What to do when a girl is mad at you
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What to Do When a Girl is Mad at You

Being the target of a woman’s rage may be nerve-wracking, particularly if she is significant to you in some manner like your girlfriend. You probably do not know what to do when a girl is mad at you. The kind of anger we mean here is not a just little anger women display once in a while. We mean a type of anger that is capable of destroying a relationship or keeping couples far apart from each other for a long time. Meanwhile, what should you do to calm her anger without aggravating the situation?

Most guys, including you reading, are not aware of what to do when a girl is mad at you since they do not understand why women get angry. And here is the secret: if you understand the true causes of women’s anger, it bec comes simple to address it. Perhaps you failed to keep to your promise or she suspects you are having an affair with another woman or you decided to shout at her because of a little mistake.

What to do when a girl is mad at you

What to Do When a Girl is Mad at You

The smallest of things can bring up serious issues between you and your partner. However, the below steps highlight what to do when a girl is mad at you. 

Allow her space if she requests it

First of all, if she requested some breathing space, honor her request. She may be really angry at the moment, but in a few hours or days, she will likely no longer be. If she is enraged, your initial instinct may be to address the issue immediately to put a stop to the situation. However, she may not be prepared for it; therefore it is advisable to offer her a break if she requests one.

This is beneficial for you, even if it may not feel that way at the moment. This will allow you to think about yourself and choose how you want to approach the issue. Don’t get all worried because it is very acceptable to feel miserable, even if you realize you’ve made a mistake. 

Perhaps, she will say something like the following:

  • “I need space please”.
  • “Get out of my sight and don’t come close to me”.

Offer her your genuine apologies

Don’t merely go through the motions of apologizing; demonstrate sincere regret. Make eye contact, admit that you did something wrong, and do not attempt to shift the responsibility to her. If you want to justify your actions, feel free to do so, but avoid minimizing your error. If she has questions, you must respond. If she continues to seem unhappy, ask her what you might do to make amends. This is one of the trusted ways to get your woman to overlook the ugly situation, especially if you are still considering what to do when a girl is mad at you. 

If there is a delay between the beginning of the disagreement and the next time the two of you communicate, feel free to write down your apologies. Even if you believe that she shares part of the fault, now is not the time to bring it up. When both of you are in a more constructive mental state, discuss the matter in further detail.

Let her rant a little

If she needs to express her feelings and it makes you uncomfortable, act like you are not bothered. Let her vent if she feels obliged to rant, weep, or strike out at you a little. You don’t need to tolerate external abuse or anything, but if she feels driven to vent, cry, or lash out at you, let her do so. It is not always the best method to deal with unpleasant emotions, but she may need to express these emotions to overcome this. Do your best not to take it personally.

Under no circumstances should you strike out at her for lashing out at you. This is how yelling matches and conflicts begin. If you want to move on, you may need to let her express herself completely. Also, if she lashes out at you and sees you nodding your head and saying, “I get it,” she will likely realize how extreme she is and tone it down.

Consider the situation from her perspective

Take a minute to swallow your pride and take a step back. It is easy to become defensive, irritated, or indifferent if you believe your partner’s anger is unjustified. However, people often get upset for no cause, and “fighting back” here would accomplish nothing. Try to evaluate the situation from her perspective and be truthful about your conduct. This will go much more easily if you recognize your mistakes (to yourself and her).

You have two alternatives if you believe you have no responsibility in this situation. You may sit down and explain why you believe you were right, or you can just let it go and apologize as if you were in the wrong, even if you believe you were right. Meanwhile, if you’re having a difficult time understanding how you’ve offended her, take a stroll and clear your mind. Often, it is difficult to comprehend our actions in the heat of the moment; taking a pause should provide clarity.

Make amends with her

You may either address the initial issue or do something else for her. If she is angry because you continually forget to clean the dishes, you should do the dishes. Do something to show her you care if she’s angry about something you can’t “fix” (e.g., you said something hurtful that you can’t take back). Ask her if you are uncertain about what to do in this situation.

You may say:

  • “What can I do to make up for my mistake? How can I let you know how much you mean to me? I’m in a terrible mood and want you to know how much I care about you.”

You can say this if you forgot it was date night or anything similar :

  • “I am fully aware of my fault. Can I take you out the following week? I had planned this elaborate event for you but got the dates mixed up. Let me make it up to you.”

Make her smile

With the serious discussion coming to an end, do something to make her laugh or blush. You know her best, so if she’s the sort of woman who enjoys corny pickup lines, use the corniest one you have. If she like heartfelt compliments, increase your dramatization. Do whatever makes her grin from ear to ear to remind her that you and she have a nice thing going.

Let it go if, after you make a little attempt to elicit a grin from her, she shies away from you or seems uninterested. It is important not to force it. Instead, let it flow and she will succumb to laughing, sooner or later, especially if she really loves you. 

Give her a tight embrace

Physical touch will aid significantly in moving on. When she seems ready, embrace her immediately or ask, “Can I give you a hug?” Simply wrap your arms around her and hug her close. You may also “raise her off the ground” if she is ok with it. 

Hugs are scientifically proven to help people overcome conflict, so the mere sensation of your arms around her should make her feel much better. Again, if she rejects your request for a hug, let it go. There is no benefit to compelling someone to do anything against their will.

Discuss the resolved conflict together

It is acceptable to argue sometimes, but if there is a lesson to be learned, discuss it together. Reviewing the experience a few days or weeks after it occurred may be quite beneficial if the two of you weren’t “connecting” but you can still acquire knowledge. If you and your girl are getting along well, ask her if she wants to discuss what occurred. There may be an opportunity for a fruitful discussion there. You may ask her, “Hey, is it okay if we discuss the disagreement we had last week?” Or, “Can we discuss how to have more constructive arguments when we’re angry with each other?”


There are tons of reasons a girl can become angry with you. Regardless of what the reason may be, it is important not to vent or rant back because it can cause intense conflict between you both. Instead, the right thing is to look for what to do when a girl is mad at you. 

Fortunately, this article has outlined several steps to take whenever a girl is mad at you and by following these steps, you can be sure to save your relationship from looming danger.


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