what is cuckolding

What is Cuckolding?

Like many other weird terms, cuckolding is also one of those things that we often see in porn-related videos and articles. However, many individuals really wish their spouse was up for some cuck-play. While some people may ask why on earth our guy would be into his girlfriend picking up a muscular guy from the bar down the street for some Friday night fun. This sexual situation doesn’t have to stay in the realm of fiction. Learn everything there is to know about cuckolding below.

What is Cuckolding?

what is cuckolding

A cuckold is a person who enjoys seeing their mate having sex with another person. It is usually a guy whose girlfriend or wife is having sex with someone else, and there is a component of the guy being made fun of for his wife’s lack of interest in him sexually. Of course, couples of any sexual orientation, gender, or position may enjoy cuckolding, and there is a broad range of perspectives on how the couple perceives the encounters with the third person. When just one spouse has other partners, it can sometimes be more like an open relationship.

Where the term “cuckold” originated from

Unbelievably, the cuckoo bird is the source of the term “cuckold.” It is well knowledge that female cuckoo birds sneak into other birds’ nests to deposit their eggs, allowing another bird to take care of the eggs and see to it that they hatch without harm. The cuckoo hatchling develops more quickly than the eggs from the other species. Unaware adoptive parents will be perplexed, but they will continue to feed it, ultimately throwing its smaller nestmates to their deaths to make way for the biggest egg.

The term “cuckold” was first used in the Middle Ages to refer to males who had unfaithful spouses, particularly those who had children who were not biologically their own. Some guys would even dream about their spouse being pregnant by one of their partners in today’s cuckold fantasy scenarios.

Why is it popular and why do people do it?

Because we live in a world where monogamy is the norm, many people think it strange that someone might be turned on by their spouse sleeping with someone else. However, there are a ton of reasons why individuals, mostly males, like cuckolding:


  1. Compersion

To “steal delight from another person’s joy” is the definition of the term “compersion.” Consensually non-monogamous persons sometimes cite this as a reason why some people love “sharing” their partners or as something they come to value over time to assist them to combat possible jealousy. To make it easy, some individuals love cuckolding because they enjoy seeing their spouse enjoy herself.


  1. The taboo element

The same reason why individuals are into this fetish is one reason why people are perplexed by it (and this goes for many fetishes and kinks). Cuckolding maybe even more seductive to certain people since, in our society, you aren’t “supposed” to desire your spouse to have a sexual relationship with someone else, especially not in your home or in front of your own eyes.


  1. Exploring sexual orientation

Cuckolding sometimes provides a guy with a secure environment in which to explore his prospective interest in other men. In essence, the guy may have sex with the [other] guy by using their wife as a ‘proxy.


  1. Power dynamics

Many people take pleasure in cuckolding’s subservient aspects. They seek to participate in power dynamics that entail helping their partner discover and/or appease the “alpha” partner and serving their partner (the bull). They could even like the embarrassment that comes from believing that someone else can fulfill their spouse’s needs more effectively than they can, and they’ll want their partner to play up this notion by engaging in filthy conversation or bragging about the sex they had.

You can witness the cuckold imprisoned in a box as a lady and a bull have sex on top of the box in some intense BDSM cuckolding film. Videos of the cuck cleaning up after sexual actions or engaging in other demeaning behaviors to facilitate the bull and the female partner’s enjoyment can also be seen online.


  1. Candaulism

The candaulism fetish is implicated in many (cuckolding instances), where the husband gets a rush and a sense of pride from having a wife who other men desire and from showing her off/sharing her [with] those guys. If this is the main reason a guy likes cuckolding, there’s a significant likelihood he prefers hotwifing over cuckolding.


  1. Porn

Pornographic depictions of people having sex are something that many of us love seeing. Some guys believe that they may have their porn star perform for them at home through cuckolding.


  1. Healthy Competition

According to some studies, there are men who “reclaim” their wives by turning their sexual jealousy over being cuckolded into a turbocharge of romantic arousal. This biological drive commonly referred to as sperm competition theory,” contends that seeing your spouse having sex with another guy might result in the cuck having a more powerful orgasm, having more sperm, and being physically ready for sex sooner (otherwise known as a shorter refractory period).

Who Would Want a Cuckold Relationship?

People who love consensual non-monogamy could think about getting into a cuckold relationship. Any relationship in which partners express a clear and explicit desire to engage in many romantic or sexual relationships concurrently is referred to as consensual non-monogamy.

Sometimes a cuckold relationship entails one person being present while sex occurs. Other times, they could only assist their spouse in getting ready for a date with someone else or just listen to the story as it is told.

In other situations, a person could feel content knowing their spouse is having a good time with someone else. They could take pleasure in seeing someone else get the approval of their significant other, and they might become aroused by taunts about how poorly they fulfill their relationship.

Alternative Relationship Dynamics to Cuckolding

There are other methods, like cuckolding, for individuals to get pleasure from the attention that their love partners get from others. The following instances illustrate this:


  • Hotwifing

Reserved for guys, a husband could take delight in “hotwifing” if having an attractive wife fills him with pride and pleasure. This guy will urge her to have sex with other men, almost as a sign of his approval. He could even observe while his wife is performing.

Instead of the benign enjoyment or perhaps shame associated with cuckolding, the focus of hotwifing is pride. However, a lot of people use the terms hotwifing and cuckolding interchangeably.


  • Candaulism

A person exposes their partner’s private photos for other people to lust over in this behavior. This companion can sometimes be made directly available to others for their sexual enjoyment.

Candaulism tends to include more voyeurism than cucking, which involves real physical contact.

How to Try Cuckolding

There are various situations in relationships when cuckolding is appropriate. It might be challenging to broach this issue for anybody wishing to discuss this relationship with a significant other. There are, however, legal and moral methods to discuss this behavior with your spouse.

Follow the steps below if you want to try cuckolding:

  1. Start By Being Honest

It’s crucial to be sincere while discussing cuckolding with a significant other. The subject must be brought up gently, to make your motivation for doing this clearer.

When one learns that their spouse has certain impulses, they may respond differently. Although you may always hope for the best, your spouse might not share your optimism. They might even feel offended. Therefore, it’s also possible that your idea may be turned down. However, there’s also a chance that your spouse may also be curious or express some interest.

Just keep in mind to be sincere and be ready to react to any queries or anxieties that your spouse may have.


  1. Dip Slowly into Things

Finding a third person to join you right away may not be the best course of action if your partner consents to explore this facet of your sexual connection.

Maybe you start by discussing cuckolding in foreplay or during intimate moments. For instance, the cuckold could discuss how much it would make them sexy to see their lover enjoying the company of someone else.

Perhaps you advance by observing your partner’s reaction if you flirt with someone else in their presence. You can also consider talking to a third party about virtual or phone sex to see how you feel about it. Before your first cuckolding session, taking these little steps might help you both get used to the situation.


  1. Keep the lines of communication open

It’s crucial for partners and other parties to regularly communicate their sentiments and comfort levels during a cuckolding relationship. Everyone should be able to express what they would want to see more of, what they would like to see less of, or if they would prefer to suspend further interactions during sessions.

What to Think About in a Cuckold Relationship

Complex emotions and exposure to elements that might harm one’s health can occur in a cuckold relationship. There are a few key points that should be discussed while trying to establish this connection with a partner:

They include:

  • Safety Risks

A system that allows for several sexual partners may raise the risk of STD transmission. Always be upfront about your past relationships and practice safe sex.


  • Changed Emotions

Common feelings that may surface in a situation with several partners include rage, jealousy, and grief. These emotions should be allowed, as well as the possibility that one or more parties may lose interest in a cuckolding arrangement despite initially expressing delight.

Cuckolding Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Do go slowly

Several relationship experts lament the fact that many individuals idealize their desire to the point that they are shocked by powerful, unexpected emotions when they attempt to make their fantasy a reality. To ease into exploring these dreams, couples should start slowly. This will allow for plenty of check-ins and dialogue about thoughts, responses, and worries.

Watching porn together, having your spouse Skype or FaceTime sex with someone else while you watch, or even something as easy as asking your partner about people they find attractive are all examples of ways to dip your toes into the relationship. A threesome is another straightforward path to non-monogamy, but this is also a significant step that needs good preparation.


  1. Don’t attempt to persuade your spouse to participate in an activity they don’t like

On the internet, you will discover self-described “experts” attempting to instruct you on how to “trick” your wife into cuckolding you. Don’t do this. No matter how kinky the act, consent is crucial in all sexual interactions. It’s crucial to accept people’s sexual preferences if they don’t share them.


  1. Beforehand, do talk about what both of you are comfortable with

As with any dream, actions should be thoroughly considered before being taken. Does the cuck intend to observe? Do they want you to provide them with every little detail? Would you both want to choose the third partner jointly? Do you want to be selective about who you let participate in your cuckolding? Do you want your spouse to make you feel inferior? Even once you’re both stimulated by the same broad dream, there are a ton of questions to resolve together. To avoid hurting anyone’s emotions later, make sure you and the other person are on the same page upfront.

The most important thing is constant communication with all parties involved to ensure that everyone is completely aware of the requirements and limits. Additionally, it is always OK to take a pause or alter your mind.


  1. Avoid objectifying the third person entirely (unless they like it)

Sadly, when a third person is asked to play with a couple, they often wind up being used like a sex toy via cuckolding and threesomes. To ensure that the manner you go about exploring your desires doesn’t do any damage, there are several racial factors (and, frankly, pure racism) at play with cuckolding.

Most people would want to be treated as fellow beings, not as an afterthought to your and your partner’s sex life, with a few kinky exceptions. Make sure to treat your new third partner with the same respect and communication as you give your main relationship.


  1. Do implement safety measures

As usual, even if you’ve been monogamous for a sizable period, make sure you both get tested and use protection before engaging in any sex with a new partner. Of course, you should also make sure that your new companion undergoes testing beforehand.


In the end, it’s fantastic if you want to explore cuckolding with your spouse. It can be a fun way to spice up your sex life or dabble with nonmonogamy. However, it’s absolutely okay also if you and your spouse decide that cuckolding is something that’s too severe for a real-life situation but is a ton of fun as a dream exclusively.

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