly to someone in particular, or behaving differently around someone.

Also, if he goes out of his way to interact with someone when he does not need to, it may be because he wants to talk to them on purpose. For example, if he stays behind after picking up your kids from school to chat to their teacher (not about your kids), it may be because he likes her.

6. He’s become much more conscious about his physical appearance

Your husband’s fashion appearance and style may have improved because he’s attempting to impress someone other than you. Whether you suspect this, think about if he spends more time getting dressed in the morning or if he simply cares about leaving the home with his new perfume and immaculate hair.

He might be making these changes for someone other than himself or you if he is devoting a lot more effort to his physical appearance. Signing up for a gym membership or going to the gym more regularly might be an indication that he wants his physique to appear better to someone else.

7. He has commenced talking about another woman

Your husband will most likely start chatting about the person he has a crush on without even recognizing it. He’ll start mentioning her name in passing or recalling a hilarious story she told him. He may not be doing it on purpose, but he might be doing it to seem innocent and pretend that any feelings he has for this lady are platonic.

Men will most likely not discuss other women with their spouses because they are uninterested in doing so. So, if he’s been mentioning a particular woman a lot lately, you can bet she’s the one he’s crushing on.

8. He feels jittery and uneasy around you

He doesn’t have any cause to be frightened or jumpy around you, especially if you both are married. If he has anything to hide, though, he will behave in this manner. If you say anything about the person you believe he has a crush on, or anything about cheating/loyalty, he may get agitated and defensive.

This can also be because he’s attempting to keep his feelings for another woman hidden from you. He will attempt to disguise his shame, but he won’t be able to do so successfully.

9. He interacts with her on social media by commenting and liking her posts

You may check up on the lady on Facebook or Instagram if you already know who she is. Although social media does not always mirror real-life relationships, it might help you figure out whether the signs your husband has a crush on another woman are true or not. Take a quick and deep look at the woman’s social media pages if you have any idea who she is.

It might be alarming if you observe your spouse commenting on or liking a lot of her images. Even more so, if your spouse makes long or sexually suggestive remarks, this might be a strong indicator that he has affection for her.

10. His sensitivity may be higher than normal

If your husband has a crush on another woman, he may feel frustrated and imprisoned by his emotions as well as the marriage you both share. For instance, he will be attempting to suppress his affections for someone else, and he’ll have to keep his feelings for this other person hidden from you.

If you find that your spouse is unusually sensitive to whatever you say to him, or that he is more combative and nasty than normal, it might be an indication that he is emotionally frustrated. This might result in you and your partner disagreeing more than normal over little issues, or him emotionally closing down towards you.


It is normal for a man to have a crush on another woman but where it gets awkward is when his behavior begins to change because he probably sees a better future with his crush than with you. With the help of this guide, you can now identify the signs your husband has a crush on another woman

Follow and study these signs clearly to be near-accurate in your accusations towards your husband before you decide to approach him and question him.

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