What to do if a girl is playing hard to get
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What To Do If A Girl Is Playing Hard To Get

Let’s be honest here. No matter how much we try to paint it, dating is actually a game where one party acts all so important and the other party seems inferior in the relationship. And to make matters worse, think of it as a poker game in which each participant is suspicious of the other, attempting to predict their next move, and eager to gain an edge. The ultimate objective in every relationship is to have the upper hand.

Men have often grumbled that women play hard to get and it is totally acceptable in today’s world. Evolution has given women a substantial edge in terms of their ability to find companions. Men, on the other hand, have the arduous burden of courting and chasing women, not to mention fierce rivalry from other men. However, there is always a reason why your woman is playing hard to get. 

Notwithstanding the variety of reasons your woman plays hard to get, you should learn what to do when a girl is playing hard to get. Remember that relationships are not like a typical Hollywood movie where the guy talks with a lady on their first meeting and she is already drooling over you. Women, who have the opportunity of selecting from a pool of applicants, have the time to subject you to their mind games and tests to determine whether you deserve her companionship.

What to do if a girl is playing hard to get

Why does a girl play hard to get?

This is a question that comes with a simple yet explanatory answer. First of all, you will want to take a test drive before purchasing a vehicle, right? Finding a possible spouse is accomplished in the same manner. Why wouldn’t it be? Consider that maintaining relationships requires an investment of time, resources, and emotion. No matter how many anniversaries are counted, there is a possibility that it will not work out in the end. Therefore, it is necessary to be certain from the start

Playing hard to get is one method for women to assess whether or not a possible partner is up to the effort. She needs to know whether you are interested in her and not just a sloppy, desperate drunk seeking a one-night encounter.

Things to keep in mind before considering what to do when a girl is playing hard to get

Before you get to the main discussion regarding what to do when a girl is playing hard to get with you is to check out several crucial factors you need to have in your mind:

They include:

  1. Is she intentionally avoiding me, or is she simply really busy? You meet a girl at a bar. You summon your bravery, adjust your jacket, and then utter that fantastic one-line opener. It succeeded. A few minutes of small conversation revealed that she works 10 hours each day in addition to art school after-hours studies. Numbers are exchanged, and expectations grow.


Now, do not get frustrated if she does not instantly respond to your calls and texts. Remember that in modern times, women may also be career-focused, just like men. Do not feel terrible if she declines your offer of dinner after work. Perhaps it is not a good moment; she may have had a poor day or be experiencing the worst part of her menstruation. In this circumstance, you shouldn’t accuse her of playing hard to get. 

  1. Is she really interested, or is she just amused by your misfortune? This is another crucial point to look at before considering what to do when a girl is playing hard to get with you. After all, who doesn’t like the sensation of being chased? There is no greater ego-booster than the sense of being chased, whether by a woman or a man. However, one must be intelligent enough to spot a lady who is only playing games with you.


A typical danger for men who are so influenced by the notion of the manic pixie dream girl is to believe that no matter how long it takes, she will eventually fall for them. If you’ve asked her out many times and she’s still “not sure,” it may be time to move on.

She exhibits mercurial behaviour on occasion, one day being nice and lovable, then disappearing the next. It depends on whether or not you still feel safe pursuing her. If despite your attempts, she continues to give you attention for her convenience, she may be a player, and you should avoid spending your time with her.

What to do when a girl is playing hard to get

Once you’ve discovered that she is truly playing hard to get, here’s how to play your cards correctly.

Increase your level of effort

Men are responsible for 70 percent of the dating effort, as previously stated. If she first resists your advances, you should increase your effort. Texting and instant messaging are OK for the first few days, but emojis alone will not earn you a date. You should man up, dial her number, and speak with her.

You can demonstrate effort without imitating someone she likes to get her attention. It might be as easy as making her laugh, introducing her to fascinating web content, and recommending movies that fit her interests. The idea is to demonstrate genuine curiosity in her life. If she is unhappy or elated over anything, be prepared to listen. Extending yourself for her benefit might demonstrate your sincerity. This will make her feel that even if she only met you a few days ago, her life is a little brighter because of you.

Be confident, but not on a pride level

Playing hard to get can take on several forms. It may vary from the modest, daughter-of-a-pastor variety to the caustic, dismissive, and aggressive kind. Women often use this to see whether you are easily frightened and likely to crumble under pressure. In this situation, you must be confident and adaptable.

Consider body language, posture, and habits, as well as anything else you might use to your advantage. However, learn to measure your degree of confidence while being authentic. You don’t want to overdo it and come on too strongly for her taste, nor do you want to seem to be a poser who is all talk.

Play her game

If she is still playing hard to get and you are still bothered about what to do when a girl is playing hard to get, you should check out this step. Why can’t you play hard to get if she can? Is there a better way to win than to face a woman’s challenge on equal footing? Make her sometimes miss you a bit. Keep in mind that even when she seems to be testing you, she secretly desires your attention.

For maybe a few weeks, you provide her with a high level of attention, including phone calls, funny text messages, Facebook likes and comments, and cerebral coffee talks. Then abruptly, you gradually withdraw the audience’s focus. You may skip hangouts and phone calls on purpose and then observe her dating withdrawal symptoms. If she continues to play hard to get for an extended period and you plant indications that she’s losing you, she may get paranoid. It is somewhat deceptive, yeah.

If everything else fails, confront her directly

You can ask, “Where do we intend to go with this?” You have been the most polite and thoughtful guy you’ve ever been in your months of dating. Even if she is portraying Moriarty as the female usual behavior, she may be caught off guard by this. However, this might also demonstrate your will to get her.

Nevertheless, timing is crucial. Choose an appropriate moment to ask her out and be careful not to ruin the atmosphere. Probably after a relaxing dinner, at a secret and romantic location, when you two are speechless, then you can make your move and confront her. You may say, it is risky, but who knows? Some women value sincerity and honesty the most.


What to do when a girl is playing hard to get remains one of the most confusing yet sweet things girls do to ensure they do not enter the wrong relationship. It is dependent on attentive observation and the creation of positive encounters between two parties. Even if it doesn’t work out, didn’t you at least enjoy your date with her?

Remember that the dating phase is when you test the waters and it is the location where initial impressions are either reinforced or dismissed. If you make a good initial impression on her, she will likely test your authenticity by dangling you a little longer. The rest is up to you if you will either condone it or leave her for good. 

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